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Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA the past week, I just got back from Mexico and didn’t have time or internet to post anything personal. So I got back late last night and weighted myself and I gained 6 pounds LOL I’m sure most of it is water weight though because I was drinking a lot of fluids while there. So my current weight is 214.2. Going to go to the gym today because I’m still training for my half marathon! Going to try to run 2k straight and 4K in total. I think that’s a good start for me. Going to ignore the scale this week because I’m sure it’s water weight and salt in my body so I’ll make an official update next Sunday!


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Peter had imagined MANY terrible things he’d probably see when he and Felix returned to the camp.

Maybe you were running in circles as the boys chased you with weapons. You could be fighting the boys off.

He didn’t expect to find you yelling at them while they were all doing push ups.

 'Come on you wimps! Weren’t you nuggets trying to scare me a minute ago? Scrawny arms aren’t scary, they’re laughable!’ you yelled.

‘What happened here?’ he asked.

‘Your boys tried to threaten to beat me up. My response was “With those twiggy arms? You boys can’t charge at me until you bench more than you weigh.” So I’m training them to fight me.’ you answered angrily.

‘What the hell Peter? I don’t know who I’m more pissed at; you for having these chumps chase me through the woods, or me for letting myself be chased by chumps. These are the saddest soldiers I’ve ever seen.’ your glared at the boys.

‘Sorry I didn’t train them like soldiers.’ he smiled.

‘This is no training at all. Watch this, boys up on your feet.’ she said turning to the boys.

The boys all groaned as they stood up, muscles aching from the workout you had given them.

‘Archers, front and center, flex those arms. See that? Your archers have weak arms, that means the arrow won’t fly as far or hit as hard. Archers back down, hunters you’re up. Show your calves, these are what I call chicken legs. Weak legs equal slow runners, and missed prey. The list goes on.’ you informed.

Peter seemed to be both shocked and impressed by this information.

‘I’ve been with these boys for centuries and thought there was no fiercer group of boys. You were with them a few hours and found all these flaws.’ Peter said.

‘Yeah, that says more about you than it does me.’ you smiled.

‘I sure can pick ‘em can’t I Felix?’ Peter smiled to his most loyal boy.

‘Well she is the daughter of warriors, is she not.’ Felix smiled.

‘My parents ran a military school,’ you sighed.

Your parents.

Peter saw the change in your face and was struck by a wave of worry.

‘Boys, lets cut today short, tomorrow real training starts.’ she said before turning away and heading away from the camp.

Peter followed of course.

‘Are you OK?’ he asked, the sincerity in his voice startling both of you.

‘I’m fine.’

‘You’re lying.’

‘My parents.’ is all you said as you leaned against a random tree.

Peter sighed, it always happens. It’s why the island cried most nights. They always wonder if the ones they left behind are looking for them, or they miss them.

‘They probably don’t know I’m gone, probably won’t care when they find out. After all these years of being disappointed I still hold a bit of hope that maybe they care a little. Once I was trained it was like they had finished their jobs and they were on to the next trainee.’ you sighed.

Peter wasn’t good at this, he could make anyone hate anything and anyone he wanted, but he couldn’t make people feel better. So he just leaned on the tree with you.

‘You know what its like to be trained and not raised? I can fight off ten attackers on a bad day, I can survive in the woods for weeks with nothing but the clothes on my back. I can survive, I can’t live.’ you said, finding yourself putting your head on Peter’s shoulder.

‘I can barely put my hair in a few basic ponytails, I never played a video game, or hung out with friends from school.’ you confided.

‘So what you said before, about boyfriends?’ Peter asked carefully.

‘Lies, no boy was dumb enough to attempt to wink at the Dean’s daughter.’ you smiled.

‘Well lucky for you I seem to be dumb.’ he smiled before winking.

‘You’re so lame.’ you laughed.

‘And you’re lost.’ he said.

‘Maybe.’ you sighed.

You two stayed like that, leaning again’st the tree, your head on his shoulder as you talked. It felt great to talk to someone about all this, you were glad he was silently listening and letting you rant.

No one had ever done that.

  • Adrien: *in class learning about trains or some shit like that but is daydreaming about Ladybug *
  • Teacher: How much does a steam train weigh on average?
  • Adrien: Oh uh.. Sorry.. You caught me
  • Adrien: ...
  • Adrien: Off track.
  • Marinette: DAMMIT KITTY
  • Marinette: *runs out of the classroom screaming SHITSHITSHIT*
  • Adrien: *it hits him that she's ladybug*
  • Adrien: *bursts through classroom door screaming MY LADY*
My heaviest ever deadlift.

