Pidgance Wedding Headcanons

  • Pidge doesn’t really care about most traditions, but she kept the bouquet toss specifically so she could throw it at Keith
  • Hunk wanted to ice the cake with Red and Green to match their Lions. Pidge was fine with it but Lance firmly shut it down.
  • “It’s our wedding Hunk! NOT Christmas!”
  • Lance cried seeing Pidge walk down the aisle.
  • Pidge started crying halfway through her vows, and Hunk grumpily handed $50 to a smug Keith.
  • Cosmo the space wolf served as the flower girl.
  • Coran reeeeaaaalllllyy wanted to officiate, but since he had no legal matrimonial authority on Earth, Commander Iverson performed the ceremony.
  • Lance and Pidge planned on getting married in their uniforms, but Allura, Hunk, and Lance’s siblings were not having it.
  • Pidge’s wedding dress was long-sleeved and knee-length, with pockets and an embroidered green sash around her waist.
  • Their wedding was the first time Pidge had ever seen Lance in a suit, let alone a tuxedo, and it made her brain short-circuit.

Pepper and Tony

Everyone was so sure that it was going to be Pepper wiping tears when saying her vows so they didn’t know what to do when they saw her stand there like a champ and instead saw Tony having to clear his throat and struggle through his vows because he couldn’t stop the tears. Then he just gave in and started crying, screw the familiar chant of ‘stark men don’t cry’ they do when they marry the love of their life.

The coliver wedding was so beautiful……the vows were so perfect and full of love……the song was emotional and pure…… know what else would have been amazing….IF FOR ONCE (1 time) (just the one) NO ONE HAD GOTTEN FUCKING MURDERED. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RECEPTION.