Hello there, long time no post. Probably… the longest stretch it’s been between posts since I started this over a year ago - around a week?

 I had a mini stayation at the end of last week, so had Friday through Tuesday off this last week, and it was relaxing. The most I really did besides take a few 5-6 mile walks, was go out with my sister on Friday to see that King Arthur movie. Not great, but okay. We also had some lunch, talked a bit about our taste in guys, walked around the mall a bit (she had some shoes to get) and just had a nice day.

 Saturday was spent relaxing, hung out with my friend for a few hours on Sunday, Bible Study on Monday and a relaxing Tuesday to end the staycation.

 The bottom two photos were taken today, with the middle one just a bit ago on a late walk. It was a very pretty evening, but grey day overall.

 As far as the bottom photo, I was kinda bored at work today at lunch. I haven’t shaved the sides or underneath of my face in almost a week now. Yay laser progress! The only spots I have been doing so are above my mouth and my chin. Even then, those two spots are showing great progress too, but with a couple of small patches left on the chin, and some of the left side of my lip, so they don’t look very good if the spots are unkempt. There is still a few hairs remaining on the sides of my face, but I’d say it’s 95%+ clear overall. I am very happy with recent developments. Slowly but surely, laser it doing it’s job! Yeah yeah the brows - it’ll eventually happen! For now, I’m just happy with the laser progress on my face.

 The only other thing to report HRT wise is more of the usual - boobs. After dying down for a while (a month or two for the most part), things have been itchy once again. It’s not one of those things you can simply go the restroom and itch, because once again, it is below the surface of the nipple area, which I’m guessing has to be the breast bud again. I can’t be sure how much things are changing, but no less, if there’s itchiness or pain (which there’s been a little of that too), that usually means things are happening.

 That’s about it, really. There’s a board game night going on at my friend’s place on Monday for the holiday, but that’s about all I have that’s unusual on my schedule. I will likely go, but whether or not I play any board games is a question.

 Well, I hope you have all had a nice (give or take) week, and may the rest of this one treat you all well! And for those in the US that have Monday off, yay for an extended weekend!

 - Lana


Storm chaser captured this video while stuck in the mud in Kansas

Imagine a group of humans and aliens talking about their home worlds while in the ship’s canteen. One world is covered entirely by water (the crew members from there have to wear special masks to help them absorb the oxygen they need from the air); one is full of rare minerals and littered with what, on any other planet, would be precious stones and one is carpeted with dense vegetation and has the more biodiversity than any other planet.

Once they’ve all finished talking about their own planets, everybody turns to the humans and asks them what Earth is like. They’re only doing it to be polite though. They haven’t heard much about humans (except the usual stories, and only fledglings believe in those) and they can’t really believe that these fleshy bald looking things come from anywhere even remotely as interesting as their own planets.

There’s a pause and then one of the humans speaks up, “well, I come from a part of Earth called ‘England’ and, to be honest, it’s nothing like as cool as your planets sound. It’s alright though. We got some snow last year, so I’m hoping that we’ll have some this year as well when I get back.”

“Snow?” one of the water breathers asks, hissing slightly through their mask, “what’s that?”

“Frozen water that falls from the sky.” The human explains, “it’s really fun to play with. It’s only called snow when it’s soft though— when it’s hard it’s called hail. Nobody likes hail, you can’t do anything with it and it hurts if it hits you. I looked up during a hail storm once,” she adds, “when I was a kid. Huge hailstones and one hit me right in the eye! Hurt like Hell.”

“Is your planet really cold then?” one of the aliens asks, sounding doubtful since nothing has looked less equipped to deal with cold weather than a human.

“No,” she says, “not everywhere. England’s pretty cold, but in the Summer sometimes we get heatwaves. Last year I went out in one and forgot to wear suncream and got sunburn all down my arms.”

“Your planet’s sun… burned you?” a horrified creature asks, “was it painful?”

“Not really, just stung a bit,” she shrugs, “it was fine once the skin started to peel.” (At the back of the crowd that has now amassed around their table a voice says “I didn’t know humans moulted.” and another, horrified sounding voice replies “that’s because they don’t!”) the human continues on regardless. “It was really annoying actually, because it meant I couldn’t go out for a bit without wearing a jacket. Then when my burns had finally healed, I wanted to go to the beach, but when I got there there was this huge thunderstorm and I had to go home again.”

“Thunderstorm?” the word is whispered, mainly because the person asking secretly hopes the human won’t hear them so they won’t have to know.

“It’s when the clouds get all dark and it starts raining,” the human explains and everybody sighs with relief. Most planets have rain. “The clouds make these really loud banging noises,” she continues, “that’s the thunder, and electricity shoots down from the clouds— that’s called lightning. Sometimes people get hit by it, a few people even survive. I once—”

But one of her human friends cuts her off. “God,” he says, “you Brits are so boring, always talking about the weather!”

While she argues with him, the creatures seated around the table stare at them in astonishment and start to give a little more credit to those old stories. Because, though they look pretty harmless, a species would have to be tough to be able to survive on a planet where a person could be pelted with ice, burned by the sun and nearly electrocuted by the sky and then have another person describe those experiences as boring!


Towers of the Golden Gate bridge barely peak above the fog at Sunrise