A Weevil (Curculionidae) with waxy decorations produced from its cuticle as a camouflage strategy.

Some weevil species produce a waxy secretion from glands in their cuticle which is used as part of a camouflage strategy. This waxy coat can assume some bizarre shapes and orientations but does nothing to slow down or restrict the weevil’s movement.

by Sinobug (itchydogimages) on Flickr.
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

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Beetle (Coleoptera) Portraits

Generally I tend to photograph beetles from the side, or from above, to show their distinctive shape; what entomologists call ‘habitus’. This refers to the build or overall morphology of the organism. It is sometimes nice to take their picture as you would a friend - of their face, from the front. It is interesting how it can be easy to interpret (I definitely think over interpret!) human characters or emotions in them. In this bunch I see cute, coy and even evil or untrustworthy. Can you guess which ones I attribute these to?

The Faces of Many Little Things!

Metallic Green Weevil
Eurhinus magnificus Gyllenha

This weevil is found in Florida, probably imported through plant trade. It feeds on host plants and are often metallic and vibrant, making them look like small psychedelic elephant bugs. Weevils are part of the Coleoptera family. They’re often found in foods including nuts and seeds, so careful when you’re opening your next bag of flour- there could be some weevils hiding out! (At least they make for a good source of protein)

Photo courtesy of Oscar Antonio Blanco


Eurhinus magnificus

…a iridescent species of baridine weevil that is native to Central America ranging from Mexico to Panama, However it has also been introduced to southern Florida as well. Adult E. magnificus are fairly small with individuals averaging at around 5.6 millimeters long. Like other weevils they inhabit and feed on a variety of plants. In Florida they are noted for feeding on Seasonvine and other Cissus spp. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Coleoptera-Polyphaga-Curculionoidea-Curculionidae-Baridinae-Baridini-Eurhinus-E. magnificus

Images: Andreas Kay and Richard Crook

Australian scientists have proposed a new system of 3D imaging so entomologists can digitally share specimens (like the weevil shown above) in all their gross and glorious detail … and create larger than life 3D prints.  The system involves photographing insects from dozens of angles, and then using those images to construct a 3D model.

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Hat tip to Geoff Brumfiel.

Haha. Well, I think its obvious that Weevil was in love with Veronica. That being said, I do think it is possible to be in love with someone yet retain some of the natural best-friend brother-sister quality that is part of the process when falling in love. I am no expert on falling in love but I do feel that Nora is my best friend and was long before I ever fell in love with her. I think Weevil and Veronica started out as enemies, or “frenemies” I think is the term I read in some teenybopper magazine.

Somewhere down the line Veronica became Weevil’s homegirl, somebody he could rely on in the street and definitely someone he thought about sexually. I’m not trying to sound like a perv there but I mean come on. Getting bailed out of jail by a girl from your high school is one thing, but Kristen coming to bail you out? You know she had to give him a ride home too, like was my motorcycle at the valet? I was probably tired, emotionally vulnerable, then this beautiful girl comes and bails me out and just drops me off? And this happens a bunch of times? I’m surprised we got through 3 seasons without Weevil breaking down and begging for just one night.

Could have happened, if not for Jason.

Just being honest.


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- Francis Capra, when asked about what kind of relationship Eli and Veronica had in Veronica Mars