Okay but…Jared has not been present for any of the filming from what we’ve seen??? So what does this mean??? Is Sam not in the first episode of season 12?? Is he in only in it a little bit, like at the end??? Misha and Jensen just talked about how he is “probably on a beach somewhere” so does that mean he’s still at home in Texas??? Is this going to be a heavy Dean and Castiel premiere??? What is going onnnnnnn???

Regina sat against the wall in the hallway, her face surprisingly devoid of any of her signature thick make up, and rested her head against the hard bricks as she closed her eyes and tried to stop her head from spinning. She’d felt off from the second she’d woken up this morning, and it had only gotten worse as the day progressed. As she opened her eyes she saw a figure standing in front of her and moved as if to get out the way. “Sorry, sorry am I in your way?” She muttered.