Fixer Upper VS Love is an Open Door

Love is an Open Door:In this song, Hans is basically forcing himself towards Anna. “You like this? I like this too! That must mean that we are perfect for eachother!” He creates an artificial image of himself. He creates what he knows is Anna’s dream Prince. This song is perfect. It’s perfectly harmonized, the vocals are neat and so are the dance moves. But it’s all artificial

And that’s why Anna falls for him.

Fixer Upper:This song is Love is an Open Door’s polar opposite. Here Kristoff Isn’t forcing himself onto Anna, his family is. And by doing what? They start pointing out all of his flaws and all of the things that are wrong with him. They’re trying to show Anna the real guy. This song is messy, people interrupt eachother and probably 20 people are singing at the same time. But it’s real. Kristoff is real.

And the real overthrows the artificial, because even though Anna thinks she is smitten with Hans, by the end of Fixer Upper, she has clearly started to fall for Kristoff.


Okay, so many things about this makes me so incredibly angry. First of all, even though we can make jokes about ‘not punk rock’, 'not a boy band’ and so on, at the end of the day these dicades are so fuckignw rong in saying 5sos are a boy band. Look it up on google you fools the difference between band and boy band is that one plays instruments and typically writes their own songs and the other gets songs written for them a lot and get told what to wear and dont play instruments and dance around on stage- NOT that there is anything wrong with boy bands either, each to their fucking own. So the first problem is that you are all wrong and that is FACT. Secondly, if you’re not a fan of the band being covered WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE? Just keep scrolling?! to say 5sos are a pop punk 'travesty’, they’re not punk rock- oh yeah and you are so hard core sitting behind your laptop trash tlaking a couple of teenagers for fucks sake! And how about asking some of the so called 'punk’ bands which make your cut because chances are 5sos have colloborated with them/are fans or are known by them. Maybe 5sos arent seen everyday smashing guitars or getting absolutely smashed but they doesnt mean they aren’t pop punk. They actually fucking are, if they arent- what the fuck are they?! literally search pop punk bands on google and they get named in the first few . It annoys me that 5sos can work so hard and finally start getting somewhere but just because they don’t sound like or act like the 'normal’ pop punk band style then OHHH NOOO THEY ARE A DISGRACE TO THE POP PUNK GENRE. These comments seriously make me furious, but at the same time I just laugh at how incredibly wrong, they all are. 


  • Zelo-Biased: It will start innocently on an amusement park. Going on rides. Zelo teaching me how to skateboard. Falling ‘accidentally’ and him catching me as we look into each other’s eyes and me telling him 'We’re not slaves of laziness, we’re slaves of love.’ It will end with me in jail.
  • Jongup-Biased: Reading mangas and watching anime together all day. Calling each other with pokemon nicknames. Slow-dancing to Chris Brown songs with Jongup until midnight. Going out for late dinner. Because Valentines is Valentines, Chicken is Chicken.
  • Youngjae-Biased: Just cuddling together in bed while sharing a tub of vanilla ice cream, falling asleep listening to Musiq Soulchild. Waking up and fooling around with the camera taking couple pictures. The day is perfect. There are no dramas, no plot twists, no betrayals, no Jung Daehyun in the world.
  • Daehyun-Biased: Road trip to Busan. Daehyun serenading me WITH HIGH NOTES. Cooking nine dishes for Daehyun. Eating all day with Daehyun. Talking about food with Daehyun. Getting eaten by Daehyun ooops what
  • Himchan-Biased: Meeting Himchan at a coffee shop and sipping on iced americanos while talking about random things. Driving around town with the windows down and the songs blaring out loud. Going underwear shopping and making a rated 19 video together.
  • Yongguk-Biased: Making precious memories with father at the convenience store and passionately picking up trash together all night long. MAKING LOVE NOT WAR NAMSAYIN.

1.) Smile at everyone you
pass on the street. Some
will jolt backward, in
some tiny moment,
searching for the stretch
in their cheeks to give
you something back,
some will keep walking.

Remember that most do
not expect kindness from
those they do not know.

You know this.

Most will never expect
kindness from those they
have known their whole lives.

You will be a rarity,
a radiant promise that
strangers are more
than the bodies we
shuffle past on our way
to work.

2.) Indulge in the small
things you will inevitably
be criticized for loving.

All this happiness will
feel wrong to you at
first, only because it is
different, only because
you are not accustomed
to its open hands and
soft skin.

3.) Dance, never mind if
you do it well. Wear only
your softest t-shirt, lip
sync to your favorite song
with as much heart as
you can possibly tear out
of yourself. Always
remember to put the
pieces back.

4.) Break yourself open
every once in a while.
Let all of you go, see
what loves you
enough to come home.

