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Entertainment Weekly is gifting us a TON of new images from The Last Jedi and with these images are the reveals of a number of new characters we’ve not seen before. 

First, Supreme Leader Snoke’s Praetorian Guard, almost android looking guards with a Samurai flair to them. All I can say is I REALLY HOPE we get to see them in action, and by this shot, that’s probably a safe bet.

Then, we get these guys, “The Caretakers” who accompany Luke Skywalker on Ahch-to. Their heads remind me of turtles, but obviously there’s more to be seen here, so we’ll wait until we get more down the road.

There’s plenty more to see and more to come this week, some amazing shots of most of the rest of the cast and plenty to keep us busy until that next trailer is released!!!

652 Days until Episode IX

289 Days until the Han Solo Movie









“Promise me you’ll save him”

Hannibal literally massacred the people in his way on Muscrat Farm to get to Will. We don’t get to see it, but he must have come into the operating theatre just as Cordell made that first cut… We see Will’s pupils dilate with the pain, in panic… and then.

Hannibal must have stopped Cordell. Will’s eyes were open at that point, Will was conscious. What did Hannibal do to Cordell at that point? With that hammer. When he took Cordell’s face to put it on Mason?

Did Hannibal… say anything? Did he say something to Will, after? When he dressed him? How did Will feel then, when he witnessed Hannibal’s rage and revenge on his behalf? When he felt Hannibal handle him, pick him up? It must have played into his behavior at Wolftrap, must have colored his perception of Hannibal, even if he did not dare to name the feeling.

Was Will conscious when Hannibal carried him through the snow? On that car trip to Wolftrap? When Hannibal re-dressed him for bed? 

How did that make Will feel, how did it influence him later? 

He dresses still very differently to the clothing style he wore in Season 1, never once returning after dressing “up” in Season 2, the warm pullovers he wore with Molly dropping away again for shirts when he goes to visit Hannibal again.

How does it play into seeing the house Hannibal made for him and Abigail back then, shortly before the fight with the Dragon?

How…. does all of this influence Will’s becoming?

Show us your vision :)

You know… I hate to say it.
But I miss tatinof sometimes.
The entire experience that it was.

Waking up knowing they’re in a new city. Sight seeing. Experiencing something they’ve never done before.
Eating somewhere new.
Sharing funny tweets.
Sharing memories.

Knowing what time the meetups took place. And all the stories and pictures that got shared weekly, daily, hourly.
The countdowns
The spoilers
The melodramatic drama.

How happy Dan and Phil were.
How happy their audience was.
The atmosphere of it all.

Drake the security guy
Donuts for days
Pictures shared without context

The moments when they were spotted out in the wild.
The moments where they complained about the hotel wifi
The moments we knew they were emotional
The moments when we were so proud of them

The rumors
The theories
The “all-togetherness” it brought

Damn I miss it sometimes.
It was a good leg of the journey.
Good things are coming again.
But that was a memorable time

The 'ARTPOP' Era Execution Plan

This execution plan messes with my head. It makes me feel like I’m reading from another dimension. I thought it would be perfect for my blog though. It’s a long read:

In July 2013, following a couple of months of rehabilitation after breaking her hip in the middle of her Born This Way Ball tour, Lady Gaga releases the album cover and announces the release dates for her highly anticipated 3rd studio album ARTPOP, and it’s lead single. The whole internet is set abuzz with the announcement, and over the next few weeks, hype is built for the single’s release, with Gaga sharing promotional pictures for the album, and even a song from the album leaking.

On August 19th, 2013, Lady Gaga releases the lead single from ARTPOP, “Applause”, and it’s music video. The song, which gains positive reviews from critics, is involved in media controversy comparing it’s commercial success to Katy Perry’s “Roar”, due to the closeness of their releases. While promoting the single, Gaga’s fashion consists of sleek, minimalistic fashion.

In the weeks prior to it’s release, Gaga is hyped up as the opener for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. At the awards, she opens with a performance that starts out with the lights shut. One by one, a spotlight is placed on 12 dancers dressed as Gaga in each of her previous videos. The spotlights form an inward spiral pattern, and the final spotlight shines on a gigantic blue Koons egg. The 12 Gaga’s run to the the Koons egg, and destroy it, revealing Gaga in a white latex jumpsuit, crouching in fetal position. After slowly getting up, and scanning the crowd, the 12 Gaga’s crowd around Gaga, and give her a Gazing Ball, running away right after. Gaga holds the ball, and sings:

”I can feel my heart 
beating in your hands,
my aura and yours 
meeting in this dance.
Pull the trigger, I’m ready,
it’s showtime!”

the fake “boos” play, and then the song starts. During the whole song, Gaga dances with her former selves, while multi-colored paint is shot and splatters on her and the stage props. During the bridge, two of the former Gaga’s apply paint on Gaga’s face similar to the single cover. Gaga pushes away all of her former selves, and sings the rest of the song. Afterwards, she kisses the Gazing Ball, and leaves the stage.

