I’m really loving the 2 piece wedding dress design.
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congratulations on the wedding of your farm gays. may they live happily ever after like JOHN PAUL AND CRAIG SHOULD HAVE DONE and not die/split up/split up and die

lolol in the year of our lord 2017, in just TWO WEEKS, @nevercrossamermaid and I will be holding our seventh? sixth? annual weekend of homosexual angst in which we watch the entirety of John Paul and Craig’s storyline and throughout that entire rewatch we maintain that they have never split up and will never die because they are together forever, the end. 

But yes my farm boys are the best boys. 

I need to fly to Germany tonight because my best friend is going wedding dress shopping tomorrow, and this stupid storm Doris/Thomas is really worrying me! Would just be my luck if my flight got cancelled because of the wind! 😢

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💍 GAELSONG Brass Cape Clips 💍 Beautiful and unusual brass pins, these oak leaf cape clips are definitely eye-catching as well as functional. Bought in the 1980s, I wore on my wedding day with a cape over my dress. Feel free to ask for more photos. Comes with original storage bag.

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Below is a partial list of TV shows that Chris, the Officiant Guy, has appeared in doing what he does best, an officiant wedding and marriage license.

…read more by clicking on the photo above.

Sparkle and Shine!! The perfect necklace for light up the night! Link in profile. #mpdesignsjewelry #swarovskicrystals #jewelry #necklace #nightlife #specialoccasion #blingbling #sparkle #shine #handmade #girlboss #smallbusiness #fancy #formal #prom #bridal #wedding #bridesmaids

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💃 Crochet Cocktail Dress 💃 Navy crochet with a navy, attached slip beneath. Nice stretch, great weight, and knee length, this is a wonderful dress for any time of the year. I wore it to a November wedding in Boston and it was perfect for each event of the day. Feel free to ask for more photos. Shoulder to hem=42". This is one fabulous dress and has been dry cleaned.

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Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband in the Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, her brother, and Sofia Hellqvist’s wedding in 2015

                           MOVE YOUR TASSEL TO THE LEFT

Exposed brick walls that make the entire apartment feel like the Northern Lights should be splayed on the ceiling because it’s that nail bitingly cold. Coffee rinds clustered on the kitchen counter, the fallen soldiers of a last minute scuffle to get to work on time. Windows cracked ajar to overhear the wayward laughter of impulsive newly weds trying to escape the rain. Hopscotch grids chalked out in pastels onto the dirty sidewalk. Bars full of long faces made young again after a gut warming shot of bourbon. Breaking a toe tripping over the Ikea flat pack furniture you swore you were going to build last week but merely glared at instead. World War Three screaming matches over electricity bills and the slacker roommate trying to weasel their way out of them. Sneaking one night stands home past the crucifix clutching conservative that lives across the hall. Cider cans on top of forgotten dishes stacked up in the sink like skyscrapers. Glitter still freckling your cheeks in the office the next day from a night blitzed away in pulsing neon lights until well past milky sunrise.


Soon you’ll find out it isn’t all as bad as it was made out to be.

POSTGRADRP is an OC appless town roleplay set in Chicago, Illinois. It follows the lives of several new adults who have just graduated college and are on their way to starting their life. This group largely relies on character development and is very player driven, with the occasional event, plot drop and task thrown in to provide people with something exciting to stir things up.

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