Imagine a scene where Sherlock gets it wrong. Utterly, catastrophically wrong, in far deeper waters than we’ve ever seen him. The dangerous song and dance with Mary is at its breaking point. The pressure of it all is just too much. And Sherlock screams at John, and he hates himself for it- why is he screaming at John when it is the first he has seen him back in 221B in ages, but he can’t help it, it’s all just too-

“I can’t do it, John! Alright? There, I said it- the Great Sherlock Holmes can’t figure it out! Why don’t you write that on your idiot blog of yours, I’m sure people will love it. Let them have a good laugh at their little machine that’s broken, I bet they-”

And the words die in his throat as he puts his head in his hands, sinking into his armchair. He’s said too much. He’s not said enough. His voice doesn’t sound like himself.

Sherlock thinks John has left. But then, he hears cautious footsteps. A pause. And then, John’s hand is on his knee, and Sherlock looks up, and John has bent down in front of him.

“You’re not-” John’s voice breaks and he coughs, once. “You’re not a machine.” He squeezes Sherlock’s knee. “You’re just… you’re just human.”

Sherlock’s tears are silent. “John, I’m-”

And, John is pulling him close, hugging him tight, and Sherlock can’t speak. He can feel John smile against his neck.

“That was long overdue,” John says, and the humour is back in his voice, something that Sherlock hasn’t heard in a long while. “It’s okay. We’ll figure it out. It’s always the two of us, in the end.”

Yes, Sherlock thinks. He has something to hope for.

Wild World Summary
  • Good Grief: This is what the little maniacs want to do first
  • The Currents: Totally not about Donald Trump
  • An Act of Kindness: Overjoyed if it went through puberty
  • Warmth: "Life is shit, make me feel better pls"
  • Glory: Backing track sounds like mid 2000s eurodance
  • Power: The underlying riff has lots of power
  • Two Evils: "Yeah I'm shit but you're shitter"
  • Send Them Off!: Big band electro swing
  • Lethargy: Ironically one of the more active songs on the album
  • Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith): "Capital punishment is fucking shit"
  • Blame: *Dance-walks down alley menacingly clicking fingers*
  • Fake It: Bad Blood - Part II
  • Snakes: "Nope, nothing's wrong at all. If I don't acknowledge it then it's not happening!!!!"
  • Winter of Our Youth: Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days
  • Way Beyond: As much as this makes me want to hate the manipulative and invasive nature of mainstream media, it also makes me wanna dance more
  • Oil On Water: Sex and trumpets
  • Campus: Very Imagine Dragony/American Authory
  • Shame: Dat funky bass line tho
  • The Anchor: The world is ugly but you're beautiful to me
  • Hangin': I know it's not officially on here bUT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN

It was cold and starting to snow. I was backstage in dungarees. Outfront the show was on. I could hear music playing and a roar of voices to drown it out.  An officer came backstage. “You’ll have to go ahead of schedule. I don’t think we can hold them any longer. They are throwing rocks on the stage.” The noise I’d been hearing was my name being yelled by the soldiers. I changed quickly into my silk gown. It had a low neckline and no sleeves.  I felt worried all of a sudden about my material, not the Gershwin song  but the other I was going to sing - “diamonds are the girls best friend”. It seemed like the wrong thing to say to soldiers in Korea, earning only soldier’s pay. Then I remembered the dance I would do after the song. It was a cute dance. I knew they would like it. - Marilyn Monroe

seventeen reaction:their crush does aegyo

Seungcheol“Haha that was adorable but i’m going to leave before i accidentally talking about how much i like you!”

Jeonghan: “Wow! You’re cuteness killed me, now to save me you need to kiss me!;) we all know how lowkey greasy he is

Joshua: “I didn’t think she could get anymore cuter yet i’m proven wrong once again…” so whipped it hurts

Junhui: *usually hates aegyo and such but dances along with the gwyiomi song just for you :’)*

Soonyoung: “Ah y/n! Your cuteness touched me in the heart, right here!”

