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i want to make Percy Jackson, Defender of the Defenseless, more of a thing so here is a list of innocent people and things that Need Help who percy Defends and Takes Care Of

  • grover underwood, when he gets bullied and harrassed by literally everyone
  • the family in the arch
  • tyson, when he gets bullied and harrassed by literally everyone
  • raj mandali the calculus wiz
  • corey bailer the computer geek
  • and other kids who always got harassed by sloan and his gang
  • annabeth, when luke stabs her in the back and thalia is dead and grover is missing and chiron leaves camp and she’s completely alone
  • clarisse, when she fails her quest
  • rachel elizabeth dare, when she thinks she is going insane
  • ethan nakamura
  • nico di angelo
  • the twelve year old kid who charges at him on the princess andromeda
  • the kids in kronos’ army
  • thalia grace, when she comes back from the dead and everyone else is just standing there staring at her
  • mrs. o’leary
  • blackjack
  • the ophiotaurus
  • the animals in phorcys’ aquarium
  • reyna avila ramirez arellano, when she has no weapons and no co-praetor and she’s worried about her sister
  • frank zhang
  • hazel levesque
  • ella the harpy
  • the random animals that get trapped in things who he gets up in the middle of the night to go rescue


  • “ i have a bad feeling about this. ”
  • “ i don’t sense anything. ”
  • “ the negotiations will be short. ”
  • “ offhand, i’d say this mission is past the negotiation stage. ”
  • “ you were right about one thing, ____ , the negotiations were short. ”
  • “ at last we’re getting results. ”
  • “ again you come before me, ____. ”
  • “ you will not be pleased when you hear what i have to say, ____. ”
  • “ we will see. ”
  • “ we must continue to rely on negotiation. ”
  • “ how can we negotiate ?
  • “ we must defend ourselves. ”
  • “ this is a dangerous situation, _____. ”
  • “ i will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war. ”
  • “ that won’t be necessary. ”
  • “ you hear that ? that is the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this way. ”
  • “ we must warn them !
  • “ thank you for your help. ”
  • “ there’s always a bigger fish. ”
  • “ relax. ”
  • “ you overdid it. ”
  • “ this is not good !
  • “ drop your weapons !
  • “ i said: drop your weapons !
  • “ i will not co-operate. ”
  • “ in time, their suffering will persuade you to our point of view. ”
  • “ your negotiations seem to have failed, _____. ”
  • “ the negotiations never took place. ”
  • “ that won’t be a problem. ”
  • “ under the circumstances, i suggest you come to ____ with me. ”
  • “ my place is with my people. ”
  • “ they will kill you if you stay. ”
  • “ either choice presents great risk to all of us. ”
  • “ i’ll take care of that. ”
  • “ it’s risky, but there’s no alternative. ”
  • “ we should not have made this bargain. ”
  • “ you must trust my judgment, ____. ”
  • “ how did you end up here with us ?
  • “ i feel it also, ____. ”
  • “ this is not a good idea. stay close to me. ”
  • “ are you an angel ?
  • “ how do you know so much ?
  • “ this is a strange world to me. ”
  • “ yeah, it’d be a pity if you had to pay for me. ”
  • “ fear attracts the fearful. ”
  • “ what if it is true, and the people are dying ?
  • “ the biggest problem in the universe is that no one helps each other. ”
  • “ you assume too much. ”
  • “ ____ will not approve.”
  • “ ____ doesn’t need to know. ”
  • “ well, i don’t approve. ”
  • “ i will watch over him/her/them. you have my word. ”
  • “ will you be alright ?
  • “ he/she/they was/were in my life for such a short time.,, ”
  • “ will i ever see you again ?
  • “ what does your heart tell you ?
  • “ be brave, and don’t look back. ”
  • “ it’ll bring you good fortune. ”
  • “ what options do we have ?
  • “ i wish i had your confidence in this, ____. ”
  • “ i will not defer !
  • “ i will do what i must. ”
  • “ i sense much fear in you. ”
  • “ please, ____, stay here, where it’s safe. ”
  • “ ____ is dangerous. they all sense it. why can’t you ?
  • “ i promise you, i will not let that happen. ”
  • “ i’m not sure what you hope to accomplish by this. ”
  • “ i am sorry for my deception, but under the circumstances it has become necessary to protect myself. ”
  • “ if we do not act quickly, all will be lost forever. ”
  • “ i ask you to help us. no, i beg you to help us. ”
  • “ be patient. let them make the first move. ”
  • “ it is so good to see you again. ”
  • “ it’s good to be home. ”

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to switch to glass style weapons aka the only craftable style where you can make stuff that is not red by default


All these aus of the TF2 characters time traveling and fighting with the Overwatch heroes is all good and nice, but what if it’s the other side around.

