Once I went sell some old clothes to platos closet so I give them all my stuff and I’m waiting and they call me over and say “we can’t take any of your stuff” and in my head I’m all “I got some real cute shit the fuck you mean.” and then she says “Because we found this in your pocket!” And she holds up a little tiny baggy of weed that I obviously forgot about and I just grabbed all of my things and ran out.

Crush - Juice Imagine

Hey friends! Another imagine here for you :)

Concept: Juice breaks up with his girlfriend and calls his best friend over for company. They end up falling asleep and admitting feelings for each other. 

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“I can’t believe you’d fucking do that to me Jessica!” Juice shouted, running a hand over his bald head.

“I’m sorry!” Jessica hollered. “How many times do I have to say it? I’m sorry!”

Juice felt tears fill his eyes. The betrayal he felt coursing through him was almost too much to bear. He couldn’t believe his girlfriend of two years had cheated on him. He had never cheated on her, no matter how much he got teased by his brothers in SAMCRO. Loyalty was his most valued trait and he was so disappointed and broken that Jessica had broken his trust.

“I don’t think you can say it enough.” Juice said in an eerily calm tone. A single tear slipped down his tan cheek. “I think you should go.”

“Juan please.” Jessica begged, tears streaming down her face. “Don’t do this.”

“I said get out.” Juice roared, flinging his arm forward and knocking over a vase, making it fall and shatter on the ground.

Jessica whimpered and ran out of the house, her head in her hands.

Juice fell to his knees and his arms hit the hard wood floor. He didn’t care that the shattered porcelain was scratching his arms. He began to let the sobs wrack through his body, feeling and seeing his tears splatter against the hardwood and the broken pieces of the porcelain.

Juice didn’t know how long he had been on the floor for but he needed to get up and carry on. He couldn’t stay on the floor forever even if he wanted to. He got up and headed to the kitchen to grab a broom to sweep up the broken vase and was surprised at how it looked like it was never there when it was clean. Juice went upstairs to the bathroom and ran a shower until it was burning hot. He undressed and stepped into the steaming shower, not caring how the water was scalding his skin. He let the water wash over his body, washing away the salty tear tracks and rousing himself from his numb state. Juice stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his hips. He needed a distraction. He needed a friend. He dried and dressed himself before heading into the living room and sitting cross legged on his couch. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialled the number he knew best.

“My man Juicy! To what do I deserve the honour?” (Y/N) said when she answered the phone.

“(Y/N) can you please come over?” Juice asked in monotone. He was trying his hardest to not let his voice crack.

“Sure. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Is everything okay?” She asked in a concerned tone. She could always tell when Juice was upset.

“Just, just come.” Juice said with finality before hanging up the phone. He threw his phone across the room and laid down on the couch, waiting for his friend to come.

*switching to second person bc I’m a trash writer soz*

You turned up at Juice’s house and knocked loudly on the door. You heard sadness in his voice on the phone so you turned up your obnoxious personality and brought weed and beer. Juice opened the door slowly, revealing you posing against the doorframe.

“I come offering weed and beer.” You said, flicking your arm upward in a flamboyant gesture.

“Come in.” Juice said in monotone, a stony look on his face.

You were confused and hurt to see your best friend so obviously in pain. You made it your mission to make him feel better, no matter how hard you tried. You followed him into the living room where he laid down on the couch and trained his eyes to the TV which was playing cartoons. You sat next to him, lifting up his legs and laying them across your lap. Juice didn’t flinch or react to your actions. His eyes were incredibly bloodshot and his bottom lip appeared to be quivering. You wished he would tell you what was going on but you didn’t want to pry. He was upset and you didn’t want to upset him further. You sighed loudly and pulled the baggie of weed from the pocket of your jean shorts. You began to roll a blunt with the rolling papers on the coffee table and lit it with the lighter in your other pocket. You took a huge drag. You needed it with the thick depressing energy in the air. You looked at Juice who was still trained onto the cartoons. You knew he wasn’t really watching them, just staring blankly and thinking. You tapped his arm and caught his attention. He looked at you with his sad brown eyes, awaiting you to speak. You smiled sympathetically at him and handed him the joint and he took it between shaky fingers. He inhaled deeply and blew out a plume of smoke. He seemed to relax immediately, inhaling deeper and deeper with each hit.

“Okay my turn.” You laughed, taking the blunt from his fingers.

Juice’s eyes became glazed over as he looked at you and he gave you a small smile. You were so pleased to see that little smile you loved so much. You wished you didn’t need to get him high to see it.