Wonwoo“Wow that so cu- nope they’re looking over here, act cool.”

Jihoon: “Stop Seungkwan your aegyo is nowhere near their level.”

Dokyeom: “That was the cutest thing! Do it again!” *Staring at you lovingly all the while*

Mingyu“I know you can be cuter when you want too, i’d rate that 6 out of 10.”

Minghao: *doesn’t say anything but just looks at you smiling while screaming inside*

Seungkwan“I can’t believe this…you’re actually try to act cute on purpose? Are you trYING TO KILL ME!” 

Vernon: *Find’s it cute but doesn’t really know to show it so just stares at you awkwardly* ignore mingyu or don’t lmao

Chan“…You think you can beat me the maknae, at an aegyo competition? Really?” *judging you tbh*


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“Who is this?” Jerome asks listening to the upbeat music.

“This is Panic! At The Disco.” Y/N replies dancing around the room, Jerome laughed as she yelled the lyrics.

“Tonight we are victorious, champagne pouring over us!” She yelled, when the next song came on she sat down next to him.

“What’s wrong?” Jerome asks.

“This song is called Golden Days and it’s definitely about Ryan.” Was all she said, Jerome was still confused but didn’t comment on it. Y/N got up and changed the song, a new band came on.

“Now who’s this?” He asked.

“It’s Arctic Monkeys and the song is called R U Mine.” Y/N didn’t sit back down but instead pulled Jerome up.

“Dance with me.” She said guiding his hands to her waist, they danced around like idiots until the album finished. Jerome kept thinking about how the music made Y/N so happy, she said it was what helped her get through living with her parents and it made him happy that she was happy all because of some bands.

Dionysos Playlist

The thing no one asked for!  I often feel him through music, so here is a playlist of the songs I associate with Dionysos.  

The Temptress // Alesana

Velvet // Breathe Carolina

The Chemicals Between Us // Bush

Elder Goose // Dance Gavin Dance

Zydrate Anatomy // Repo! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack

Requiem of the Drunk // The Dirty Youth

Young Blood Spills Tonight // Eyes Set to Kill

Gone With The Sin // HIM

Crossing The River Styx // I Am Ghost

Natural Born Sinner // In This Moment

7 AM, 2 Bottles and The Wrong Road // Jonny Craig

Muther // Letlive

Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off // Panic! At the Disco

Wonderless //  Pierce The Veil

Gasoline // Seether

Cocaine (We’re All Going To Hell) // Strata

Let It Die (feat. KazMega) // TheFlashJam

A Gilded Masquerade // Alesana

Happy listening!

BTS Reaction To Their Significant Other Dancing To “CL - Hello Bitches” When He/She Thinks Nobody’s Home


“Aah! We think alike, don’t we?       No? Ok”


“Oh? Whatchu doing there, dancing all alone?”


*Appears out of nowhere*
“You’re too serious about this song, don’t you think?”


“I am so confused right now, this dance is so… Different from the ones you usually dance…”

Rap Monster

“Don’t you need a back up dancer for this dance?”

/Uh, oh, wrong gif, hahaa @-@’/


“Not bad”


“Oh, so this is what you like to dance to when I’m not home?”

Hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

  • sunrise SUPER DRAFT
  • quanathan
  • dissdick


i know a shawty that be stressing till her eyes bleed
always crying, but i still keep her beside me
well not forreal, cas i think she in columbia,
and thats another timezone, i met her ass on tumblr
she was cool, and we really got along
and its prolly cas our lifestyle sings the same song
lost souls outchea looking for a answer
we just need some weed and someone to dance with
damn right, and she would always call my phone
and i would always answer cas i know shes all alone
“hello ?”
aye wassup witcha, is it something wrong ?
you sound like you aint good, i can tell by your tone
“aint nothing change boy im still on my own
living on the low, in a world so cold
and i aint want a rope, so i went a got a gun
bitch im tryna dip fo i see the crack of dawn”