The Overwatch characters have to go to 1960 and have to dress up in the 60′s clothes
The Overwatch characters are forced to share a base in the middle of the desert
The Overwatch characters having to get used of the fighting style and having nothing else than Mann Co weapons 

I’ve listened to every song my chem has ever released apart from the conventional weapons cos once I do there’ll never be any new music from them as a band and I’m not ready for that.

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OK, so Tony feels terrible about those young men and women getting killed in Afghanistan whilst protecting him, and it's even worse cos the weapons came from SI. So now he uses the peace sign constantly, cos it's a reminder of the sweet moment where they were all laughing in the truck, and of the young soldier who was being an adorable fan wanting a photo right before he was killed.

……………………………………………hey now


oops my hand slipped

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Colt M1911 Government Model

Manufactured and shipped on New Year’s Eve 1915 to France as part of one of the French army various contracts to arm their tank crews and stretch bearers and machine guns loaders and whatnot with modern semi-automatic pistols.
Serial number C25049, 450 were made for this contract.
.45ACP, seven rounds, short recoil semi-automatic.

Sauce : Rock Island Auction Co.

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1.Hello! This is anon who asked about snb gods times ago! XD Now i want to asked your analysis about something... I read on charinina blog about how bahamut will come again as ever and it made me really convinced because i think what if Tromos, the weapon Charioce &co had made is actually built to destroys bahamut, not gods? And now while Tromos is under reparation, the "bahamut sealing time" will be over soon and that what made Charioce must doing all he can to protect mankind! (it includes

2. teamwork with demons and gods,making a peace agreement) what do you think? Lastly, i read your post that mention about charioce xvii reign similar with renaissance era and just after contemplating on latest episodes, i think you’re absolutely right! Because i think the magic there like science in our world and when in previous reign the great length of magic was only provided by gods and some demons,in cheerios’ reign,knowledge of magic really advanced. He even had some magic researchers and

Ey~! Good to see you again in this lonely blog! xD 

And…. You let me in suspense, but I gonna do my best to aswer the problem of Bahamut and his return. 

Certainly I would like to think that Bahamut will return for this season, i mean, all races would join again to fight him, but to be honest, if I were the one in charge of the script I would not do that. Why? Well, there are two simple reasons:

1) We already saw that in the first season with Favaro and team. To return to the same in the final plot and with a different cast would be somewhat annoying. I don’t like that word, but if in the first season they sold me a character as spectacular as Favaro, Nina will not meet the expectations of those who fell in love with Favaro and Amira. That is, we would not see it as epic as we saw it in the first season, because it’s something we already saw before. So, I think the scriptwriters in charge would not bet on something so dangerous.

2) Charioce, mankind and Dromos. Indeed Charioce is undoubtedly the central hub of the story of this season, not Bahamut. Of course, he is encouraged by power to thus fight against the gods, demons and even Bahamut. However, the director introduced Charioce (villain or not) since the start, short moments but enough to know that his actions would affect the plot. One of these actions is the construction of the prohibited device: Dromos

You say something very important, the fact that the magic here was only destined to the gods and the demons by nature. The human could have access if it was chosen by the gods as a “holy warrior” (Jeanne as example) or as those who learned magic of the demons, dark magic that put them in situation of being looked for by the bounty hunters. That is to say, man only had the right to magic if the gods granted it and the man was punished if he sought by his own sources to be a user of magic (and the bracelets were only delivered by Bacchus, a god). 

