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Remington POE Model 8 rifle

Manufactured by Peace Officer Equipment co. in St.Joseph, Montana c.1935-1936 - serial number 68415 & another gun with an additional Thompson pistol grip.
8.9x49mm/.35 Remington 15-round single stack removable box magazine, semi-automatic, long-recoil rotating bolt semi-automatic.

The POE police rifle was essentially a Model 8 with an extended magazine and foregrip, designed to bridge the firepower gap between law enforcement and criminals after the prohibition. After a number of successful purchases by police departments across the country, Remington cooperated with POE to bring these guns to factory standards.

Remington POE ‘Special Police’ Model 81 rifle

Manufactured by Remington Arms in Ilion, New york c.1936 - serial number 18769.
8.9x49mm/.35 Remington 15-round single stack removable box magazine, semi-automatic, long-recoil rotating bolt semi-automatic.

Additional features on the Model 81 Special Police, which was the fruit of the collaboration between Remington and POE, were a pair of swing swivel eyelets and profuse markings, including a hand-engraved buyer’s reference on the left side of the frame.

I came from Spider-Man and watched a ton of reviews in a row and I noticed one thing. While they all talk about how Vulture’s motivation was understandable, not a single one mentioned how what Tony Stark did was good or thoughtful. I do not mean the “cleaning after themself” thing, but the fact that he organized for dangerous weapons to be taken off the street. Like, what Toomes was going to do is a good thought in theory, but all these people, who have no idea what they are dealing with, just casually picking up alien technology?? For one thing, in the Agents of SHIELD first responders got radiation poisoning and what’s more, it’s powerful weaponry. Even if Toomes and his crew had been allowed to deal with it, where is the guarantee nobody got an idea to sell that on the street?? That clean-up needed to be dealt with in a professional way, with special containers for those weapons and protective suits against the possible radiation, not by a private cleaning crew. 

It just honestly suprised me when the only take on that story was about how Toomes got fucked over and nothing about how what he was planning to do was dangerous and has not been thought through enough to be a good idea at all.

I was just rewatching the first Iron Man movie and something stood out to me

When Tony wakes up in the cave and the terrorists come in to tell him to build the Jericho missile, Tony’s immediate response was “I refuse.”

No hesitation at all. It was clear and steadfast refusal. And even after they WATERBOARDED him multiple times, he still wasn’t willing to do it.

People say Tony Stark was just an arrogant womanizing jerk before he was Iron Man, yet even before he was the man in the armor, when faced with threats to his survival, Tony refused to build weapons that would be used by terrorists to hurt people.

Yes perhaps Tony was ignorant and naive to the reality of what his weapons could be used for or fall into the wrong hands, but his weapons manufacturing was never about the desire to hurt people but rather the desire to protect. His father built weapons for the government to help end wars and save lives, and here he is trying to continue that legacy of smarter and better weapons that would strike out enemy targets that don’t end up with collateral damage.

He had no idea that the man who helped raised him, a man he trusted, had all this time been double dealing behind his back and using him - he had no idea Obadiah was making deals with terrorists - yet the moment Tony found out his weapons were falling into the wrong hands, he put an immediate stop to it with no care about how it would effect his wealth or the fact that they were now suddenly a weapons manufacturing company that makes no weapons. What mattered more was not allowing his weapons to harm any more innocent lives.

“I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I designed to protect them.”

The real tragedy of Tony Stark is that he cares, he cares so much, yet that care and desire to protect can also be the thing that drives him to the extreme that allows something like Ultron to come into being.

Ultron wasn’t just born out of Tony’s fear, it was also born out of Tony’s desire to save and protect lives, which is incredibly sad and tragic, that someone who has so much care and love for people, who tries so hard to protect lives, always end up creating the things that did more harm than protection.

Even in Civil War, in trying to protect the team, in trying to keep them all safe and together, the harder he tried, the more the team crumbled and broke.

Tony Stark has always wanted to save lives, to protect people, yet it almost always never goes his way, it almost always fall apart and he’s left standing in the wreckage tying to rebuild and try again because that’s all he knows how to do.

(You’re Like) The Son I Never Had

So this idea has been floating around my head for a couple of days, so I’ve just sat down and written…. I apologise for the angsty-ness lower down but I promise a happy ending!! Also, @itsallavengers, consider this revenge/thanks for all the wonderful Tony and Peter you’ve graced us with. This is not the trans!Peter you were promised, but that is on it’s way. 