{ she tryna leave fo the sun rise
she tryna leave fo the sun rise, shit
she tryna leave fo the sun rise, shit
she tryna leave fo the sun rise } xtwo
{ and i’ll be right here beside you } xeight

and thats whats really real,
i undstand it all cas i know just how you feel
living in today, only feels you up with sorrow
it only makes sense to not want to see tomorrow
“im so, tired of this shit that we call life though
its like im only happy, when im high, or when my eyes closed”

i know, i feel like my lifes a fucking typo
i fuck up every single thing i touch and i dont try to
“since you feel the same then come with me,boy its better
and maybe we could go and see the god of ours together
and if there is a hell, then we can burn in there forever, whatever, long as we’re together”
shit uuuh,
i hear you clearly, and i want to go as bad as you
but i cant cas its a lot of shit i have to do
like malibu, and my rap, and attracting bad bitches that got real bad attitudes
“pshh, whatever”

{ girl i cant leave fo the sunrise,
girl i cant leave fo the sunrise, shit
girl i cant leave fo the sunrise, shit
girl i cant leave fo the sunrise } xtwo

{ but i’ll be right here beside you } xeight

you sure you want to do this ? think about your best times
maybe i can burn in hell with you next time
“i thought about it and its what i want to do,
cas my life is so corrupted and i want something new”

shyyd, i aint gone stop you cas hate to see
that you’re struggling, and you would do the same for me
why would somebody want you to live painfully
when you can put yourself out of your misery, thats lame to me
its easy for them to tell you to live it
cas life is great for them and they aint inside your position
i guess they think that everything will change in a second
so it aint shit for them to tell you “things’ll get better”
we’re fuck up kids, that love suicide
i think of us as little birds that run to the sky
maybe theres a place where we get love to our kind
“oh shit, i got to go, because the sun’s finna rise”

{ and now shes gone fo the sunrise

and now shes gone fo the sunrise, shit

and now shes gone fo the sunrise, shit
and now shes gone fo the sunrise } xtwo

{ and im still right here beside you } xeight

the other night this typical younger semi-good-looking guy came in wanting to hang out and drink and not pay for my time or dances. just like every other guy under 30 who thinks strippers want to just hang out with them and fuck them for freee……

i used my stripper game to convince him to get a $100 dance (propably should have just bailed as soon as i knew what he wanted) anyway we go do our 3 songs and he is PISSED i didnt give him a hand job… um, yeah dude you came to the wrong place.

he goes on to tell all the managers, dancers, bartneders that i’m a bitch and scammed him out of a handy… like okay dude. i run a pretty tight ship as far as only giving dances at the club but even if i did do extras it sure as hell wouldnt be hundred dollar handy’s.. So he’s all pissed off and leaves and all my managers are cracking jokes about wheres my hand job for $100 haaaaa….

so today im on instagram and looking at those dm’s from not friends and this motherfucker has somehow found my page and messaged me. wish i would have screen shotted but i was so creeped i blocked him immediatly, it read something along the lines of… 

“hey remember me the guy you scammed at the club the other night. 

123-456-7890 cum to my hotel room 

ill get your uber”

yes he wrote come c-u-m and yes, he somehow found my personal instagram, told me i owed him something for doing my job and then proceeded to offer me an uber to his hotel. im shaking my head just writing this out..

anonymous asked:

you kno i really love all my girls but these days momo irritates me. cause when they play other groups song,she always does the real choreography while others are making fun of it and havingfun. like she ALWAYS does that. of course its not wrong,but girl just let it go,you dont have to prove your dancing skills. i might get this feeling because one of my friends is like this, she is in schools volleyball team,when we play casually for fun,she tries to stand out,plays by the rules. its annoying:(

hmm idk i think that’s just how she has fun with it u know, like all the other girls like goofing around with it but she has more fun doing it the real way


(the night)

“if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends…” i sing along dancing away in the hotel room on just dance till i finish and i was about to die 

