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Blake usually wakes up much earlier than the rest. On this rainy morning, she uses this time to sit by the windowsill and read while enjoying the quiet. The raindrops patter softly against the glass.

So this is just a little weekly countdown to RWBY Volume 2 I’m doing. This is the first piece.

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Week 21: Robin Hood

  • The 21st animated feature debuted on November 8, 1973 at Radio City Music Hall.
  • Initially, the studios considered creating a film centered around Reynard the Fox.  Worried that Reynard is an unsuitable choice for a hero, the idea was scrapped but a lot of the elements remained when developing Robin Hood.
  • Since the film had a much smaller budget in comparison to the previous films produced, this film is known for reusing many animation sequences from previous films, by tracing movements from films such as Snow White, The Jungle Book, and Aristocats.  You can see this in particular in “The Phony King of England” sequence.
  • Many sequences within the film itself were repeated.
  • A lot of the sound, as well as actors, were also reused as well. 
  • As mentioned previously, the budget was small in comparison to the past at 1.5 million, but the reception gained $32 million.
  • Friar Tuck was originally to be a pig, but was changed to a badger to avoid any religious sensibilities.
  • Many different animals were experimented to be The Sheriff of Nottingham.   For the longest time, he was supposed to be a goat, but animators ultimately decided that a wolf would suit best.
  • A few months after release, Peter Ustinov was asked to come back in and re-record a few lines as Prince John.  After calling all over the world to locate him, he was in a studio in Burbank, CA, just miles away from the studio.
  • The famous tooth gap on Terry Thomas’s teeth served as inspiration for the character design of Sir Hiss.
  • Two university songs were used in this film: 1) University of Southern California’s Fight Song played during the chase scene after the archery contest, and 2) University of Wisconsin’s Fight Song during the “football” sequence of this scene.
  • Many of the actors for this film were famous Western actors, primarily because this film originally intended to have an Old West setting.
  • An alternate ending in which Robin Hood is injured and Prince John is about to stab him but interrupted by King Richard was scrapped because it felt that Prince John would be too sinister and dark.  However, this version can be found on DVD re-releases.
  • A portion of the opening theme was used in the infamous “hamster dance” website, being played at double speed.
  • The bell in Friar Tuck’s bell tower was in fact a real bell incorporated into the film.
  • The infamous “Castle Thunder” sound effect can be heard as Prince John and the guards crash through one of the castle walls during the jailbreak scene.

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