This can be found on Ao3 here

The first time Tony holds his son, it is with no small amount of panic. Happy had found the child left in the lobby of the tower, a birth certificate, apology and a DNA test left tucked into the basket with him. He has a small amount of fluffy brown hair, and he’s still sleeping soundly even as Pepper makes him pick the child up. The weight of this small baby in his arms makes him want to scream – this was never the plan, Tony can’t be trusted with himself, why would he be trusted with a child – but the child snuffles and curls into him, and the metaphorical ice fortress around his heart melts a little. The child blinks awake with dark dark eyes, and doesn’t cry.

Maybe Tony can do this.

(Beware the read more mobile users!)

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Headcanon: Flug is the team’s default “damsel in distress,” since he’s (1) relatively easier to kidnap, and (2) the only one making inventions for Black Hat Org. His team knows he can science his way out of any holding cell though, and so they’d wait it out until Flug returns to the manor (unless he’s gone for days or weeks). I mean, just imagine how many rival weapons companies want to take advantage of him.

The doctor busts the door open, catching his breath. Behind him is a large tear on his lab coat, and he smells of ozone and diesel.

Black Hat doesn’t even look up from his copy of Diabolical Daily.

“General Destruction commanded you to make an incinerator ray, again?”

Flug nods weakly.

“Well, did you make him one?”

“Of course not, sir.”

This has been the fifth time this month.

Clichés: Chapter 1

A Reaper/Gabriel Reyes x Reader Office AU fic. Originally written for lilith-chii’s contest, but I couldnt finish it in time and instead sent in a soldier 76 smut piece lol. Still not finished, so it’ll be divided into chapters

Work was busier than usual. So many reporters have been trying to get interviews with the co-presidents of Overwatch since the big announcement of the joining of Overwatch and Talon. Two separate companies suddenly merging together was quite the big fuss. After Rico Reyes passed away last month, ownership of his weapons company was passed to his favorite son, Gabriel. Despite the fact that Gabe had left the family business ten years ago to join Overwatch. Now the billionaire ex vice president of Overwatch was the co-president of… Overwatch. They decided not to change the name. Though Talonwatch does have a ring to it. Or maybe Overtalon? Nah, not as catchy.

Overwatch was a much larger company than Talon, so it’s not entirely unusual for the two to combine. Though it’s less of a combination and more of Overwatch swallowing up the resources Talon provides. As the secretary of the president and vice president (now co-president), you had your hands full. Emails, phone calls, lawyers, and reporters that thought they could just prance in and get an instant meeting with Mister Reyes or Mister Morrison. Such was the case now. A reporter for some women’s magazine just pranced right in and stalked right up to your desk, standing haughtily in front of you.

“I’m here to get an interview with Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Now please.” The nameless reporter spoke, tapping a perfectly manicured nail against your desk.

“I’m sorry, but Mister Reyes and Mister Morrison are currently in a very important meeting. I’d be happy to try to add you into their schedule, though.” You informed with a polite (and absolutely fake) smile. She looked appalled, absolutely confused that she had just been told no.

“I’m sure their meeting could wait. I’m from a very important magazine, ‘Eyecandy,’ I’m sure you’ve heard of it, yes? This interview simply can’t wait. Why don’t you go get them and tell them who I am and we can have this interview right now?” The woman didn’t so much ask as she did command.

“Oh, and get me an ice water while you’re at it, will you? I need to use the little ladies’ room.” With the toss of her hair, she turned around and strutted down the hall, where the bathrooms were.

What a bitch. She was obviously raised wealthy, never having been turned down before. She likely used her good looks and demanding attitude to get what she wanted. It was incredibly unlikely that she would leave without speaking to the co-presidents, and you didn’t really want to deal with her any more than you already had. You had work to do. A lot of it. So you got up and went to the meeting room right in between their offices, knocking gently on steel door. No response, only faint mumblings from inside, but the room was rather soundproof.

Taking a chance, you cracked open the door and peeked inside, hoping it would be enough to catch their attention. However, it seems like you walked in on an argument, and it didn’t seem to be a productive one either.

“Su traje es mierda y no le queda, lápiz blanco!”

“Stop yelling at me in Spanish, you know I don’t understand what you’re saying!”


“Ok I understood that.”

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fics i need after watching homecoming:
(This is spoilery and i don’t think i can do a read more on mobile. Sorry!)