The two of you continued to smoke and drink for a little while longer. Juice was beginning to come out of his depressed shell slowly. He sat up and began to laugh at your jokes. The room suddenly became quiet when the weed was all smoked and the both of you were coming down from your highs.

“So are you going to tell me why I’m here?” You whispered, looking down at the carpeted floor.

Juice inhaled sharply, taking his head in his hands. “Jessica cheated on me. With multiple guys. Our whole relationship.” His voice broke and sobs began to leave his body. “I was going to marry her (Y/N). I loved her so much. How could she do this to me?”

You scooted closer to your best friend, wrapping your arms around him and pulling him to your chest. You rubbed his back while he cried and you soothed him with your words. You were shocked and hurt at the situation Juice was in and you wanted to heal him from the hurt he was feeling. You rocked him back and forth as he continued to sob. You knew you’d never hurt Juice like this if you had him. You had been in love with Juice since you first met him when he moved to Charming all those years ago. You settled on being his best friend and repressing the feelings of romantic love for him. You wanted him to feel the same but you knew he never would. For now, you’d just have to hold him as he cried and try to soothe him from the pain he was feeling.

“I can’t believe she’d do that to me. Why?”

“Shhh Juicy, it’ll all be okay. I promise.” You continued to soothe him as you stroked his hot skin. You felt his tears soaking your shirt but you didn’t care. You wanted to help him but you didn’t know how.

Juice sat upright, pulling himself out of your embrace. He wiped his eyes roughly and sniffled a few times.

“I think I’m just going to go to sleep. You can let yourself out if you want.” Juice announced in a broken whisper.

You swallowed hard. You felt rejected that he didn’t want you around but you knew that he just wanted to be alone. You knew better than to fight him.

“Okay.” You said in a small whisper. You stepped up and began to walk out of Juice’s house.

You felt a warm hand wrap around your arm. You spun around and saw Juice standing there, studying your face. “Stay. I don’t think I should be alone.”

You chewed on your lip and smiled sweetly. “Okay.”

Juice didn’t let go of his arm as he walked toward his bedroom. You were very confused. Usually you sleep on the couch while Juice sleeps in his room. Why was he taking you to his room? Juice opened the door to his bedroom and let go of your arm.

“I know you usually sleep on the couch but I really don’t feel like sleeping alone. Is, is that okay with you?” He stuttered and rubbed the back of his neck, not looking into your eyes.

“It’s fine Juice. I just need to borrow something to sleep in.” You laughed.

“Just go through my wardrobe. I’m sure you’ll find something.” Juice said before turning around and heading towards the messy bed.

You tried to stop the inward squealing within your mind. You grabbed the first shirt you saw and turned around to see Juice watching you.

“Cover your eyes Juan!” You exclaimed with a laugh.

“(Y/N), we’ve been best friends for the better half of a decade. Do I really need to?” He teased before placing his hands over his eyes.

“No peeking.” You said as you very quickly undressed and put on the oversized shirt. You finished changing and slipped yourself under the bed covers with Juice. You both laid next to each other awkwardly, the uncharted territory of this situation making the two of you feel incredibly awkward and tense. Juice reached out his hand and placed it on your hip, turning your body to face his. You looked into each other’s eyes. You searched the deep brown pools to decipher the emotions he was feeling but you couldn’t find anything. He seemed mesmerised by you, as if he was seeing you in a different light. Maybe it was the weed or the heartbreak clouding his judgement but he really felt his heart beat faster for you. Juice was starting to remember all the times you caught his eye and how he suppressed romantic feelings for you because of Jessica.

“Juice, what are you doing?” You laughed when Juice’s hand came up to caress your cheek.

“Do you love me?” He asked suddenly and seriously.

“Of course I do Juan. What are you talking about?”

“No!” He interrupted. “Are you in love with me?”

You chewed on your tongue, deciding on whether to let him in on your secret. “Yeah. I am. I have been for years.”

Juice exhaled deeply before looking in your eyes for a moment longer. He pressed his lips to yours and kissed you with urgency and expectancy.

“It was you all along.” He whispered.

Is this what being high feels like? Tom Holland x reader

Warnings: drugs, alcohol, cussing

A/N: idk what inspired this but I hope you like it!