A few days ago I wrote that I hoped to deadlift 150kg in a one-rep max effort. Today I did just that. In fact, I lifted 155kg but the lift was a bit out of shape so I’m counting it as 150.

I was surprised at how much heavier 160kg felt than 150. One came off the ground, the other didn’t.

Over the next nine weeks I’ll concentrate on technique. It’s important to get your hips low so that the legs - especially the hamstrings and glutes - engage to push the weight off the ground. This allows the back to lift only in the last part of the lift, when the weight is off the ground.

Henry says that, if I improve my technique I’ll improve by 10kg. That will take me to 165kg.

From here, I need to improve 5kg per month to hit 200 by November. Henry says I should only test my one-rep max every nine weeks.

Today, I weigh 78.5kg. Henry expects me to be around 85 by the time of the competition.


This month, I’ve been following Mammal March Madness.

Here’s the basic idea: a team of evolutionary biologists pick a bunch of animals to compete in a tournament, and then imagine who would win each battle based on actual scientific reserach. 

I thought it made sense for this fake tournament to have a fake sports-radio talk show, so I put one together last night, complete with cheesy 90’s era graphics! The guests are very real though - I talked to the creator of MMM, Dr. Katie Hinde as well as two scientists who work with the fascinating finalists in this year’s competition.

First there’s Terri Roth, who works at the Cincinnati Zoo on the Sumatran Rhinoceros breeding program. These are amazing animals - more closely related to the ancient woolly rhino than any other living species. Thanks to habitat loss and poaching there aren’t very many left in the wild - they’re so rare they have trouble finding mates!

Next there’s Andy Radford, who heads up the Dwarf Mongoose Research Project out the University of Bristol. His lab has developed a study colony that is accustomed to human visitors - they mongooses have even been trained to weigh themselves on a scale. That means it’s easier for scientists to study their highly social and very vocal mongoose society.

You can learn more about how Mammal March Madness works here and here, and check in on the final match on twitter. Follow the hashtag #2015MMM!

Catch Me If You Can

Request: Hi:) I’m a huge Pietro fan and I was wondering if you could do one where he rescues the reader from hydra but not before she also gains the power of super speed and they help eachother navigate how to use their new powers and have races and stuff and end up dating and all that mushy stuff. Thanks!

A/N: This is set after the events of Age of Ultron. Pietro has healed up, once you get past the beginning of this, and is his usual self again. I got a little carried away with this. I have a bit of a soft spot for our Quicksilver.

Warnings: Brief mentions of torture

Word Count Total: 1838

Long Imagine #2

Title: Catch Me If You Can

You hadn’t been on the team long until the incident in Sokovia happened. In fact, it hadn’t even been a week. But it happened, and you were thrown into it. Since you hadn’t been training for long, you were forced to help on the side lines with the evacuation, rather than perform any other tasks.

Once the evacuation was complete, you made a move to signal for the boat’s departure, but something stopped you. Clint had found a boy and was protecting him. The rest of it happened in slow motion and you swore that your heart stopped. Pietro saved both of them. But he collapsed, and you knew what happened. You didn’t want to think about it, but you knew.

You were the most qualified medical staff that was out there, so as soon as you saw his body being brought back, you rushed out and tried to do something, you couldn’t let him die. You just couldn’t. As the boat departed, you started to do everything within your power to help. But you worried that it wouldn’t be enough, even with his quick metabolism. Once on the helicarrier, he was rushed to the medical bay where Doctor Helen Cho was waiting, despite recovering from Ultron’s violence, herself. You knew that she would be the best scenario possible to save him. The feeling of saving him wasn’t something that you were sure of where it came from, but you knew that his sister needed him.

Now it was just a waiting game.

A very scary waiting game.

- - - - - -

He had survived.

The fact had made you weak at the knees with relief.

But he wasn’t out of the woods, yet. Helen wasn’t sure if – no, when – he was going to wake up from his coma. He had sustained very serious damage to his body and, despite his strong metabolism, he was still fighting. Wanda had visited a few times within the past week aside from her training and had said that he was still there and still recovering, that she could feel him, but you still had your doubts. These powers that people could have were still so foreign to you and you weren’t sure if that was a blessing or a curse when treating them medically. It worried you, quite frankly. But you weren’t going to voice those. It wasn’t your place.

