Together Again

Within an hour of the rescue, Casyril would return to her apartment with her cousin in hands. She had told the others that this was something that required focus and her attention, as well as magics that most would not understand.

Casy hated seeing her cousin in this shape. Not only was she beaten into a pulp, but her aura was weak, maligned….it was a state that Casy would not wish on another man. She did her best to hide her emotions, but it was impossible. The tears streamed down her face as she cared for her cousin.

 “We must finish fusing your soul, lest you fade away into a husk.” Lat looked calm and offered a nod, but she was internally scared. She knew this had to happen, but that didn’t make the idea of having a creature of the void fuse with her again any more appealing.

She laid the girl down on a table in her workshop and offered a smile before placing the jewel in Latilda’s hand. “Hld this…and sleep.”Casy hugged the girl’s mind…comforting her, encouraging her to sleep. This was not a ritual one should be conscious for. “I have you, Lat. No one can hurt you.” The young reporter’s eyes closed and her body calmed.

Casy began the long ritual of cutting the runes into the wood. IT would take almost two hours, but once it was done, it was something she would have been proud of while she was in Grizzly Hills.

She pulled the blade Asp had used to find Latilda out and ran the tip across Latilda’s palm, releasing blood.  The young girl barely flinched, though her hand tightened around the jewel reflexively.

Casy exhaled, and begin to mutter to herself in the old tongue, the runes glowing  as the blood and pain spread into them. As this ritual occurs, Casy taps her blade on the girl’s hand, transferring the remainder of the magic into the gem, breaking it and sending the creature that was and was not Latilda back into the young girl.

Latilda begins to convulse on the table, her body clearly not used to such an entity. But after a moment, it ends. The girl’s body is still again.

Latilda’s eyes flutter open as the spell finishes, her mind getting used to having both minds together. She slowly lifts her hand…..reaching out for her cousin. “Casy…..” Her lip trembles.

Casy can’t help but smile, tears falling down her face. She could see her cousin in the young girl’s face again. The inquisitor hugs hercousin tightly, tears running down her face. “You’re safe, Latilda…you’re safe and whole again.”


if the “normal way” of fusing is the way we saw jasper and lapis fuse (that little twirl and dip thing) i bet ruby and sapphire dont fuse the ‘normal’ way at all like never could in the first place it was too out of character for them and they both knew it and could never take it seriously

theory: when pearl was saying that “we only fuse for deadly situations”, she wasn’t talking about the crystal gems in general

she was referring to specifically her and amethyst, because their personalities are too different to warrant frequent fusion without completely exhausting both of them. so they save it for deadly situations (giant woman, the return).

it explains why she is so eager to fuse with rose and garnet otherwise.

Do you ever look at your best friends or your s/o and wonder “What would our fusion look like? What’s our gem? What would be our name? What kind of weapon would we have??” These are the things I think about a lot…

Gem Fusions

So…After watching the latest Steven Bomb, I began to think about Gems and their fusions, seeing as the episode “Keeping it Together” spoke a lot about Gem Fusions. After analising every episode with fusions I want to tell you something.

We know that when two non-fused gems fuse, each one has a shared ‘control’ of the fusion

And we know that the fused-gems weapon is created with each of the non-fused gems weapons, seen in Opal’s weapon summoning. She summons Pearl’s Sword and the Amethyst’s whip, and created the bow for her bow and arrows

But this is what everyone knows, what I want to bring to mind is what happens when a fused-gem fuses with a non-fused/fused gem. I thought about Sugilite, because she is a fusion of Garnet and Amethyst, and Garnet is a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. So we get Ruby, Sapphire and Amethyst

But…This doesn’t look right, and it isn’t. We know that Sugilite is ‘controlled’ by Garnet and Amethyst, Not Ruby and Sapphire and Amethyst

And this is proved when we look at Sugilite’s summoning of her ‘wrecking-ball-thingy’

She summons Garnet’s gauntlets and then Amethyst’s whip

So now, I want to talk about Alexandrite. She is a three-way fusion; Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet. And if I were to follow the rule of my first Sugilite picture, this is how the ‘controlling’ would work

But this is proven wrong many times. First, ‘Pearl’ fights with ‘Amethyst’ about eating and then ‘GARNET’ makes then cut it out. Second, when they split, Garnet is instantly fused back to Garnet. Third, it’s called a three-way fusion for a reason

So that means that the ‘controlling’ of Alexandrite is between three gems. 

What I’m try to say is that a combination of fusions would create different Gem-Fusions

Garnet and Opal don’t equal Alexandrite

Ruby and Sapphire and Amethyst don’t equal Sugilite

Ruby and Sapphire and Pearl and Amethyst don’t equal Alexandrite

If this theory is correct, that means that there are…MORE FUSIONS