You sigh as you set your beer down on the coffee table, tonight just wasn’t your night. Your boyfriend, Tom, had been out with his friends, Harrison and Jacob. It’s not that you don’t trust Tom, because you do 100%, it’s that it was supposed to be a night between just you and him. You quietly hummed a small toon, you got up from the comfy couch walking into the room you and Tom share, making your way to your nightstand opening the small drawer located on the top of the small wooden brown stand. You pursed your lips as you pull out a baggie of weed, you weren’t the one to smoke all the time, but you did when you felt stressed or had a little bit of anxiety. Although, right now all you wanted to do was smoke even though you aren’t really feeling stressed or full of anxiety.

You took out one of the pre rolled blunts and grabbed your lighter out of the drawer. “ I’ll smoke this and then go to sleep” You mumble as you look at the blunt as you light it, putting it up to your lips, inhaling, holding, and then exhaling the smoke. You grabbed your phone out of your back pocket and clicked on the speaker that sat in your room, turning on spotify letting a small hum of the music escape out onto the patio. You sat and looked out onto the street, and inhaled some more of the smoke and let it out with a huff. “Y/N, love, I’m homeeee “ Tom’s voice rang through the apartment as you sighed, he didn’t exactly know you smoked, but you didn’t really think he would care. “Darling?” Tom’s voice now came from the room, you took a puff and exhaled the smoke. “ On the patio Tommy” You say leaning your head back to let your voice rift off towards him.

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Not cool, but okay

(Teamiplier x LilSister!Reader)

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Request:  Could you do maybe one where they find out she’s been doing drugs and they find them on her? And when they all sit down with her to have a serious talk it gets really angsty but reaalllyy sad bc shes been dealing with things that they didn’t really know about and tells them and they all get into mega protective mode, especially Mark?? But it ends up super fluffy & okay?

You regretted walking through the door the moment you did, as the sound of Mark’s angry voice ran through the house as you shut the door. Immediately you knew what it had to have been about, but still, you wanted to play dumb until you knew for certain. (Y/N)! Get over here!“ He sounded pissed. You hurried over dropping your bag down next to the door. 

You met Mark and his friends in the living room he had the angriest expression ever while the others had a mixed look of concern and seriousness. Chica ran to your side slightly startled at the sudden yelling she stayed by your feet tail between her legs you petted her head and avoided everyone’s gaze. It was awful when he was mad at you, it was rare for him to yell. He said nothing as he held up the small baggie of weed, a box of rolling papers, and lighter. You cringe slightly at that, “care to explain?” He stated in a malicious tone. “Heh, umm,” you didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t stupid he knew what it was. Mark looked so angry that Amy took over the little intervention of sorts.

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I Promise {Connor Murphy imagine}

wooo first requested fic! This one is pretty heavy IMO so read at your own risk. ok i’ve never smoked/drank before so cut me a little slack if i messed up in that department. any who, requests are always open, and i’m pretty much okay with writing anything! any questions, just ask me. enjoy!

Warnings:Swearing, Drugs, ALCOHOL,Divorce/fighting parents

word count: 1423

Y/n had always been that girl. The girl that had the seemingly perfect life. She did, at one point. Have what you’d call the perfect life. Y/n had it all. Good grades, a solid group of friends, a loving boyfriend, a decently large house, you get the idea. Everyone idolized Y/n’s life. It was practically picture perfect. That’s what she wanted her peers to think. Y/n’s real life consisted of dealing with the stress of keeping her 4.0 average. The anxiety that seeps through her whenever she talks to someone. Having to listen to her parent’s marriage crumble little by little, every day. Having to constantly put on this mask to make sure no one can see how hurt she is inside.

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Obsessive - Part 6

The reader has her orders, a patch is going to be sleeping under her roof tonight. 

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)


“I guess I’ll go pack a bag,” Juice said heading towards the door but Clay stopped him, placing a hand on his shoulder, “I need to talk to you Juice,” Clay spoke.
Juice turned around and faced him, “Sure, what’s up?” he asked.
Clay motioned for Juice to follow him outside and he did, standing by one of the picnic tables and looking back, his questioning eyes gazing up at the larger man.
“How old are you?” Clay asked, narrowing his eyes.
“I’m… 28. Why?” Juice let out an amused scoff at the strange inquiry.
“(Y/N) is not that much younger than you. You being under that roof with her… might be tempting to share her bed…” Clay suggested and Juice swallowed hard listening intently.
“… (Y/N) isn’t my biological daughter, but I love her just the same. She’s off limits. Got it?”
Juice furrowed his eyebrows, the thought had crossed his mind, it had crossed all of their minds, they were heterosexual males after all and she was a really attractive girl, but he thought of her as a friend and knew better than to overstep that, even if he thought Clay and Jax wouldn’t beat him to a pulp, (Y/N) was just his friend.