At the iTunes Festival in London, on September 1st, 2013, Gaga performs 8 songs: “Applause”, “Aura”, “ARTPOP”, “Sex Dreams”, “Dope”, “PARTYNAUSEOUS”, “Rage”, and “Mary Jane Holland”.

Over the next few months, the song is promoted on Good Morning America, Ellen, X-Factor UK, and SNL. The song peaks at #2 on the Hot 100, and goes on to sell over 3.5 million copies worldwide. In mid-October, Gaga reveals the tracklist:

1. Aura
2. Venus
3. G.U.Y.
4. Sexxx Dreams (feat. Justin Timberlake)
5. Rage
6. Big Bang
7. Icon
8. Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly)
10. Mary Jane Holland
11. Ratchet (feat. Azealia Banks, Beyoncé, and Rihanna)
12. PARTYNAUSEOUS (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
13. Brooklyn Nights
14. Dope
15. Princess Die
16. Gypsy
17. Applause

In case you’re wondering: in this world, they don’t have ‘Jewels 'N Drugs’, 'MANiCURE’, 'Swine’, 'Donatella’, or 'Fashion!’. Instead, they have 'Rage’, 'Big Bang’, 'Icon’, 'Ratchet’, 'PARTYNAUSEOUS’, 'Brooklyn Nights’, and 'Princess Die’.

…and the second single: “Venus”!

The song is released in November 2013, and promo-wise, Gaga pulls all the stops. She performs the single at the YouTube Music Awards, the MTV European Music Awards, the American Music Awards, SNL, X-Factor US, and the Grammy Nominations concert. For the “Venus” era fashion, Gaga initially starts with the “bleach-fried everything” look with ‘Birth of Venus’ inspired clothing, before switching to cleaner, more pristine and glittery looks.

The video for “Venus” would feature Gaga swallowing a Beats Pill (it has to fit with the Beats commercial that would feature “Venus”), and going on an acid trip where she re-imagines herself as the Goddess of Love, Space, and Time. Over the songs chart run, it ultimately peaks at #6, and sells 3 million copies worldwide.

In the 5 weeks before the release of ARTPOP, 5 promotional singles (“Aura” (also used as a promo single for Machete Kills), “Big Bang”, “Mary Jane Holland”, “PARTYNAUSEOUS”, and “Princess Die”) are released weekly in the iTunes Countdown to Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP. Each song is chosen to show the musical variety of the album.

In it’s first week of release, ARTPOP manages to sell 310K copies in the US, and 600K worldwide total. By the end of the year, the album manages to sell 1.6 million copies worldwide.

Around the release of ARTPOP, Gaga strikes up 3 big endorsement deals: KIA Motors, Beats Headphones, and Versace. “Applause” is used in one of the famous KIA hamster commercials. Two songs (“Venus”, and the first ARTPOP app song released, “Tinnitus”) are used in two different commercials for Beats Headphones, while the 2nd app song, “Donatella”, is used as the theme for the Versace campaign.

On New Years Eve, exactly at midnight, Gaga releases a 3rd song to the app, a collaboration with RuPaul called “Fashion!”, and announces that the GAGAxTERRY movie will be released exclusively to Netflix on her birthday.

On January 26th, 2014, Gaga launches the 3rd single from ARTPOP, “Do What U Want”, with a performance at the 56th annual Grammy Awards. The performance would be a megamix of the 3 versions of the song released (the original, the remix featuring Christina Aguilera, and the remix featuring Rick Ross). The performance starts with Rick Ross rapping his verse while home footage of a young Gaga plays in the background. As Gaga’s verse starts, she comes out wearing the curly blonde wig and the beige latex outfit she wore on The Voice. In the background, personal footage of Gaga when she was getting famous in late 2007/early 2008 plays. During the chorus, Gaga takes off the curly blonde wig and strips down to just beige lingerie, while dancing and walking around the stage. During the 2nd verse and chorus, R. Kelly comes out and sings, while Gaga does suggestive dance moves with him. During this part, personal footage of Gaga during the Fame/Fame Monster era is projected onto the screen. During the 3rd verse, Christina comes out in the gown she wore during the Voice performance, while Gaga just dances around with her. Born This Way era/2012 footage is shown here. During the bridge, everyone except Gaga leaves the stage, and Gaga falls to the floor while a single spotlight shines on her. While she sings the bridge, various negative headlines are shown on the screen behind her. Suddenly, the ‘ink’ that makes up the headlines drips to the bottom, and flows onto the stage. As Gaga sings the final chorus (along with R. Kelly and Christina, who are singing while hidden), she covers herself in the ink and writhes in it. Meanwhile, professional footage of Gaga during theARTPOP era is played on the large screen. As she sings the ad-libs at the end of the song, the large screen finally shows Gaga as she performs on the Grammy stage. When the song is done, Rick Ross, R. Kelly, and Christina come from behind the stage, and all 4 of them bow to the crowd. Following the performance, the megamix + the 2 individual remixes would be released to iTunes.

