Honor the Tree People. You can burn copal resin, the blood of trees, to honor the Tree People for providing our first breath, which is spirit, and to call upon the ancestral spirits for their oversight, insight, and protection. 

“Trees are our closest relatives. What we exhale, they inhale. This is a constant relationship that no one can afford to live without.” —Sadhguru


I needed to draw this little comic now.
I’ve been told by several people now, that I am unhappy and won’t ever find happiness in my life because I keep worrying and complaining about politics and because I don’t like to go out. 
‘Why can’t you just watch TV and enjoy?’
'Why do you waste your time drawing?’
'You don’t want to celebrate your birthday? I bet you’re just anxious.“ 
It’s very tiring because I am not unhappy. 
Most people just annoy me a lot.
I am not an introvert when I am around people, I tell them what I think all the time, the topics just make me very angry so they think I am angry while actually nobody ever wants to talk about the things I enjoy. 
I’m not actually bad at social interaction I just dislike it.
So I stay at home. 
Because dogs are better than people and the internet is full of people who are interested in stuff I like.

(trivia: I actually have that 'shut the f✿ck up’ shirt.)


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