Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPnaturalbeauty

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The goal of #WHPnaturalbeauty was to celebrate Earth, and its small and grand wonders. Each week, we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.


PERALTIAGO WEEK day 1 ★ the moment you fell in love with peraltiago


OCPAA - Yaow

1st Overall

Senior Contemporary Small Group

Choreo: Amy Berokoff

20 Headlines for your Spring Weekend

Go Rams!

1. Fordham Student regrets wishing for rapper to perform at spring weekend  as her third genie wish

2. Faculty Senate gives CAB a vote of no confidence 

3. Entire community of adjunct professors surrender the rest of their paychecks to buy a better act

4. St. Ignatius descends from heaven and gives Fordham personal permission to hire a real rapper, even one who uses bad words

5. Timeflies: “We Don’t Want To Do This Either But Our Curse Specifically Stipulates That Our Immortality Only Lasts As Long As We Continually Disappoint Young Adults”

6. Timeflies when you’re waiting for the cyanide gas to shut down your body

7.Students angry about a concert they won’t even remember

8.Father McShane Reportedly Throws Temper Tantrum that Nobody Wants to See his Favorite Band

9.Fordham female population forced to suppress fangirling to join mass angry mob

10.Fordham Students Irate Over Spring Weekend Performers While Indifferent to the Fact that Kim Russell Still Works Here

11. Fordham’s Recent Mulching/Lawncare Package Came with a Free Timeflies Performance So Here We All Are

12. CAB, thinking they were booking time flies, accidentally books two youth pastors stuck in an airport.

13. Opinion: You Really Didn’t See This Coming?

14. Lone Student in Library Pissed She’ll Be Distracted by SupBar Band on Spring weekend

15. U2 to Fordham: Please Can we Play Again?!

16. CAB: Barry Manilow? Would that work?

17. Correction, Moonlight to perform for spring weekend.

18. Albanian Mob Reportedly Owed TimeFlies a Favor, MetroStation Found in the Hudson Wearing Cement Shoes

19. T-Pain Laughs From His Throne of Pussy, Drinks Deeply from Hennessy Goblet

20. FUEMS Spokesperson: “We’re fucking terrified”


Goals. Simple, sexy, classic.

Coachella, 2017, Weekend 1

butterfly-tattoo  asked:

Tbh i just found you but your sims are so pretty how

Originally posted by wakata

TYSM! omg, it’s really exciting when someone says that because my simstyle is always so wonky to me! I’m glad someone thinks it’s pretty!  (I know this gif has NOTHING 2 do w/ the actual ask, just go w/ it, it’s just so pretty omg T_T) 


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