Once I went sell some old clothes to platos closet so I give them all my stuff and I’m waiting and they call me over and say “we can’t take any of your stuff” and in my head I’m all “I got some real cute shit the fuck you mean.” and then she says “Because we found this in your pocket!” And she holds up a little tiny baggy of weed that I obviously forgot about and I just grabbed all of my things and ran out.

Be My ♥ Color

a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx. (schedule tba Wednesday!) 
summary: Jeremy Heere never knew he missed something until he realized he was living a world not only devoid of colors but of a soulmate. After a terrible incident he’s found himself chasing after colors he wants; and realizing there are some colors he needs as well.
warning: Pot/Marijuana mentioned; surprise cliffhanger
w/c: 3066

sincerely tagging: @guns-and-squips (betabae); @mishaisakitten @fandomgeek34 @theunidentifiedfangirl @gayrhodians @ka-rin7204 @nekothecatblog @binxi1031 @spilling-tea @loststardraws @green–llama @walkingcontadiction @purpledays9 @bouquetofllamas @hacks-the-trash @spoiledbuni

01.← Piranha Pot Plant ™ →.02

“Michael.” Jeremy blinked, watching his best friend silently pick at his chili fries. He had been this way since they got out of school. Jeremy would admit signing Michael up with him was probably not the best thought out plan. “Michael…you can’t ignore me forever” Jeremy pushed, tilting his head down as his friend sported his grumpiest look. His red hood flicked up and headphones over his ears as he picked at his food. Jeremy kept staring with wide doe-like eyes until Michael finally met his gaze. “Are you going to talk to me?”

Michael prolonged the look, his face was disinterested while he popped a fry in his mouth and chewed slowly.

“Look, drama club isn’t that lame,” he assured him with a smile. “I panicked. I … I don’t know how to talk to Christine I figure if you were with me … I dunno…I can do anything when you’re with me.” Michael was his player 2 after all. Jeremy waited to see if his best friend was being worn down but he kept eating his fries. “Michael, I know you’re not actually listening to anything.” He pointed accusingly at Michael’s white off-brand headphones.

Michael pouted grumpily between chews, “You don’t know that.”

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‘Drunk in love’ E.D / PT. 1

Requested: No

Warnings: Cursing, Drugs, and Probably Sex

Word Count: 1,164

Summary; Basically you’re a drug dealer and you’ll get the point if you keep reading.

A/N; This just randomly came to the top of my head and I’m flustered by it so don’t mind me.

“What the fuck are you doing?! You never sell our shit lower than what I demanded!” I slammed the cash down on the counter. My blood was boiling, I couldn’t handle my group anymore.

I walked away, slamming my bedroom door shut behind me, taking a blunt out of my secret stash. I fell back onto my bed, taking a deep inhale. How hard is it to sell my drugs that I go out of my way to get, at the right price? I flicked the ashes into the tray next to my bed, putting out the blunt, leaving it for later. 

I flung my door back revealing my group. My group consisted of Sam Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Kian Lawley, and Jc Caylen. You would think from my choices that my weed wouldn’t get fucked around with but I guess I was wrong.

“So who decided to sell my 50g for 100 bucks?” I grabbed the twenties from the counter. 

“There was another group there selling a bigger amount but less.” Jack G mumbled, running his fingers through his hair.

“That doesn’t fucking matter, Jack! You sell my shit on the price that I set it!”

“No one was going to buy your shit when they’re selling 50g for about 50 bucks! You’re selling around 120!”

“Because my shit is hard to get!” I slammed the money back onto the counter, running my fingers through my hair.

“We’re going to find this group and we’re going to talk to them. got it?”

They all mumbled, agreeing with me knowing I could end their lives at any second. Jack G had the balls to even speak out to me like that.

I went to my room and threw a pair of vans on, motioning for the boys to follow. The only two I was close to was Kian and Jc. They had their heads on straight about this shit and never let me down.

“Do you guys have any idea on where this group could be at?” I asked, hoping into the front seat of Kian’s car.

“All I know is that there is a party down in L.A. where a bunch of our old friends are getting together and no doubt that group will be there. Give them a better chance of selling their products.”

I nodded my head, not wanting any further information until I came face to face with this other gang. They’re not going to sit here and make my gang members sell our shit for less, makes us look weak. Kian watched Jack G and the rest of them follow behind us.

“What’re you planning on doing with Jack?” Kian asked fixing his eyes back onto the road.

I sighed, rolling my eyes, “Most likely kill him. This is the second times he’s fucked around and sold my shit for less. I won’t tolerate it.” I glared out the window. 