5.) Do not worry about
her hands unhinging
themselves from yours.
When she comes back,
tell her all the things
they tell you to save for
last moments or
closing credits.

Tell her you love her
before it becomes
something she will
not believe.

There are chances
to be taken, you will
be given so many.
Open your palms, ask

6.) There will be days
when he cannot bring
himself to find you
within him. Sleep alone
these nights, give
yourself the love you
will always deserve.

7.) All we know is how to
be in the best way we can,
and we can.

Be to the best
of your abilities.

—  on living a happier life, Emma Bleker

Ah, this song. One of my favourites on the album for sure. 

I love the way wild things sounds like it feels. its big, anthem like, & loud. It makes a statement that I think is extremely important:

We will dance when you tell us not to, we will scream the more you try to silence us, & we will be anything and everything we want to be. we’ll either find a way, or make a way. 

as strange as it sounds, being ok with yourself is one of the hardest things to do. so with that said, I want this song to empower people of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, & circumstances. anyone with a label they want to rid themselves of. anyone who has been told they are wrong for simply just being. 

listen to this song on both your best and worst days. empower yourself. challenge yourself (and others). make statements and be proud to exist.

this track has live cool ass drums, provided by the awesome producer Malay. we did this song with him in LA and it was magical.


- This song came about after a conversation with my A&R about those “you can’t sit with us” hats.

- I used the same mic that frank ocean used to record “channel orange” (i almost died because best thing ever)

^ Sebastian, Myself & Malay looking all cute. 

okay i know better than revenge is… a bit misogynistic…. but… can we appreciate the fact that it’s still a great song… and like… it portrays the emotions she was going through perfectly…. i know it’s problematic… but also… don’t act like you’ve never been angry at someone and gone way too hard dancing to it in your room at night…. don’t be fake like that… we all know you’ve done it….. i just feel like people try to ignore that song because everything is about feminism and girls supporting girls now which don’t get me wrong is amazing but…. i also love better than revenge

“Damn it!”

Sirius chuckled as he watched the woman trip over seemingly nothing. She caught herself and glared at him. She couldn’t hold it for very long and ended up laughing along.

The woman sat next to him and cried, “What am I doing wrong?”

“Dancing,” Sirius teased.

The woman playfully shoved him and Sirius continued, “I still say it’s that godawful song. Honestly, can’t you - ?”

“No,” she quickly interjected, “For the last time, we’re using that song.”

Sirius sighed.

He really hated Elvis Presley’s ‘Falling In Love With You’. Besides, it didn’t suit them at all. Still, she was persistent.

He glanced over and saw that she was nervously biting her nail.

“Oh, come here,” Sirius cried.

He took her hand and pulled her to her feet. He should have done this weeks ago. The wedding was on Saturday, after all!

“Right then,” Sirius said, “Do exactly as I say.”

She looked amused as she asked, “Can you even dance?”

Sirius arched his eyebrows and twirled on the spot, ending with a plie.

He grinned as she let out a shocked laugh.

“Noble and Most Ancient House of Black,” Sirius pointed out, “My parents forced Reg and I into a dance class for a year. It was supposed to promote etiquette or euthanasia or one of their values.”

She laughed and asked, “You’re joking!”

“'Wish I was.”

“Alright, what do I need to do?”

“First,” Sirius softly said, “We bow.”

They gracefully did so and Sirius continued, “Then, I take your hand and put my other hand on your waist. And now we’re going to go…left…right…left…and twirl. Now right…left…right…another twirl.”

She smiled as she slowly got the hang of it.

“See,” Sirius brightly said, “You’re not completely rubbish after all. We just need to keep practicing all week and-”

“All week!?”

“Sure,” Sirius cried, “I’m not going to let you ruin my wedding!”

She smirked and repeated, “Your wedding? Don’t I get a say?”

“Not at all,” Sirius immediately replied, “But don’t worry. James doesn’t either.”

Lily Evans - soon to be Potter - amusedly shook her head and asked, “And are you giving James dancing lessons?”

“Yes,” Sirius admitted, “Every Tuesday nights.”

“He told me he was going to play Exploding Snap!” Lily laughed.

Sirius snorted and Lily added, “How is he?”

“Bloody awful,” Sirius promptly said, “You two were made for each other.”

Lily shoved him and cried, “I should have known that you’d go mad if we made you the best man.”

“Yes, you should have,” Sirius agreed, “You’ve known me for eight years!”

