ANd they have fusions, so we said, “Hey let’s fuse Ruby and Sapphire to see if they make Garnet!”

So we fuse them and

Yes, it makes Garnet. (even though she doesn’t look right) So then we said “Let’s see if the other fusions are correct!” So then we fused Pearl and Amethyst

And sure enough!

Opal! So then we were like “Let’s take this one step further”. So we fused Garnet and Opal hoping for Alexandrite.

(Fixed to make them look right)

SUCCESS! Alexandrite had come out! So then, after fusing other gems and getting the correct fusions, we figure this was almost completely accurate. And we said “Let’s find out the answer to a question we’ve been asking forever”

What happens when you fuse all of the Crystal Gems?


As an added bonus I then edited her to look like the temple (as much as I could)

Suffice it to say, this is fucking beautiful and probably canon.

if the “normal way” of fusing is the way we saw jasper and lapis fuse (that little twirl and dip thing) i bet ruby and sapphire dont fuse the ‘normal’ way at all like never could in the first place it was too out of character for them and they both knew it and could never take it seriously

  • garnet: amethyst we cant fuse because youre too reckless
  • sardonyx: haha look how great i am! :^) amazing how perfect and beautiful i am! unlike Some People! :^) great how i am both powerful and graceful and elegant! :^)
  • amethyst: [sings a song about how she wishes garnet liked her as much as she likes pearl]
  • su fandom: wow it sucks how pearl feels worthless. lets talk about pearl's feeling some more

theory: when pearl was saying that “we only fuse for deadly situations”, she wasn’t talking about the crystal gems in general

she was referring to specifically her and amethyst, because their personalities are too different to warrant frequent fusion without completely exhausting both of them. so they save it for deadly situations (giant woman, the return).

it explains why she is so eager to fuse with rose and garnet otherwise.

Do you ever look at your best friends or your s/o and wonder “What would our fusion look like? What’s our gem? What would be our name? What kind of weapon would we have??” These are the things I think about a lot…