- after Peter is finally the one to reject tony, tony becomes the definition of helicopter dad, because he said more hands on mentoring. He meant it. Poor Peter can’t catch a break between being grounded by may, surprise coffee study dates with new dad tony, training weekends upstate, remedial school for being tardy all the damn time, and mj getting suspicious. Peter is elated but oh so exasperated. Weren’t you a really busy guy tony???

- how tony got his groove back! I.e. the backstory behind his cleanup company, the weapons vault place, selling the tower, redoing the avengers facility, healing, AND HIS RECONCILIATION WITH HIS BEST GIRL AHHHH

- dummys New Life

- MJ the social justice conspiracy theorist kidnapping Ned and wringing peters secret from him.

- peters ptsd from ALMOST DYING LIKE A LOT.

- happy and tony having that Very Emotional talk

- tony foisting Peter off on happy because he’s convinced he’s a terrible dad.


- aaaand peter and pepper having a relationship too

My thoughts on the Scarlet Witch...

What I find amusing is that people still defend Wanda. We may be Tony bias, but what we said isn’t just bullshit. No matter what we did, it’s always wrong, right? Okay, Wanda might be manipulated by Hydra, but hello, she willingly volunteered herself for the experiment. She was at a young age, yes, but no matter what, you don’t blame the CEO of that weapon’s company. Just because the bomb has the name Stark? Next time if a car accident occurred, let’s not blame the driver, we shall blame the CEO of that car’s manufacturer. People will then say Tony blamed Barnes for killing his parents. Okay, let’s see here. Tony has PTSD, he still hasn’t get over his parents death. His MIT presentation was about re-writing your memories. Which means before Civil War, he was already thinking about his parents. Basically his whole life, to be honest. He might not have a good relationship with his Father, but he loved his Mother. And then, the person whom he trust, lied to him about said deaths. He was the one that reprimanded Tony about keeping secrets, wasn’t he? And then Tony saw his parents death with the killer (no matter what, Barnes still killed them) just right in front of him. Of course he was going to lash out. Barnes was a victim, but it doesn’t erased what he has done.

But back to topic, maybe Wanda was also manipulated by Ultron, but who’s to blame? Tony? Because it always is, isn’t it? It’s because of HER that Ultron was created in the first place. If you have seen Vision, that’s what it was supposed to turn out at the beginning. Tony has a lot of studies in creating AIs. JARVIS, DUM-E, U, BUTTERFINGERS and FRIDAY. All turned out okay. In fact, JARVIS was the most advanced AIs in the world. Wanda felt guilty over what happened in Sokovia, but if she wasn’t ready, don’t get out in the field. Don’t give me the bullshit that she has no control over her powers. She has control over her powers for the whole Age of Ultron movie. I’m grateful she saved Cap, but in doing so, innocent people died. All Tony wanted her to do was stay out of sight, lay low, and yet, what did she do? Attacked Vision. As I said in my post, Tony could have handled it better, but when does he have the time? He could have send anyone, but he send Vision, someone she felt close with. Is she going to pay for the damage she caused? People were angered over the Sokovia incident, no matter how well she meant. If she stepped out, and people attacked her, of course she was going to defend herself. And when she do that, that’s it. And you think Vision can’t protect himself? Hello, his whole being is made out of vibranium. Wanda’s powers came from the mind stone. Vision has the mind stone.

Did she even apologized to Tony for raping his mind? For attacking the Avengers? For brain washing Bruce and caused him to Hulk out? During Iron Man 2, Fury locked Tony in his own house. Putting Coulson on him and said if Tony even misbehaved, he will stunned him and watched him drool. Did Tony whined like a baby? He didn’t. He make used of that time to cure himself of the poisoning.

Let’s talk about the Airport fight. Team Iron Man didn’t use lethal methods. All they wanted was to bring them in. But Team Cap? Wanda literally dropped a bunch of cars on Tony. Excuse me? Yes, he was in the armour, but he’s still HUMAN. When will people ever get that? Clint was holding himself back when fighting Black Widow, but Wanda hurled her away like a doll. And what did she say? You were pulling your punches. I hope people will stop saying she’s young. She has a lot to learn, yes, but if she’s big enough to be in the Avengers and go out for missions, she’s big enough to pay for her crimes. You know, I never read the comics, so I don’t know how Wanda was in it. Maybe she can be good, so I partly blame the writers or whoever wrote her.