“He’s use to that Omaha shit, y/n.” Jc mumbled from the back.

“I don’t give two shits, Jc. He’s been in L.A. long enough to know how shit runs down here.”

The car ride was silent all the way to the party. My mind was too stuck on this new group. Who could it possibly be? People knew of our group but the boys had to keep their covers clean due to the fact they all had youtube channels. Their fans would probably be devastated. 

Kian pulled up to a large white house, turning the car off, handing me a small baggie of weed. I took the weed, shoving it in my coat pocket. I pushed the door open and was welcomed by the rest of my gang. I grabbed a cigarette from my pocket, leaning against Kian’s car, lighting the cigarette.

“What’s your plan, y/n?” Sam asked flicking ashes.

I inhaled, blowing the smoke away from my group, “Go in there and ask people who brought the drugs. Someone’s bound to know who.” I shrugged my shoulders and flicked the bud to the ground, stomping on it.

“And what if no one knows?” Jack J mumbled.

“We steal the weed. Either a member gets upset and tries to stop us or we’re shit out of luck.” 

I headed towards the party with Kian by my side. 

“I think I know someone.” Kian mumbled, pushing the front door, welcoming us with a huge smell of skunk and alcohol.

“Who?” I looked around and noticed that smoke was everywhere.

“Dom. Dom is always down for some fucking weed and will ask anyone to bring it.”

“Wonder why he didn’t ask you?” I started heading towards the kitchen, giving the boys a thumbs up to start searching.

“He doesn’t know that me and Jc do this.”

I just nodded my head, grabbing a shot from the counter, leaning against the wall. Kian stood in front of me, his eyes gazing back an forth between the crowd. My eyes laid on this certain kid. He had floppy brown hair, very muscular, and seemed sketchy. I cocked my head to the side and dropped my shot glass into the trash can, motioning for Kian to follow me.

I walked up, tapping him on the shoulder. 


God this kid was beautiful.

“Do you know who brought the weed?” I asked, glancing around through the people near us.

He smirked, making my heart drop. “Why does it matter, sweets? Just enjoy the weed.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, pursing my lips together.

“Tell me who brought the fucking drugs.” 

My blood was beginning to boil. This kid was not about to test me in the middle of this fucking party.

“Why?” he growled, his eyes never leaving me.

I grabbed his hand, dragging him behind me, motioning for Kian to follow me. I stomped up the stairs and found the first empty room, telling Kian to lock it behind us. 

“What the fuck?” He exclaimed throwing his hands up.

“Tell me who brought the drugs.” I reached into my pocket, pulling out my switchblade.

He smirked, walking closer to me, “What’re you going to do with that, princess?”

I pulled the blade out, pointing it towards his neck. 

“Y/n calm down, we can’t have anyone one on our asses.” Kian mumbled to me, pulling my arm down. 

I jerked my arm away from Kian, pushing the blade down. 

“So, y/n’s the name, how cute. Now, y/n, why are you wanting to know who brought the weed?”

I let out a big sigh, “Someone at this party did my group wrong and I need to find out who did it.”

He let out a low chuckle, sending goosebumps up my spine.

“Oh, so you’re the leader of Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson? Can’t believe they’re being runned by a girl, quite funny actually.”

“How did you know?” I furrowed my eyebrows, earning a smirk from him.

“Darling, my group has been steady on your groups ass. Don’t think I haven’t noticed you making drug deals. My group has better deals and has people willing to pay more for better quantities of weed. Learn from the best sweetie.” he winked at me, making my blood boil even more.

“What’s your name?” I growled.

“Ethan, Ethan Dolan.”

Okay, so i’m digging this and I was wondering if anyone wanted this to be my first mini series on my blog. If I get 10 request I’ll write Chapter 2 of this! 


Connected (Ch. 7)

Summary: Ian, Lip, and Mandy celebrate Mickey’s birthday with him.

Word Count: 1308

Notes: Once again, sorry for not being able to post as much the past few days. Here this is though :)

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Mickey’s birthday was coming up, and Ian was more than excited. The argument between his lover and his brother earlier in the month still held a slight amount of tension between the boys, but with some time and work, Ian knew it would all be resolved.

Some time after everything went down, Ian told Mickey about how he told his older brother about their relationship. Surprisingly, the thug took it much better than anyone would’ve thought possible, but that didn’t mean he didn’t threaten Lip’s life if he opened his trap. Overall though, the relationship between Ian and Mickey was our amongst two people who they love dearly, so it made it a lot easier for the redhead to plan for his boyfriend’s birthday celebrations.