The video for “Do What U Want” would essentially serve as an extended preview for the GAGAXTERRY movie. During the single era, Gaga’s fashion would mostly consist of 70s disco diva inspired clothing. Lots of sequins and latex. She would wear the long blonde curly wig she wears on the single cover for most of the era, until the very end, when she would switch to a shorter blonde bob.

After the Grammys promo + the video release, Gaga performs the song once more, at the first night of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The song goes on to reach #1 for 2 weeks, and sells 5.5 million copies worldwide. In mid-March, Gaga headlines the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, and causes a big media stir after she participates in an act of “vomit art” with artist Millie Brown. She also premieres 3 new songs (“MANiCURE”, “Swine”, and “Jewels n’ Drugs”), which are released to the ARTPOP app the day after.

After staying mum for most of April, Gaga begins the “Gypsy” era with a performance of the song at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. The performance is the same Oz-inspired performance Gaga did of “Applause” on GMA (imagine that performance was different). Gaga also promotes the song with performances at the Billboard Music Awards, The View, The Today show, and the American Idol finale.

The music video for “Gypsy” is released in early June, and is an acid-Disney-leather-punk re-interpretation of the Wizard of Oz that features Taylor. The style for the “Gypsy” era has Gaga sticking with the short blonde bob, but changing styles quite a bit. Initially, she just sticks with with Taylors flannel shirts and shorts. Once the era begins to go into promo mode, she transitions to pastel toned gowns, before switching to toned down, natural-looking “hippie” clothing.

Although initially a slow starter, the song quickly gains traction in mid-June, and becomes one of the biggest hits of Summer 2014. The song peaks at #3 on the Hot 100, and sells 4.5 million copies worldwide.

Just as the “Gypsy” single era starts, Gaga sets off on artRave: the ARTPOP Ball, her 4th concert tour. The 7th song released on the ARTPOP app, “Rave”, is released on the opening night of the tour (another song, “Sire”, inspired by Michael Jackson, is released on the release date of his album Xscape). Most of the summer is spent on the tour, with the last “Gypsy” promo performance being in mid-June. However, in July 2014, MTV begins to build hype for a surprise performance featuring 2 “blonde icons”. At the 2014 VMAs, the show opens with Britney Spears opening with a performance of her current single “Alien”, sitting on the edge of a fake cliff, with the moon shining in the background. As Britney finishes singing the first verse and chorus, Gaga comes down from a “spacecraft”, and sings the 2nd verse. Gaga sits next to Britney, they caress each other, and then Gaga sings to Britney, “Miss American Dream, I wonder, do you ever have… sex dreams?”.

They leave off the edge of the cliff, and onto a set that looks like a steampunk-dystopian future, with a large mirror separating two beds. The instrumental for “Sexxx Dreams” begins to play, and Britney sings the 1st verse, lying down on the bed, dressed in a long white blouse and black bikini. She makes suggestive gestures and begins to lay down and feel her body. Gaga, who has changed into a black leather ensemble similar to the one worn during the iTunes festival, sings the pre-chorus, and then Britney sings the chorus. After the first chorus, there’s a short instrumental break, where we see Justin Timberlake (who is in a white tanktop and black sweatpants) run and jump onto the bed opposite Britney. Justin sings the 2nd verse, and then Gaga, who is watching both sides, sings the pre-chorus again. Justin sings the 2nd chorus, and then Gaga begins to sing the bridge. During this part, all 3 of them get up in front of the mirror/beds and perform very sexual (some grinding) choreography. As Gaga sings “love as I am when I lay with you, I think of him”, she glares at Britney, glares at Justin, and blows a kiss to the crowd. The 3 sing the final chorus, and fall back onto a single bed, which is then rolled off the side of the stage.

The performance causes a bunch of controversy, which aids the song in becoming a big hit. In the week following the VMAs, the song debuts in the top 20 of the Hot 100. With some more promotion at the European Music Awards, X-Factor US, and SNL, the song manages a #5 peak on the Hot 100, and sells 4 million copies worldwide.

The video stars Gaga and Justin Timberlake in a golden dystopian future, where thoughts are strictly controlled and monitored, making things like “sex dreams”, and even light sexual thoughts forbidden. Gaga and Timberlake find ways to bypass this type of intense security, and make love in their sex dreams. They get caught by authorities, and and die in each others arms. Gaga’s style for this era mostly consists of leather and metal clothing, although some of the Disney influences come back. She wears a brunette ponytail for this era.

