[love] is a beautiful thing

notes | Okay, soul mate verse wedding fic because it popped into mind and because I accidentally clicked a link I’d bookmarked ages ago for nontraditional wedding vows that make me smile. Please be forewarned, this is completely unedited (will fix tomorrow) as it’s late, I had a long day and I need some sleep before a lot of driving tomorrow but I was not gonna miss a day of posting :)

title | [love] is a beautiful thing

She looks breathtaking, all wrapped up in white and a warm smile, standing at the far end of the church on her father’s arm, holding his gaze like it’s her tether to reality (and maybe it is?). She also looks a little nervous, caught up in the weight of a hundred pairs of eyes, tugging her lip between her teeth and the thumb of her left hand curling around her bouquet to brush the red lines emblazoned on her wrist, even as she starts her slow, steadied walk up the aisle with her dad.

Barry misses none of these things, these tiny little tells he’s learned to read as easily as he breathes (because every beat of his heart is for her and he knows her in a way he’s never known anyone) and he’s glad that all eyes are on her (as they should be, she’s gorgeous) because it lets him give her a wink and a quirked, half grin that only she and her father see–it stretches her smile to bursting, forces her to abandon her anxious habits and relax. They may be surrounded, but it’s by family and friends, and the only person that really matters is the one who will stand waiting for her for the rest of her life (the rapid pitch of her heartbeat normalizes and she’s so very, very grateful for so many things).

“Hey beautiful,” he greets, barely a whisper, once he’s shaken her father’s hand and he’s moved to take his seat with her mother. Barry’s fingers reach for Caitlin’s and it’s like his whole life settles firmly into the place the second they twine together and face the minister, ready to say the words they’ve been practicing to their best man (Cisco) and maid of honor (Iris) for weeks–non-traditional vows for their non-traditional lives and what everyone teasingly calls their non-traditional devotion to one another (even for soul mates).

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