The couple was laid out on the lawn of the Gallagher household. Mickey had a cigarette between his lips as he watched the redhead, and he could tell that Ian was deep in thought so he let out a sigh. “Stop fucking thinking, man,” he exclaimed. “My birthday isn’t even for another three days. I don’t like havin’ big parties and shit, you know that.”

Ian nodded. “I know that. I’m not a dumbass.” He chuckled, and took the cigarette from Mickey. He took a drag and placed it back between the dark haired boy’s lips. “I’m still doing something for you though,” the redhead grinned.

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I Promise {Connor Murphy imagine}

wooo first requested fic! This one is pretty heavy IMO so read at your own risk. ok i’ve never smoked/drank before so cut me a little slack if i messed up in that department. any who, requests are always open, and i’m pretty much okay with writing anything! any questions, just ask me. enjoy!

Warnings:Swearing, Drugs, ALCOHOL,Divorce/fighting parents

word count: 1423

Y/n had always been that girl. The girl that had the seemingly perfect life. She did, at one point. Have what you’d call the perfect life. Y/n had it all. Good grades, a solid group of friends, a loving boyfriend, a decently large house, you get the idea. Everyone idolized Y/n’s life. It was practically picture perfect. That’s what she wanted her peers to think. Y/n’s real life consisted of dealing with the stress of keeping her 4.0 average. The anxiety that seeps through her whenever she talks to someone. Having to listen to her parent’s marriage crumble little by little, every day. Having to constantly put on this mask to make sure no one can see how hurt she is inside.

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Mulder has strong manly men on his mind and all over his face as he tries to entice Scully to join him on a nice trip to the forest.  It’s hard to see but he’s wearing the soundproof tie.  He probably just didn’t want to hear Scully turn him down, but he’s excited to see Scully smile so he takes it off. Season 1 is adorable; it’s still just a big adventure and they smile. Just look at her smiling, CC, and think about what you’ve done to her.  These kinds of smiles don’t come back until the Season of Secret Sex, so maybe that’s a hint, Chris.

Mulder doesn’t wear a tie for the rest of the episode but that won’t stop me. 

They both look awesome in their fashionable cold weather forest gear.  Thanks to some sabotage by a dirty greenie they have a nice hike in the forest.  On behalf of greenie protestors the world over, I assure you that anything that may cause injury directly or indirectly such as tyre spikes are a huge no-no.  These dirty tree huggers aren’t following the peaceful protestors code.

Inside the cabin I’m having flashbacks to Ice and praying that Mulder will start undressing again.  Instead he just inhales a baggie of weed.  He’s acting a bit silly and still having fantasies of Scully being “that stoned” when she informs him it’s just bay leaves and even if it was dope, sniffing it wouldn’t work.  Mulder finds something else to sniff/lick/feel that isn’t Scully. I love how sensory Mulder is.  

As Scully’s hoisted up to check out a giant cocoon, Mulder’s eyeing it off wondering whether it was made of silk and how many ties he could get out of it.  Then we’re treated to Mulder displaying his boyish agility, naïvety  and broodiness over and over while dressed in the same jeans and sweater.  What a montage that would make.  He loves that Scully’s wearing his shirt, and he has a bit of a casual grope in the hope that she’ll get the hint and take it off for him. He goes back to pouting when it doesn’t happen.

At the end it seems fitting that the stupid greenie who ran over his own tyre spikes was consumed by the ancient glowing bugs, even if he was trying to prevent the release of the bugs to begin with.  Mulder and Scully had that Jeep a-rocking before getting a room at the  quarantine station.   Everyone in my house has ADHD so I can imagine what it must be like to be confined in a small space with Mulder for an extended time (without doing the wild thing).  Quarantine must be hell for Scully.

        Matthew Sohinki pushed his front door open, contemplating leaving it open again in hopes someone else would walk in the front door and scare the shit out of his mom again, but decided against it because he’d rather be ignored than punished. After forcing the rusty hinges to close again, he looked out toward the road, sighing a little as he realized he’d have to walk to the drop again. Not even bothering with the steps, he just walked over the part of the porch railing that was missing and dropped to the grass before walking down his driveway. 


        His shoes scraped the pavement as he walked, and he readjusted the backpack on his back as he pushed forward. He checked his phone before he rounded the corner, making sure it was on, and the sound was off as he neared his own dealer’s place. He’d ordered double his usual supply this time, as it was a special someone’s birthday coming up and he wanted to actually make sure he had a gift for him this time, even if it was just more free dope like usual. The sun was already going down, and he realized he’d probably have to walk home in the dark. Adrenaline spiked a little at the realization, and his hand touched his pocket where he kept his knife, hoping it wouldn’t come to that but feeling reassured when he felt the bump of the metal weapon in the denim.