“your pretty god y/n” i hear thomas say behind me 

“thanks, i didnt even know you where here” i say running my hand though my hair looking for another song to do “oh i had the time of my lifes on here” i smile “oh but its two people” i sigh 

“no problem love” i hear thomas say as hes now beside me having taken off his jacket so we start it and we were pretty good only getting three moves wrong the whole song we even did all the bits like in the movie till we went for the final lift and he dropped me “sorry” he says as we collapse on the floor luckily the song is over 

“its fine thomas” i laugh we kept laughing about it till he leaned up and kissed me after that i pulled away and got back up “uh okay, one more song” i say as he stands up with me and runs his hands all over me one going down my waist the other into my hair as he kisses my neck now removing his shirt and trying to undo mine “oi, one more song then you can have your fun” i tell him 

“fine, gotta work for it i see, what about that?” he asks as the screen was on livin’ la vida loca so i sighed and agreed as it was a very sexual dance between two people we got a maybe half way thought it him constantly having to pull me closer and me having to grind on him alot about one whole minuet to the end he stops it and makes out with me so i turned off the tv and we went to his room…

(end of the premier)

i had just finished watching the movie the credits beging to roll i was kinda sad it was ending everyone was pleased with the movie but the other guys seemed to be laughing how do you laugh after such a sad ending till the credits move to the side of the screen and a video starts of dylan and ki hong “we just got back from set and we can hear music thomas and y/n are dancing in there room” they say and the camera moves to see thought a crack in the door me and thomas dancing to i had the time of my life all the romantic stuff and such it then cuts to all the grinding and such from livin la vida loca

“Dylan im gonna fucking kill you” i hear thomas say as we got outside and i sore Dylan running for his life 

Michael Jackson and Hip Hop

It’s been 6 years since the world of music lost its most effective entertainer in history, Michael Jackson. The world fell in deep love with his vocals, his dance moves, his fashion sense and unique lifestyle. He mastered the art of touching various genres of music while staying relevant! Hip Hop culture has honored Michael Jackson’s craft through the art of sampling. Emcees like Nas, Big Pun, and Ghostface Killah have climbed the charts using Michael Jackson samples. And of course with the true skill of producers like RZA, J Dilla, and Large Professor you can’t go wrong with the vibe. The song we all jam to Nas’ ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’, includes samples from Michael Jackson’s 1982 hit song, ‘Human Nature’. Above is a video of Michael Jackson performing Human Nature at Wembley Stadium back in 1988! 


All the music paints pictures of you
Colored notes in the air are so beautiful
We used to dance like every song was our last
And we sang like every one was our first
Playing for eternity under the sunlit stars
I was yours, and the world was ours
There was no way any of it could go wrong
Love in our club,  heaven in your arms
The beat outlined every trace of your skin
Lyrics told the words you held within
Perfect for each other, perfect tonight
Won’t remember names, but knew it was right

Free Bird



Here is my now finished tribute to Prince, and it will be the first portrait for my new series. 

Like many people around the world the sudden lost of this talented Artist has impacted us in some way or another. I’m no different, I can remember listening and dancing to countless hours of his music growing up as a child in 80’s. It’s 2016 and not much has changed! 

We all know his genius behind the many songs he wrote, performed, and produced for so many others. Chart toppers, that in my opinion are “still” better than 90% of the music on our airwaves. He fought not only for his right but for the rights of artist to have control of their own creativity. He was also the most well-unknown humanitarian among us. But above all, Prince showed and proved to us that there’s nothing wrong with just “being yourself”. 

Prince Rogers Nelson… May you forever rest in peace!

