This is another main character for my comic, this is Princess Morganite, a gemeraldian elf royal who adores visiting the surface and meeting new people. While her royal family are having disputes about dividing up the underground kingdom equally,Morganite likes to run off and talk to her friends at Nickel’s house to try and escape the chaos. She is a very talented young lady, and is easy to talk to and very friendly. A little too trusting when facing new people, she can take care of herself in any situation easily with her skills in archery, fencing, light magic, and docile dance like avoidance moves.


I miss her. :,(

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Ava's Demon Pact Song
  • Ava's Demon Pact Song
  • Perfectlyvindictive

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Frank Haught


You promised me
If I agreed to let you
inside my soul
That you’ll
help me reach my goals
It was foolish of me
To think i could trust thee
Never did I think
You’d be so cruel

There is nothing I can do
But continue to pursue
your dream for anew
it will ensue

Oh how was I
Such A fool
Now there are nothing but pools
Of the blood of the damned
the innocent
and malicious  

Now we take our blood bath
Now we make, our own path

(I just saw the upadate and I was so happy!!!)