Also, around this time, Gaga’s jazz collaboration album with Tony Bennett, Cheek to Cheek, is released, and gains mass critical acclaim. Two other songs, “I Wanna Be With You” (the demo version of “Dope”), and a Britney collaboration called “Element of Crime”, are uploaded to the ARTPOP app. One more song, “Red Flame”, is released to the app on Christmas 2014.

Most of the last two months of 2014 are taken off as a break, except for an appearance as the musical guest on SNL in December, where she performs “Sex Dreams” and the 6th single “G.U.Y.”.

The song is promoted on mostly talk shows in January, but gains a bunch of hype when Gaga performs it (along with “Venus”) in space in February 2015. The performance, which is a half hour broadcast, is aired on every major primetime channel, and also on VH1 and MTV. The performance gains major media attention, and helps the song start up on the charts. 

The video would basically be the same as what we have now, except the ending would be more clear (who is the G.U.Y.? what did she do after killing her label? a bit more cohesion would’ve helped). The fashion for the era would have Gaga wearing the long white wig, while wearing simple yet sleek and modern white clothes.

Due to the songs spare promotion, and less-than-stellar radio support compared to earlier singles, the song peaks at a mild #9 on the charts, going top 10 for only 2 weeks. The song goes on to sell 3 million copies worldwide.

Following the space performance, Gaga resumes the artRAVE in March 2015, coming back to North America. On her 29th birthday, Gaga releases the final ARTPOP app song, an emotional Timbaland-produced urban-pop ballad (something like a poppier version of “Sell Me Candy” by Rihanna) called “Temple”.

On the last date of the artRAVE in late April 2015, it is announced that “ARTPOP” will be released as the final single from the album. The song goes largely unpromoted, except for a single performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. The performance features Gaga being dressed up in the most famous/iconic outfits of the ARTPOP era, until the end, where she is stripped nearly nude, with no makeup on either. At the end of the song, Gaga gives an epilogue speech, where she shortly talks about the concept of ARTPOP, and how everyone must work and strive to keep the idea eternally alive. As the instrumental of the song ends, she takes a Gazing ball and drops it to the floor. The ball shatters as the light goes out and the beat stops.

In the few promotional outings for the single, Gaga does not stick to a general theme or aesthetic, instead preferring to go at random. After all, ARTPOP could mean anything.

The video for the song is released the same night, along with videos for the other 10 non-singles. The video is a compilation of the Inez & Vinoodh footage taken for the initial album photoshoot. Another one, which is a studio shot version of the BBMA performance, is released two weeks later. The song performs moderately well on charts worldwide, and peaks at #15 on the Hot 100. It goes on to sell 2 million copies worldwide.

Following the final performance of the era, Gaga goes into a hiatus until Spring 2016. In total, ARTPOP finishes it’s era with 5-7 million copies sold worldwide

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12 Beacon Moments — 6:04 am

Blake usually wakes up much earlier than the rest. On this rainy morning, she uses this time to sit by the windowsill and read while enjoying the quiet. The raindrops patter softly against the glass.

So this is just a little weekly countdown to RWBY Volume 2 I’m doing. This is the first piece.

If you guys wanna follow this series you can track the 12 Beacon Moments tag

[NEWS] SHINee’s Key and CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin in Talks to Be New MCs of “M!Countdown”

It has been reported that Key of SHINee and Lee Jung Shin of CNBLUE are currently in talks to step up as the new MCs of Mnet’s weekly music program “M!Countdown.”

On February 16, a representative of Mnet revealed to X Sports News, “Key and Lee Jung Shin are positively discussing their position as the new hosts of ‘M!Countdown” with the production team. Although the two of them have not yet been confirmed for the MC positions, the situation is highly likely.”

Meanwhile, singer Jung Joon Young and model-actor Ahn Jae Hyun are the current hosts of the music show. While they have led the show well with their synergy, it is said that producers have been seeking out new MCs to go along with the restructuring of the overall program.

Mnet is preparing a 20-year anniversary special broadcast for “M!Countdown” on March 5.

Via: deedeegii @ soompi 


Probably the last FEF fanarts until the european release…. Because it’s painful to draw and try not to spoil myself to much at the same time huuuu ;___; I’ll probably do a weekly countdown 2 month before like i did for FEA (depending on when the game will be out, next year is my last year and it’ll be busy urg)

And please guys, TAG YOUR SPOILERS OR I AM LEAVING THIS PLACE FOR THE NEXT X MONTHS (and don’t put spoilers in tags too) i’m serious

(and sorry for those who requested stuff but nope, just have a painful wait with me 8))