It took a while, but he finally woke up. Or, so you heard while you were training. What really surprised you that day was seeing him in the training room with you. And he was running, which was exactly what Helen had told him not to do.

“Pietro!” you yelled in a scolding tone. He stopped and looked at you.


“I know that Helen told you not to run, yet, so stop, or you’ll land yourself back in that hospital bed.”

He pouted. “I want to run.”

You walked over to him. “That’s too bad. You can’t run, yet.”

You could tell that he was contemplating running again, so you grabbed the back of his shirt. “No.”

Another pout. You rolled your eyes. “If we find you something to do that is not running, will you let yourself finish healing? It should only be another couple of days.”

“What do you propose?”

“Slowing down a bit. Playing games. Of course, none that will keep us on our feet.”

He chewed on the inside of his cheek, thinking.

“I’ll bring ice cream. And donuts.”

“You win.”

“Good. Now walk, mister. If you run, I’ll have you tied to the hospital bed.”

“Promise?” he asked, flirtation evident in his tone. You realized that you walked right into that one.

- - - - - -

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The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… Suit Up! Piece by Piece.

Donning the suit: Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  It’s not. Each person has to develop their own style of squishing, squirming, grunting, and groaning to get into the suit.

Putting on the pants requires that you get your feet all the way into the boots, with all the inner bladder folds in their proper places.  In space, it is actually a bit easier to do since gravity is not hindering the process.  See how Robert and Toren are lifting the sizing rings in the legs so that I can schootch into the suit?

Once the lower torso assembly (LTA) is donned, it important to do a runner’s stretch to remove all the inner bladder folds from around the feet.  These folds if not removed will be painful before the 6+ hour spacewalk is over!

Then comes the challenging part, donning the Hard Upper Torso (HUT).

And finally, the turtle emerges from the shell!

The liquid cooling system is part of the HUT, so it cannot be connected until after I get into the suit. In other words, there was some sweating going on before this point.  Ahhhh!

Even something that seems as simple as the communications cap has to be a well-thought out process.  I have to twist the cabling just right so that when I turn my head to the left and right, the cabling will not confine my head motion or get tangled up with the special straw for the drink bag.

Did you know that all we have is a 1.5 liters of water to drink for the entire day?  Breakfast before suit donning is critical!!  We are space walking for 6-7 hours, but in total we could be in the suit for over 13 hours once you include the suit up, oxygen pre-breathe, depress, repress, and getting out of the suit.  The process for the pool does not require the oxygen pre-breathe process, so days at the NBL are shorter than the real EVA days.

Donning the gloves.

And then the helmet.

Finally, I am ready to get into the water!

The next step after being placed in the water is the “weigh out”.  Training in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL), would not be effective unless they are able to take the crew member in the space suit (a few hundred pounds) and make them feel that they were floating like they would in space.  The process of weight distribution is called the “weigh out”.  The divers will distribute weights in the backpack, on the front of the suit, and in specially designed pockets of the legs to try simulate the effect of being in space when we move around under water.

Check out establishing neutral buoyancy!

Next time on the NASA Village… Coding the Virtual Expanse of Space.

Do you want more stories?  Find our NASA Villagers here!

Chapter Thirty-Two Part-Two

A/N: You can see Emmy’s wedding dress here, Harry’s uniform here, and part one here. Enjoy xxx

The car slowed to a stop outside the magnificent venue, and Emmy closed her eyes for a moment, adrenaline now coursing through her veins, her nerves drowning in it. She just wanted to get inside now, get to the altar and get the service done. The crowds, held metres away by barriers, were shouting and screaming, cheering, their roars deafening even through the glass windows of the Bentley, and Emmy could sense Alexander waving to them all.

Her door opened, a charming man in military attire who smiled at her and offered a hand. “Ma'am,” he said.

She took it gratefully, knowing that this part, getting out of the car, was going to be horrendously difficult. She glanced up towards the Abbey to see Taylor coming towards her, a huge smile on her face.

“Is everything in order?” Emmy asked the man shyly, before carefully placing one foot on the floor, then the other.

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16 year-old Ritvars Suharevs (-69kg, Latvia) clean and jerking 159kg/350.5lb at the 2015 Junior Worlds. And he also just made 170kg/375lb in training weighing 72.5! You can see the 170 on his Instagram at @suharevs. Just three years ago he was clean and jerking 105kg at the Youth Worlds as a 50kg lifter.

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