Polymer framed pistol in 9x19mm, it marked Heckler & Koch’s return to the striker-fired market. The VP9 proved to very popular, with the VP40 having just recently been released for sale. Some people speculate a VP45 could be in the works. Note the Inforce APL, which I think stands for Auto Pistol Light. Very clean, minimalistic light for a decent price. I think I may get one for my HK45, but I want a VP9 too someday. (GRH)



“The only firearm to make this list, the Blunderbuss was an early form of shotgun, using powder and shot. The weapon was muzzle loaded and is identified by the distinctive flared muzzle. The nasty part of the Blunderbuss was actually a flaw in the design, the flared muzzle caused the shot to spread quite widely and reduced the muzzle velocity, meaning that shots outside of very close quarters resulted only in shrapnel wounds rather than death.

A blunderbuss could, in theory, be loaded with any kind of shrapnel or shot, small stones or scraps of metal were used as ammunition at times. The gun was used by armies of various nationalities, although the weapon originates from Europe. A smaller, one handed version of the Blunderbuss, called a Dragon, was also used. Wounds sustained from a close range hit from a Blunderbuss would be brutal, potentially blowing away whole chunks of the body.”

Notable appearance: “Jack Sparrow, of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, wields a handgun similar to a Dragon, while at least one member of the undead pirate crew seen in the first movie uses a Blunderbuss type firearm.”


Webley No.1 Mk VI

Massive British break-open revolver originally chambered in .455 Webley. Due to the lack of availability of its original cartridge, some of these revolvers were re-chambered in .45 ACP by shaving the cylinder. However it should be noted that it IS NOT safe to shoot modern factory loaded .45 ACP in these conversions. Generating double the pressure of .455 Webley, there have been several instances of blown up converted Webley’s. Hand loading a reduced charge is highly recommended when using .45 ACP in these revolvers. (GRH)