Middle School AUs
  • The “we left for summer break and you came back 10x more attractive” au (bonus: oh my god your voice is so hot now)
  • The “I hated you in first grade but now that i’m back in town I can’t believe I didn’t like you” au
  • The “I don’t know you but you’re stealing my part in the school musical with your flawless hair and beautiful singing voice and god damn it” au
  • The “”I heard you play your instrument and now I know you need to be in marching band but for some reason you just won’t join” au
  • The “we were both gone yesterday and now we’re stuck as partners on this science project” au
  • The “so I think we got on the wrong bus this isn’t the road to the museum” au
  • The “you heard me talk to myself about how awful these songs are at this dance and now all we’re doing is making fun of them together” au
  • The “um yeah, sorry, I know we haven’t met but I have to tell you that you are way too tall and you just have to stop” au
  • The “you’ve got the best math grades in the whole school and I seriously need your help” AU
  • The “look, my friend over there realllllllllly likes you” au
  • The “sorry transfer kid but you are not stealing my thunder. not today. not ever” au
  • The “let’s kiss while the chaparones aren’t looking” au
  • The “so I hear you like anime” au
  • The “so you’re my new student council vice president huh?” au
  • The “we’re in all the same classes yet we’ve never spoken” au
  • The “pretend to be my boyfriend/girlfriend so that I don’t have to go on a date with them” au
  • The “who drew all these cats and dicks in my science textbook?” au
  • The “we’re the only two not going on the field trip” au



Ah, this song. One of my favourites on the album for sure. 

I love the way wild things sounds like it feels. its big, anthem like, & loud. It makes a statement that I think is extremely important:

We will dance when you tell us not to, we will scream the more you try to silence us, & we will be anything and everything we want to be. we’ll either find a way, or make a way. 

as strange as it sounds, being ok with yourself is one of the hardest things to do. so with that said, I want this song to empower people of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, & circumstances. anyone with a label they want to rid themselves of. anyone who has been told they are wrong for simply just being. 

listen to this song on both your best and worst days. empower yourself. challenge yourself (and others). make statements and be proud to exist.

this track has live cool ass drums, provided by the awesome producer Malay. we did this song with him in LA and it was magical.


- This song came about after a conversation with my A&R about those “you can’t sit with us” hats.

- I used the same mic that frank ocean used to record “channel orange” (i almost died because best thing ever)

^ Sebastian, Myself & Malay looking all cute. 

Raven-Symone Says Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Is ‘Hilarious’. At this point we didn’t really think there was anything left that Raven-Symoné could do or say to piss off the Black community — we were wrong. When asked her thoughts on Beyoncé’s “Formation” song & video, Raven offered the following commentary:

“The new video from Beyonce is hilarious and amazing, and all the Beyhives will be coming for me, but I miss Beyonce singing a ballad in a dress. I miss that girl singing. I’ve seen you dance, I miss you. Where’s the ‘Me, Myself and I?’”

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if she endorsed Donald Trump.

 ONE BIG WEIRD HAPPY FAMILY - because sometimes a family is you, your twin sibiling, your great-uncle, your /other/ great-uncle you didn’t even know existed until he escaped another dimension like last week, and the other employees of the tourist trap that somehow, over the course of a summer, became home

so i know we’re all in a state of emotional distress at the moment but. the pines family is very important. hence this assembly of songs about, home, family, mystery, recklessly caring about each other, and the occasional reference to the fact that, when everything goes horribly wrong, those things actually can get you through an apocalypse

home - phillip phillips // you told the drunks i knew karate - zoey van goey // sticking with you - addison road // try to believe - oingo boingo // here’s to us - halestorm // gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips // GF DANCE EURO POP - bradbreeck // odds are - barenaked ladies // last party - MIKA // embers - owl city // taking over midnight - love patrol alpha (cover)


✰ iwaoi ✰

listen here

upbeat/fun iwaoi for the soul

shiver shiver - walk the moon// sloppy seconds - watsky// new romance - taylor swift// prom song (gone wrong) - lana del rey// in the next room - neon trees// we sink - chvrches// i can’t decide - scissor sisters// only wanna dance with you - kesha// everything i ask for - the maine// what i like - charli xcx// kissin u//\- miranda cosgrove// die tonight - charli xcx// woo hoo - kesha// till the world ends - britney spears//