Weapons Co

All these aus of the TF2 characters time traveling and fighting with the Overwatch heroes is all good and nice, but what if it’s the other side around.

The Overwatch characters have to go to 1960 and have to dress up in the 60′s clothes
The Overwatch characters are forced to share a base in the middle of the desert
The Overwatch characters having to get used of the fighting style and having nothing else than Mann Co weapons 


oops my hand slipped

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Roy makes his way inside Mann Co. and boy has it changed since the last time he was there! And that was over forty years ago! “Go and get your team some weapons from Mann Co.!” And man can the Greg gremlin be demanding. Well, with the advancing technology, he hopes Bili kept a few of his and his teams weapons safe somewhere.

He sees a man in a suit and looks as if he works there, he stomps his robot legs over to him and calls out, “Ya’ll know if ah can talk ta ol’ Bili?”

Photograph taken during a lull in the fighting on the first day - 23 August 1966. Front row (L-R): Howard Blair, Harold Kline, Danny Hall with weapon (ASA Green Beret), CO William Harp (in hat) and Top Sgt. Ted Boody (in white shoes) behind unknown Montagnard. In the back are (L-R): Unknown Montagnard, team medic Danny Shepherd, Roland Vas (already wounded in right arm), team XO Lt. Anthony Ayers (already wounded in face) and unknown Montagnard.

(Photo: © James Alward)

i want to make Percy Jackson, Defender of the Defenseless, more of a thing so here is a list of innocent people and things that Need Help who percy Defends and Takes Care Of

  • grover underwood, when he gets bullied and harrassed by literally everyone
  • the family in the arch
  • tyson, when he gets bullied and harrassed by literally everyone
  • raj mandali the calculus wiz
  • corey bailer the computer geek
  • and other kids who always got harassed by sloan and his gang
  • annabeth, when luke stabs her in the back and thalia is dead and grover is missing and chiron leaves camp and she’s completely alone
  • clarisse, when she fails her quest
  • rachel elizabeth dare, when she thinks she is going insane
  • ethan nakamura
  • nico di angelo
  • the twelve year old kid who charges at him on the princess andromeda
  • the kids in kronos’ army
  • thalia grace, when she comes back from the dead and everyone else is just standing there staring at her
  • mrs. o’leary
  • blackjack
  • the ophiotaurus
  • the animals in phorcys’ aquarium
  • reyna avila ramirez arellano, when she has no weapons and no co-praetor and she’s worried about her sister
  • frank zhang
  • hazel levesque
  • ella the harpy
  • the random animals that get trapped in things who he gets up in the middle of the night to go rescue
David Cameron has said that he would use nuclear weapons
David Cameron has said there are circumstances in which he would launch a nuclear attack on another country. The PM described nuclear bombs as “the ultimate insurance policy” and said the attack could be “justified”. Mr Cameron’s statement comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would not use nuclear bombs on another country’s population.

ah yes, an insurance policy

you know, when you put a little aside each month so that if there’s an emergency you can simply vapourise all life on earth in a thermonuclear inferno 

Modern art was CIA 'weapon'
For decades in art circles it was either a rumour or a joke, but now it is confirmed as a fact. The Central Intelligence Agency used American modern art - including the works of such artists as Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko - as a weapon in the Cold War. In the manner of a Renaissance prince - except that it acted secretly - the CIA fostered and promoted American Abstract Expressionist painting around the world for more than 20 years.

A modern muveszet mint propaganda

tbh danse probably loves u entering and exiting power armor + modding your weapons and armor cos he values intelligence and resourcefulness

with the time jumps in fast traveling between entering/exiting the armor it’s been hrs so he’s probably still excited over the fact you favor that bulky armor like he does where as with modding weapons and such, the brotherhood mostly favors prewar tech like laser and plasma weapons but they’re pragmatic at heart and he sees the SS modding away at their base armor and weapons to make them stronger or faster or w/e the situation calls for as fucking incredible and is genuinely impressed and proud of how smart you are