Thunderstruck! Weather Balloons Look for Lightning’s Signature

A triggered lightning experiment conducted in Florida as part of an ongoing research effort to better understand how lightning forms. The blue-green light in the image is from copper in the initial triggering wire being heated to the point of radiating light. Bright white strokes of lightning off to the side were displaced by wind blowing between strokes.

Credit: Doug Jordan and Martin Uman/International Center for Lightning Research and Testing


Two Star Wars fans use a giant weather balloon to put an X-Wing in space


The whole series of The Prisoner is on youtube. I know what I’m doing for the next 17 hours. 

Soaring in Space: Citizen Science at 103,000 Feet

“Last month, citizen scientist Marc Labriet and students from Valley Christian High School in Dublin, CA collaborated on a special high altitude weather balloon project to retrieve images from near space as well as test theories on gamma rays and radiation repercussion yields. The above photo was taken by a camera attached to one his balloons, which was cleared for launch by the FAA.”