        The moon glittered in the sky as the short teen made his way to his friends house, deciding to head there instead of home that night because he didn’t want to walk that distance in the dead of night. He wasn’t sure if his friend would even be home, knowing that Lasercorn preferred staying literally anywhere else other than his hell hole of a house, but Matt decided he didn’t care as he heard the wind rustle some of the leaves on the trees by the road. In fact, he almost broke into a run when he saw lights on in Lasercorn’s house. However, he stopped in his tracks when he heard breaking glass and female yelling, having stopped right outside the yellow square of light from the window. The yelling was definitely coming from Lasercorn’s mom. Dave must’ve been home.


        “What were you even doing out there?” Lasercorn kind of huffed between breaths as he attempted to breathe through his pain. His stomach hurt for sure, and his bleeding palms needed to be picked clean of glass. 
        “Uh I made a pickup and had to walk cause my mom lost the car keys again, and it was too dark for me to be comfortable to head home. As soon as I heard the yelling, I called Joven,” Matt answered him as he sat in the backseat with some tweezers, holding one of Dave’s hands steady as he picked glass out of the cuts and put them in the ash tray in the back of the center console. He glanced up just as he sensed Joven look back at them in the rear view mirror.
        “Still afraid of the dark, Sohinki?” There was a slight smirk to his tone. Matt just rolled his eyes and went back to his task of cleaning out his boyfriend’s palms. 
        “It’s not the dark, I’m sure. It’s what’s in the dark,” Dave answered for him as he studied the shorter male while he worked, hardly wincing at the pain anymore. He noted how Matt didn’t even look up when he said anything, instead watched as Matt’s eyes narrowed on his palm. 
        “Yeah cause everyone knows Boogeyman exists. He’s just waiting for unsuspecting teenagers to walk past him in the middle of the ni-”
        He was cut off by someone kicking the back of his seat. He looked in the rear view mirror to see Dave glaring at him. Sohinki’s hand was beginning to tremble.
        “I-I think I got all the-…the glass. If you feel anymore, let me know. But they didn’t seem like they sank too deep into your hands, despite them being the only things you landed on. Your jeans protected your legs better than expected.” Matt took another deep breath when he finished speaking, and moved away from Dave to look out the window. 
        “Matt… You know you can tell us, whatever’s on your mind, right?” Joven’s tone softened when he realized his friend was clearly distraught. Sohinki only shook his head before taking another deep breath. Then he reached into his backpack and set a perfectly portioned baggy of weed in Lasercorn’s lap.
        “Happy Birthday, Dave. I know it’s not til actual tomorrow, but I figured we could break some of these buds tonight and just chill for the night after we get actual bandages around your hands.“ 
        "Thanks, man,” Dave said, smiling and leaning over, kissing Matt’s cheek. Matt only smiled back at him before turning back toward the window. 
        “I might tell you guys what’s made me so…adverse to the night, but I feel like I should tell everyone at once, ya know?" 
        "Yeah, we can just have a late night bake session and then get the whole group together wherever and share more stories.” Joven nodded from the front seat as Dave continued. “We can do it for like my birthday or something. God knows I’m not doing anything but hanging out with you lovable misfits." 
        "Sounds good to me,” Sohinki agreed, finally turning back toward his two friends, and smiling at them. He knew these two had his back, despite all the picking on each other they endured. He wasn’t sure where he’d be if not for these guys.

AHHHH This was fantastic! Thank you!

Obsessive - Part 6

The reader has her orders, a patch is going to be sleeping under her roof tonight. 

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)


“I guess I’ll go pack a bag,” Juice said heading towards the door but Clay stopped him, placing a hand on his shoulder, “I need to talk to you Juice,” Clay spoke.
Juice turned around and faced him, “Sure, what’s up?” he asked.
Clay motioned for Juice to follow him outside and he did, standing by one of the picnic tables and looking back, his questioning eyes gazing up at the larger man.
“How old are you?” Clay asked, narrowing his eyes.
“I’m… 28. Why?” Juice let out an amused scoff at the strange inquiry.
“(Y/N) is not that much younger than you. You being under that roof with her… might be tempting to share her bed…” Clay suggested and Juice swallowed hard listening intently.
“… (Y/N) isn’t my biological daughter, but I love her just the same. She’s off limits. Got it?”
Juice furrowed his eyebrows, the thought had crossed his mind, it had crossed all of their minds, they were heterosexual males after all and she was a really attractive girl, but he thought of her as a friend and knew better than to overstep that, even if he thought Clay and Jax wouldn’t beat him to a pulp, (Y/N) was just his friend.