Therefore, Charioce, a thief of sacred palaces, not only killed and enslaved, but also stole the cultural treasure of magic, treatises, books, and so on. So that his intellectuals and the most capable men could construct this device. Charioce opposed the laws of the gods, man seeks his knowledge to be able to live up to the gods and demons, so much they can about passing them in many ways: Alchemy, architecture, art, politics (military-civil organization), mathematics, astrology and even philosophy have been reborn: That is why I consider Charioce more than a cruel and tyrannical monarch, a man of revolutionary and modern convictions. It’s giving power to the man and not to the gods. Is forcing a rebirth of man and his culture (that’s sugoii~ xD) 
Then Dromos will undoubtedly have an important role in the plot and there are many possibilities but the only ones I can think of is that this machine is too difficult to handle, a man can not control it forever and will create an unbalanced in the universe. Chaos and death. So, we no longer need Bahamut here.

So I fear for where the director want to take the story because if they go for the first, everything would become very repetitive; But if they choose the second they would have to sacrifice the letter they have handled perfectly so far: Charioce XVII. Choosing the second is a double-edged sword: it has pros and cons.

It doesn’t bother me that he dies for trying to achieve his ideals and dreams, to see characters as he clashed with the sad reality of man and his limitations is something I enjoy a lot, but I worry about how they gonna handle it. I don’t want Charioce to be victimized, that’s all I ask. I know he suffers because of his decisions, but he has chosen them, as someone who assumed that this could have happened and that he hold firm even in front of the limited forces that man can achieve. But hey, it’s a matter of taste xD (cofcofmytastescof) 

I really would like to know his past so I can say it for sure, but we have to be patient, what surprises have the scripwriter because I have liked so far how s/he has led the story. The intrigue of what is going to happen is an important aspect for the narration. 
I only see two possibilities, but the scripwriter can bring us another much more interesting and certainly I am anxious for that. Also, for the new opening I like to think that Charioce will wage a battle in the city of the gods to hegemonize the entire universe. What a badass, to take your army to fight against the sky is something that is marveling to me, I hoping for that!! >:3 

For the moment I can only speculate. I don’t assure anything cos’ the scripwriter likes to surprise us xD 

Ah, I forgot: When I spoke of the Leviathan, I also remembered the figure of Behemoth, for Hobbes the war between nations is a creature far more formidable than that of the State (Leviathan) and destructive than other apocalyptic creatures. 

My friend, we may not have a Bahamut in this season, but a Behemoth as a metaphor for the cruel war that is looming. But that would be well to analyze it another time (for now, I can’t, but here in the fandom there is someone who is doing a serious job with Hobbes, s/he could help us). 

Thanks for share your thoughts with me again (/*3*)/~ 

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Is it Dwight in the closet? I need to know.

do you mean on that really old doodle i did of the Wraith trapping someone in a closet with his weapon?? cos uh… honestly… i never really thought on who it was, since i didn’t have to draw them for the sake of the mini-comic! ;w; So really, it’s up to you who might be in there!

Off topic from my normal posts but I think this deserves an airing. 

On July 15th 1955  Eighteen Nobel laureates signed the Mainau Declaration against nuclear weapons, later co-signed by thirty-four others. The full text reads…….

We, the undersigned, are scientists of different countries, different creeds, different political persuasions. Outwardly, we are bound together only by the Nobel Prize, which we have been favored to receive. With pleasure we have devoted our lives to the service of science. It is, we believe, a path to a happier life for people. We see with horror that this very science is giving mankind the means to destroy itself. By total military use of weapons feasible today, the earth can be contaminated with radioactivity to such an extent that whole peoples can be annihilated. Neutrals may die thus as well as belligerents.

If war broke out among the great powers, who could guarantee that it would not develop into a deadly conflict? A nation that engages in a total war thus signals its own destruction and imperils the whole world.

We do not deny that perhaps peace is being preserved precisely by the fear of these weapons. Nevertheless, we think it is a delusion if governments believe that they can avoid war for a long time through the fear of these weapons. Fear and tension have often engendered wars. Similarly it seems to us a delusion to believe that small conflicts could in the future always be decided by traditional weapons. In extreme danger no nation will deny itself the use of any weapon that scientific technology can produce.

All nations must come to the decision to renounce force as a final resort. If they are not prepared to do this, they will cease to exist.— Mainau, Lake Constance, 15 July 1955.