1.4.15 // Impatiently waiting for the mailman to get here with my new bullet journal. I’m absolutely loving all this snow we’re getting! After living in Florida for four years, it’s nice for a change :)

In recognition of Black History Month, we are posting weekly about the life and accomplishments of the first person to set foot at the North Pole… It is Matt Henson Monday!

In 1891, Matthew Henson and Robert Peary sailed North together on the first of six Arctic expeditions that they would undertake together. The North Greenland Expedition of 1891-92 saw Matthew Henson as Peary’s “assistant,” a title that he would keep for all six Arctic expeditions. Henson proved his capability again in the Arctic, meeting the challenges of Arctic survival and exploration as well as (perhaps better than) any other southerner. Donald B. MacMillan described Henson as “the best field man aboard ship.”  Henson’s intelligence and talent were enhanced by the many skills he learned from the Inughuit men and women, whom Peary hired to support the expeditions. More on this next week!

Not only did Matthew Henson excel as an Arctic explorer, but he himself possessed a deep appreciation for the Arctic. As he wrote in his autobiographic account of the 1908-1909 North Pole expedition, A Negro Explorer at the North Pole:

There is an irresistible fascination about the regions of northernmost Grant Land that is impossible for me to describe. Having no poetry in my soul, and being somewhat hardened by years of experience in that inhospitable country, words proper to give you an idea of its unique beauty do no come to mind. Imagine gorgeous bleakness, beautiful blankness. It never seems broad, bright day, even in the middle of June, and the sky has different effects of the varying hours of morning and evening twilight from the first to the last peep of day… Artists have gone with us into the Arctic and I have heard them rave over the wonderful beauties of the scene, and I have seen them at work trying to reproduce some of it, with good results but with nothing like the effect of the original.

P.S. Check out this great audio clip on Henson from AudioFile Magazine.

3.5.16 // Planning my day is one of my favorite parts of the morning (also coffee ☕️). Kept it super simple this week..also was v excited to find some washi tape that matched these stickers!

Side note, probably my last bujo post until after surgery next week! But I’ll still be here as much as possible 😊✨

WEEK 13/14 | Created this week’s setup in advance to gather an overview of my goals. I did a pink/blush colorsheme, because this color somehow relaxes my mind.❤
Hope you are all doing well in your pre-exam phase! Thanks for your support throughout this really harsh semester!❤


This week’s spread!
Used the same style as last week, since I really liked that one. I noticed that I’ll use my bullet journal more when it looks pleasing to the eye. I know some prefer a more ‘practical’ journal, but this is what works for me. And anyone can journal the way they want right? That’s the good thing about bullet journals!