I felt very down this morning but then I found this:

I posted that around a week after I found God 6 years ago.

Even now God is still reminding me to trust in His ways. And I am eternally grateful.

Have a great day, loves.

Love always,


7.9.17 | pretty in pink | one of my more simple spreads for the first official week of summer, but i’m quite happy with how this turned out :))) 

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➸ 06.20.2017 | My spread for this week! ✨ I’m also working on putting together a speed video of my process for this rn - and should have it up today or tomorrow! > o < )9 Tried just taking out some stationery and see where it would take me with no plan to start. Didn’t turn out half bad, I think?



eh, this week’s spread was pretty simple- school’s got me going crazy, and it’s only been a week :(( but it’s growing on me (the spread and school) (and i guess it’s kinda nice having some routine back into my life- summer was honestly just a big mess of high expectations and doing nothing)

i worked really hard on the pics- i tried mixing up the lighting and the bg and tbh i was just praying the entire time that no one walked in to me dancing around with a lamp in one hand and trying to focus AND take the shot with a camera in the other, all whilst trying to take a picture of a notebook



i bought a new bujo a few days ago and i LOVE the a6 size, i can literally take it with me wherever i go !!
to the right is a pic of how i structure my weeks. i also use a separate calendar and a monthly setup in my bujo+ too many sticky notes, alarms and reminders on my phone as well as the occasional “i dont have to write it down, ill remember it” (read: “im too tired to look for a pen and ill forget the event anyways”)


170430 // Weekly spread of week nr. 17 🤓 this week I didn’t do a habit tracker since I’ve been following the same habits since months and I more or less internalized them. So this week I started a challenge chart where I challenge myself a few times a day to do something like no spending etc. 😊 it was fun because it was something new I never tried before.
Happy journaling 💕

November 4, 2017 | 10:50 AM PT

A few days late but here’s my Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween spread!  I know most of this week falls in November, but it just feels so wrong to have a Halloween-themed spread under November.

And I made an avocado toast with a fried egg for the first time today!  It was so good, but sorry no picture because the food presentation was so bad — I heated the oil too hot and overcooked the bottom of the egg white (oops).  I can’t cook for my life hahaha


Oct. 5, 2017 | 3:40 PM PT

Omg I’ve been so busy with school lately and I know the first week of October is already nearly over, but here’s my Hogwarts house-themed spreads for September!  Don’t know if you guys can read the tasks on my Slytherin spread but I’m already late on my second art project (there’s a total of six planned for this semester but good thing my prof is super flexible with the due dates).  I’ve been going to bed so late, like the earliest at 12 AM and 3 AM when I’m painting (AUEQWTRWQPI RIP my life).  I’m still doing pretty good in my classes and haven’t skipped any, just need to keep my mental health in check.

Hope everyone’s having a good term in school so far!

Esther x

P.S. Happy birthday to Professor McGonagall, whose birthday was yesterday!  And yesterday was also the Mid-Autumn/Harvest Moon Festival so 中秋节快乐!