Hitting on smart people is hard - but that’s fine, Kuroo has a policy of always giving a chance to whoever can manage to make him laugh that much

hi friends its rachel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reached a follower goal n i wanted 2 make one of these bc i love all of u so so so much nd interacting with u all makes me rly happie so i wanna show u all that i appreciate u !!!!!!!!!!! so this is basically a mutual appreciation post i guess ok cool !!!!!!!!!!!!

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My first digital piece in years and i had to do it with a mouse. sigh. couldve added a little more detail with a tablet but ya know. Anyway, thought itd be interesting to do comics about how the ghosts died and this is sorta my take on Ember. i might do the others but idk.

anonymous asked:

How does Goth feel about his babysitter signing her name on literally EVERYTHING

congrast dude you just exhaust the artist by turned this answer into 10 panel comic.. good thing you aren’t even colored, heh.

me: fudge dUDE THAT WAS RUDE!!

also me: don’t push it, Goth hates himself.. :’3


geoff icons for anon(?)

requests are open, I just started working so I’ll get to them when I can!

(i had a cue card with the order of requests and where they came from, but i cant find it and i have problems w memory so im going through requests in the order I remember sorry!!!! i feel so bad but i cant help it!)


It’s okay; I didn’t need my heart anyway, Tiny Sam.   |   4.13