if someone says bless you during the ACT because someone sneezed are they supposed to get in trouble?? like if your watch or phone accidentally goes off you get disqualified but what about those kids who won’t stop saying bless you to every single sneeze

I can’t express how pointless I find these terrible discourse attempts to nail out who is “more oppressed” in the LGBTQAI+ community.

The whole competitive angle is so… Without actual purpose. Oppression and privilege are useful discourse tools, they aren’t weapons.

I’m not interested if someone is more or less oppressed than me, quantifying it isn’t helpful. Understanding the axis of oppression that other people face is useful, creating a hierarchy is not.

If someone is facing oppression from a cisheteronormative society then I’m not concerned about who gets more or less privilege.

It’s talk like this that made it really hard for me to understand privilege in the first place.

When I first came across it it was from a literal quiz that awarded you privilege points for xyz details. It’s a toxic way of simplifying ourselves and ignoring the complexity of people and their situations.


Dear Foxhole fandom,

I was thinking it would be pretty neat to have a fandom week? But, like would y'all be interested in it? I was thinking around the week of ~march 31st?

My mind is half made up to do it, but I want to know if there would be genuine interest in it from the fandom? It would be cool to get input on prompts and stuff.

Also, it would be awesome if during the fanweek we as a fandom get the foxhole court to trend and drag more people into the fandom.

Please let me know if you are interested! Thanks.

▶ αятιѕт иєтωσяк ◀    

[ apply ]

hey!! are u a Sad, Lonely Artist™ looking for OTHER artist friends, but don’t know how to make friends with them bc other artists aren’t just People that you can Talk to, but rather ethereal beings?? well, yeah, ur in the right place, bc i’m also sad, n lonely, n want ppl to draw with!!

─ eхpecтaтιonѕ
  ♥ Discord/Skype group chat (we’ll take a poll based on how many members prefer which app)
  ♥ Occasional Drawpile Sessions
  ♥ Maybe fun rabb.its
  ♥ Art Trades
  ♥ Maybe cool, themed Art Challenges

♥ New cool friends, mutuals, and art buddies
  ♥ Outlet to discuss OCs & help each other develop them
  ♥ Maybe Art Critiques if you want them?
  ♥ People to show ur cool Art WIPS to
  ♥ Heck we can even just play video games together sometimes n chill n have fun

─ rυʟeѕ
♥ We must have been mutuals before making this post (includes newer mutuals)
  ♥ You won’t be accepted if you’re a Shitty Person (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.) (I don’t think any of u guys are like that tho)
  ♥ You must follow everyone in the group once all the members have been chosen (we gotta ALL be friends!!)
  ♥ Like this post if you plan on joining
  ♥ IF you’re a friend of someone I am mutuals with and you want to join, just follow me, send in a form, and we will see about it ;3 (aka you’ll most likely be accepted)
  ♥ Don’t talk about discourse please I don’t want any fights starting (acecourse, politics, etc.) (silly things like milk discourse tho is okay we can all get upset over ppl who dont like milk and they can be upset at us)
  ♥ Must have either a skype or discord (depends on which wins the popularity vote)

can everyone send out loud as fuck good vibes for me today? i’ve got a job interview (this is like my fourth in a few weeks) and this time it’s for a job i desperately want that would fit with what i plan to go back to college and major in. i called into work because i was anxious about lying and needing a long lunch break and i’ve been calling into my job a lot recently because it’s too stressful for me to handle and it destroys me mentally. so what i’m really trying to say is i need this fucking job today. keep your fingers crossed.

Calling it Hope

Part 1 

Summary: After learning some unexpected news, Abby Griffin struggles to hold the weight of the world on her shoulders while the man she loves remains in Polis. Trying to solve the various problems related to nuclear radiation is one thing, but keeping a secret from Marcus - at least until he returns - is another. 

A.K.A. -  the babyfic no one asked for that I wrote at midnight one night and then decided to continue. 

“Abby, you need to rest.”

Jackson’s suggestion was gentle but firm, pliable but backed with steel. As a doctor she knew there was truth to be found in it, and as an expecting mother she’d need to get her rest for both her health and her child’s. It had become obvious after Jackson’s tests that she’d no longer be adhering to her former “Chancellor Griffin” hours, burning the midnight oil until only smoke remained at the rosy dawn of a new day.

Yet she couldn’t force herself out of the med bay. Not yet.

“I’m fine, Jackson,” she insisted, eyeing the datapad in her hands. But her statement wasn’t quite strong enough to dispel her companion’s concern, nor was the yawn she tried to disguise only moments later helping convince him.

Abby-“ he started, softening his tone even further, but she interrupted.

“Give me one more hour,” she said, marveling at the ludicrousness of her situation. Not only had she gotten pregnant despite her use of a contraceptive chip, but now she was arguing with her assistant, on Earth, to let her have more time in Medical. And on top of it all, they only had two months…

Her gaze trailed down to her mostly-flat stomach, and she swallowed hard, shoving the bleak thought from her head. They’d figure something out. There was still hope. And Luna’s blood had given them the beginning of an answer, a few pieces to a puzzle they had yet to fully solve.

“Fine,” Jackson said, resigned. “Doesn’t Kane usually radio you to say goodnight at midnight, though?”

Abby frowned, eyebrows drawing together as she stared at rows of black numbers against a blindingly white background. “How do you know about that?”

Jackson smiled. “Your mood improves around eleven forty-five every night, without fail. John said he heard you talking to him one morning, so I just assumed he contacts you before you go to sleep.”

“He does,” Abby said after a beat, wondering how she and Marcus could be so discreet and yet so obvious. Part of her thought that even if they could communicate telepathically, Arkadia would somehow find out about it. Their private lives were never really private.

Jackson seemed to read her mind. “Have you told him yet?”

For a moment, the room was filled with the low beeps and faint humming of machines. Abby’s tongue felt like lead in her mouth, her heart sinking lower and lower as if caught in a whirlpool.

“Not yet,” she said. “I didn’t hear from him today. If we had talked this morning, I would have asked if he knew when he was coming home.”

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