She laughed and he continued, “Now, about that blasted song…”

It’s story time y’all, I just realized I hadn’t told my friends about this so here we go. So when I saw hamilton and the Schuyler sisters started playing, I hadn’t listened to the soundtrack yet bc I wanted it all to be new to me when I saw it. So you know, the song’s playing, they’re singing “angelica, eliza….” and then there’s kind of just a blank space in the song and I’m just sitting there like okay who tf is that random girl in the yellow dress. The song continues, “Angelica ……. Eliza, WORK!” I’m like who is she why is she there?????

Jasmine Cephas-Jones’ mic was broken. 

She was just dancing along acting like nothing was wrong, because as we all know the show must go on. And so I didn’t know she even existed until I listened to the soundtrack and if that’s not the most “and peggy” thing you’ve ever heard what is.

 ONE BIG WEIRD HAPPY FAMILY - because sometimes a family is you, your twin sibiling, your great-uncle, your /other/ great-uncle you didn’t even know existed until he escaped another dimension like last week, and the other employees of the tourist trap that somehow, over the course of a summer, became home

so i know we’re all in a state of emotional distress at the moment but. the pines family is very important. hence this assembly of songs about, home, family, mystery, recklessly caring about each other, and the occasional reference to the fact that, when everything goes horribly wrong, those things actually can get you through an apocalypse

home - phillip phillips // you told the drunks i knew karate - zoey van goey // sticking with you - addison road // try to believe - oingo boingo // here’s to us - halestorm // gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips // GF DANCE EURO POP - bradbreeck // odds are - barenaked ladies // last party - MIKA // embers - owl city // taking over midnight - love patrol alpha (cover)


A Roundup of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris' Lovefest at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards

The 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards show may have been in full swing Sunday night, but let’s face it—all eyes were on Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

When the 26-year-old songstress was spotted on the red carpet sans her boyfriend, it seemed like we wouldn’t be seeing much of the stars together during the three-hour telecast. Boy, were we wrong—the couple’s interactions turned out to be the highlights of the night.

According to a witness inside The Forum, Taylor and Calvin walked in hand in hand. As soon as host Jason Derulo kicked off the show with some song and dance into the crowd, we spotted the pair on television sitting next to each other in the audience as the “Trumpets” singer squeezed his way in between the lovebirds.

The cameras couldn’t stay off of them the entire night. When the seven-time nominee won the first award of the evening for Female Artist of the Year, Swift immediately hugged her beau before making her way over to the stage.

Following suit, when Harris’s name was announced for Dance Artist of the Year, Swift immediately jumped up out of her seat to give him a hug. Though it was her reaction when they were apart that was truly picture-worthy.

As Harris thanked his fellow nominees for their industry inspiration, his girlfriend sat happily in the audience with her head in her hands and a big grin on her face. She looked like the heart-in-eyes emoji personified.

The sentimental moment didn’t end there. At one point, his leading lady chuckled into her hands like we’ve all done at least once with someone we’ve crushed on.

The pièce de résistance came when Swift made her way over to the mic again to accept the statue for Best Tour from Justin Timberlake after his round of humorous remarks.

“I had the most amazing person to come home to when the spotlight went out and when the crowds were all gone, so I want to thank my boyfriend Adam for that,” she said proudly.

The adorable smirk on Harris’ face said it all. This is one love story we can’t wait to keep watching.

Remember last week when withanaccent was like It isn’t happening for realsios this time guyz and we were all like lmao yah heard that one before. Like. We have heard this one before about a hundred times.

I’m not saying don’t be offended. I’m saying, please remember Sherlock making a speech about the women they have “lied to and disparaged” and how we “must win.” That’s us. That hasn’t changed.

We will probably be on the receiving end of a few more cheap shots before we see ourselves vindicated. It doesn’t mean we are wrong or crazy. It’s the same old song and dance we always see. If you are hurting because of it, I’m sorry for your pain. Feel free to take breaks when you need them. Watch the show. Watch tjlce. It’s happening.

What we have seen is still real. And we’re about to see a lot more. I can’t wait.

Raven-Symone Says Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Is ‘Hilarious’. At this point we didn’t really think there was anything left that Raven-Symoné could do or say to piss off the Black community — we were wrong. When asked her thoughts on Beyoncé’s “Formation” song & video, Raven offered the following commentary:

“The new video from Beyonce is hilarious and amazing, and all the Beyhives will be coming for me, but I miss Beyonce singing a ballad in a dress. I miss that girl singing. I’ve seen you dance, I miss you. Where’s the ‘Me, Myself and I?’”

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if she endorsed Donald Trump.

Playlist: motown throwdown

I have played DJ at events like a 21st birthday party, a 50th, a bat mitzvah and cocktail party or five. The one thing all my set lists have in common? Motown. Because every one knows Motown can never steer you wrong. This movement of tambourines, back beat and electric basses as melodically as the lyrics was led by many women like The Supremes, May Wells, the Marvelettes and, of course, Diana Ross.

