How Successful People Do More In The Same Seven Days

If productivity is as much about earning leisure time as it is about getting stuff done, then a lot of us might have some habits to rethink. To figure out what those habits are, we’ll need to look at the individuals who truly make the most out of their week.

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What I do:

Monday: barely holding it in….
Tuesday: See if any spoilers were already leaked by some people!!!
Wednesday’s: read all the spoilers!
Thursday: in the morning- read gaiden, 2 hours later mangastream Version, and another six hours later sawyer7mage Reviews!
Friday: curse all the day that I have to wait..
Saturday: find something to past the fricking damn time
Sunday:… Still waiting
And it begins with monday again.. Or thursday should be the new monday!

Yeah pretty mich my week since gaiden came out… And yes I do have a life, just the feelings that runs through me whenever I’m thinking about Naruto.
PS: consider the time lapse for germany, surely i wouldn’t wake up in the middle of my precious sleep.