Halo 4, Suppressor

-The Promethean weapons in Halo 4 are some of my favorite in the whole series. The look and feel of each weapon is unlike any other weapon in the game, but yet they are familiar. 343 did a great job with these new weapons.

I love the suppressor. It feels violent and quick. The reload feels like a wild animal that you’re fighting.

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE SQUID RESEARCH LAB! Our sources say that the “Slosher” is a new main weapon category being added with the August update. Weapons in this category look like buckets and deliver huge blasts of ink with each shot. Their shots also fire in an arc, making them useful for hitting opponents that are above you or behind obstacles.


Kriss Vector Gen 2 CRB

Updated models of the Kriss Vector carbines. The first photo shows the Standard model, the last two photos show the Enhanced model, which features a new and improved barrel shroud and AR stock adapter. Note the Magpul UBR stock. Kriss also mentioned a new pivot trigger and improved safety throw. (GRH)