“Y-yeah man, of course,” he said, nodding his head.
“Alright,” Clay clapped Juice on the shoulder, “get outta here. When she’s ready to leave I want you with her, anywhere she goes.”
“I will.” Juice added before walking off to his bike.

“Yer all set love,” Chibs cheered stepping back and admiring his work.
“Thanks Chibby,” you smiled at him, “I need a drink, you with me?”
He threw his head back laughing, “Love I am always up fer a pint,” he smiled, taking your hand and leading you to the bar.
You had downed a couple too many when Juice finally came back to the clubhouse, freshly showered, nice clean clothes on, and a backpack slung over his back. He walked up to you, close enough you could smell the soap and cologne on his skin and God it was more intoxicating than the booze.

“Just let me know when you’re ready to leave. I’ll drive you back in the truck since….. you don’t seem up to the ride on my bike,” he cringed looking at the gash across your temple and your overall drunk demeanor.

“Have a drink with me?” you smiled, holding your glass up at Juice who shook his head, “Clay would have my ass if I drove you with alcohol in my system. Its bad enough I got high before I came back up here,” he sighed and Chibs gave him a fatherly judging look, “Hey it was a stressful day!” Juice defended himself.

Just as you were about to argue something along the lines of him already being high so why not go ahead and be drunk too, Tig came storming in, making a bee line for you.

“Doll you ok? Jeez….” he trailed off seeing your head, “I heard what happened. Jax didn’t teach you how to load your gun?” he smiled at you and then continued on, “Someone needs to stay with you, you can’t be alone babe,” his piercing eyes bored into your soul. You looked to Juice while you responded to Tig, “Juice is staying with me,” you smiled at him before turning back to Tig who nodded.
“Perfect,” he declared, placing a hand on your shoulder and leaning in to kiss your cheek, “I’m glad you’re okay.”
“Thanks Tiggy,” you spoke wrapping your arms around his neck, hugging him before standing up from your stool and looking at Chibs, “Thanks for taking care of me Filip,” you smiled, hugging him and turning to Juice, “I’m ready to go now.”
Juice nodded and held his hand out motioning for you to lead the way as he bid his brothers goodbye who quietly, but not so quiet that you couldn’t hear, teased him about going home with you.

You grinned, Juice was actually sleeping under your roof tonight.

You weren’t dumb, of course, you knew him staying with you had to have some stipulations put in place by either Clay or Jackson. You knew he would most likely have to be with you everywhere you went and you knew he would also probably have been told that if he stepped foot anywhere near your bed he would be beaten to death. So those fantasies of being swept off your feet and making passionate love to Juice were just as likely to happen with Brad Pitt. In other words, it just wasn’t happening.

You knew this schoolgirl crush was dumb, and that it was ridiculous to be so shy around him that you almost seemed afraid of him. You wished you could be bold like your mom, Gemma. When she wanted something she made it be known, and then she just took it, without fear. Even though you were raised by her you were nothing like that, you were timid, meek, shy… Actually a lot like Juice was…  

He was so perfect.

The two of you would be so perfect.

You shook the thought out of your head as Juice caught up to you walking to the truck.
“Hey you wanna hit the drive through or something? I’m hungry,” he asked you as he fell into step beside you.
“You’re not hungry, you’re high. Where do you want to go, Del Taco or something?” you chuckled and he smiled bashfully.
“Yeah…actually,” he mumbled, smiling at his feet while you walked and you laughed again, “Sure Juicey. That’s cool.”

You reached the truck and he stepped in front of you to open the door for you, “Lets go to the store too, we need snacks if we’re going to be chilling together for a while. He looked over his shoulders to make sure nobody was watching and then pulled a wrapped up gallon size baggy of weed out of his hoodie pocket, grinning a shit-eating grin like he was a kid with a huge bag of candy. Your eyes widened as you saw how much marijuana he was holding.
He shut the door on your side and walked around to the driver’s side, getting in and shutting the door, still grinning.

"Jesus, Juice. I knew you had a habit but is it that bad?” you whispered to him as he got in the truck with you.

“No!” he defended himself, “I brought extra to share,” he spoke plainly.

This was shaping up to be a very strange and exciting week.