alrighty fam, this would be a starter/plotting call! like this and i’ll pop into your inbox while i’m finishing drafts/asks/playing me2 to plot between our muses. this is for any of my mutuals who we haven’t had the chance to plot something out yet, even if we have threads. (like i’ve said before, i’ll be more invested in our threads if we have some sort of plot going.) once we come to a consensus, then i’ll write up a quick starter based on what we talked about. it’ll be super fun. promise.

                                         DAISY CLARA & TIFFANY WILLIAMS. 

you’re my BEST FRIEND, i will s p o i l you until my last breathe & that’s a promise ; also you can not return any of the items to me because they are YOURS. you deserve to SHINE while you’re out there doing your thing. ’                                                            ( @glorysoaked )