“Y-yeah man, of course,” he said, nodding his head.
“Alright,” Clay clapped Juice on the shoulder, “get outta here. When she’s ready to leave I want you with her, anywhere she goes.”
“I will.” Juice added before walking off to his bike.

“Yer all set love,” Chibs cheered stepping back and admiring his work.
“Thanks Chibby,” you smiled at him, “I need a drink, you with me?”
He threw his head back laughing, “Love I am always up fer a pint,” he smiled, taking your hand and leading you to the bar.
You had downed a couple too many when Juice finally came back to the clubhouse, freshly showered, nice clean clothes on, and a backpack slung over his back. He walked up to you, close enough you could smell the soap and cologne on his skin and God it was more intoxicating than the booze.

“Just let me know when you’re ready to leave. I’ll drive you back in the truck since….. you don’t seem up to the ride on my bike,” he cringed looking at the gash across your temple and your overall drunk demeanor.

“Have a drink with me?” you smiled, holding your glass up at Juice who shook his head, “Clay would have my ass if I drove you with alcohol in my system. Its bad enough I got high before I came back up here,” he sighed and Chibs gave him a fatherly judging look, “Hey it was a stressful day!” Juice defended himself.

Just as you were about to argue something along the lines of him already being high so why not go ahead and be drunk too, Tig came storming in, making a bee line for you.

“Doll you ok? Jeez….” he trailed off seeing your head, “I heard what happened. Jax didn’t teach you how to load your gun?” he smiled at you and then continued on, “Someone needs to stay with you, you can’t be alone babe,” his piercing eyes bored into your soul. You looked to Juice while you responded to Tig, “Juice is staying with me,” you smiled at him before turning back to Tig who nodded.
“Perfect,” he declared, placing a hand on your shoulder and leaning in to kiss your cheek, “I’m glad you’re okay.”
“Thanks Tiggy,” you spoke wrapping your arms around his neck, hugging him before standing up from your stool and looking at Chibs, “Thanks for taking care of me Filip,” you smiled, hugging him and turning to Juice, “I’m ready to go now.”
Juice nodded and held his hand out motioning for you to lead the way as he bid his brothers goodbye who quietly, but not so quiet that you couldn’t hear, teased him about going home with you.

You grinned, Juice was actually sleeping under your roof tonight.

You weren’t dumb, of course, you knew him staying with you had to have some stipulations put in place by either Clay or Jackson. You knew he would most likely have to be with you everywhere you went and you knew he would also probably have been told that if he stepped foot anywhere near your bed he would be beaten to death. So those fantasies of being swept off your feet and making passionate love to Juice were just as likely to happen with Brad Pitt. In other words, it just wasn’t happening.

You knew this schoolgirl crush was dumb, and that it was ridiculous to be so shy around him that you almost seemed afraid of him. You wished you could be bold like your mom, Gemma. When she wanted something she made it be known, and then she just took it, without fear. Even though you were raised by her you were nothing like that, you were timid, meek, shy… Actually a lot like Juice was…  

He was so perfect.

The two of you would be so perfect.

You shook the thought out of your head as Juice caught up to you walking to the truck.
“Hey you wanna hit the drive through or something? I’m hungry,” he asked you as he fell into step beside you.
“You’re not hungry, you’re high. Where do you want to go, Del Taco or something?” you chuckled and he smiled bashfully.
“Yeah…actually,” he mumbled, smiling at his feet while you walked and you laughed again, “Sure Juicey. That’s cool.”

You reached the truck and he stepped in front of you to open the door for you, “Lets go to the store too, we need snacks if we’re going to be chilling together for a while. He looked over his shoulders to make sure nobody was watching and then pulled a wrapped up gallon size baggy of weed out of his hoodie pocket, grinning a shit-eating grin like he was a kid with a huge bag of candy. Your eyes widened as you saw how much marijuana he was holding.
He shut the door on your side and walked around to the driver’s side, getting in and shutting the door, still grinning.

"Jesus, Juice. I knew you had a habit but is it that bad?” you whispered to him as he got in the truck with you.

“No!” he defended himself, “I brought extra to share,” he spoke plainly.

This was shaping up to be a very strange and exciting week.

anonymous asked:

May I request a soulmate AU scenario where the female S/o doesn't want to admit that she's 2p!America's soulmate? (It can be like the tattoo Soulmate AU where the soulmates have matching tattoos or they're similar..).

Awwww, I haven’t done the tattoo Soulmate AU since my one with 2p Canada forever ago! I love this AU! -Admin Jay

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