And while some of these goddesses of soul music can croon their way into your heart, we’ve put together a playlist of the best Motown throwdown songs: heartbreak ass-kickers, upbeat toe-tappers and a lot of those ones you can’t help dancing to. It’s perfect for a dragging Friday afternoon at work, for the drive home and if you must know—I’m pre gaming to it right now.

So get excited about life, a little whimsical and careless. We won’t steer you wrong with these feel-good classics. 

Images via Vieilles Annonces on Flickr

✰ iwaoi ✰

listen here

upbeat/fun iwaoi for the soul

shiver shiver - walk the moon// sloppy seconds - watsky// new romance - taylor swift// prom song (gone wrong) - lana del rey// in the next room - neon trees// we sink - chvrches// i can’t decide - scissor sisters// only wanna dance with you - kesha// everything i ask for - the maine// what i like - charli xcx// kissin u//\- miranda cosgrove// die tonight - charli xcx// woo hoo - kesha// till the world ends - britney spears//

Everybody Lives: [Yet Another Completely Necessary] Tolkien Crack Mix (by birdiescage and moggiepillar)

Everybody lives, no one leaves Middle Earth, there are absolutely no tears, and The Company and The Fellowship throw a joint reunion party! (and Denethor’s not invited)

AU? What are you talking about, that’s what happened, right?!

Cover by birdiescage, who spent a lot of time on it and invested so much of her soul in creating this masterpiece, it’s basically a Horcrux now. (Wrong fandom?)


we’re all in this together. hsm cast
happy. pharrell williams
best song ever. one direction
tik tok. kesha
i’m on my way. the proclaimers
i gotta feeling. black eyed peas
get lucky. daft punk
just dance. lady gaga
voulez-vous. mamma mia cast
we built this city. starship
22. taylor swift
everything is awesome. tegan and sara feat. the lonely island


9 Squees About Glee
  1. There was so much Spoderick in this episode. From the friendly dance sessions to the suggestion of a flirty duet Spencer swinging from a chandelier to the hug after sectionals: Glee gave us the opening arc of a familiar love story right there. Plus, we had Roderick protesting that he doesn’t want to spend all weekend watching Spencer and Alistair make out (because it would break his heart, obviously), Spencer smiling at Roderick and comparing himself to a horse (we all know what that means), and Roderick singing that “Take Me to Church” song while images of Spencer are dancing in his eyes (wait, you didn’t see those?). As tubbingtonbopp put it: “I just feel like if they don’t want people to ship Roderick and Spencer they’re doing it wrong.”
  2. I laughed so hard when we found out Brad had been there for the entire Samchel conversation.
  3. I never much liked Jesse. But he’s the only friend who’s told Rachel her sitcom was stupid. And that might be enough to win me over.
  4. That flash to Finn at the end of the episode – yeah it was hard, but it was also such a relief. They’ve been avoiding images of him this season (I felt it acutely in the moving photo album scene during “Time After Time” in “Transitioning”), and that has hurt more. At least for me.
  5. You know what really hurt though? The Hummelberry scene, when Rachel said, “Last year was hard,” and Kurt said, “Yeah. It was hard for all of us.” If felt like Kurt was giving her a wake-up call there. Yes, her grief over Finn is different, because she had been his lover. But she let herself forget that other people were just as close to Finn, and that they grieved just as hard. Kurt’s need to be the hero, his body issues (and yes he had them, he just channeled them differently than Blaine did) and his communication problems with Blaine were all manifestations of his grief over losing his brother.
  6. Blaine got into NYU! Everyone who’s been wondering: now you know.
  7. The Sue-Sheldon interaction in the locker room hurt way too much. I never want to feel that way again.
  8. The Falconers were awesome. Their song was awesome. Their choreography was awesome. Their costumes were awesome. And those weren’t all birds of prey. One of them was a hornbill. (Cue Blaine-horn[y]bill fic here.)
  9. Sue finally got to shoot students out of canons.
  10. Styx is the emotional equivalent of Journey. So glad they went there. It’s a song worthy of the closing strains Glee.
BTS Reaction To Their Significant Other Dancing To “CL - Hello Bitches” When He/She Thinks Nobody’s Home


“Aah! We think alike, don’t we?       No? Ok”


“Oh? Whatchu doing there, dancing all alone?”


*Appears out of nowhere*
“You’re too serious about this song, don’t you think?”


“I am so confused right now, this dance is so… Different from the ones you usually dance…”

Rap Monster

“Don’t you need a back up dancer for this dance?”

/Uh, oh, wrong gif, hahaa @-@’/


“Not bad”


“Oh, so this is what you like to dance to when I’m not home?”

Hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!