The thing that seriously annoys me is how much people try to tell us not to ship Xander and harry, because apparently we think Harry sleeps with everything that moves.

um no.

I and many other bloggers may have different opinions but I think we agree on a few things.

First - shipping Xarry is fun. for now. I have to admit I like Larry, and I’ll probably always like Larry, but the thing is, Larry’s the most difficult ship in this fandom. It’s hard to ship them, where they hardly give us anything to work with. I admit, Larries sometimes get lucky and get good things, but unfortunately soon after a slap happens and it’s all shitty again. I’ll always be grateful that I joined this fandom in early 2012, before Larry was shut down, so I got to enjoy the ship like it used to be. Two boys, the best of friends, being free and acting like they should be. Their friendship and chemistry was one of the most beautiful things and it made this band even more likeable. Those were good times, and shipping was fun, but yeah, soon after it only spiralled down from there and everything what was fun gradually disappeared. I distanced myself from Larry because the constant drama and everything was causing me great anxiety. In tough times like they were this year (what with Zayn leaving, twitter feuds, Louis unexpectedly being a dad, the band going on hiatus), some people want to find something lighter and more enjoyable. Staying in this fandom is so damn hard, so it’s no wonder why I see so many people leaving this fandom behind. Like I said, shipping Xarry or Xazza, or Handler or whatever you call it, is fun for now. It’s a fun ship and there aren’t any factors that show us we should stop, because almost nobody is being serious about this ship. 

And that leads me to the next thing.

Harry and Xander appear to be good friends, what with Xander constantly visiting Harry on tour, and Harry visibly enjoying his presence.  NOBODY, would ship them if it was visible they make each other uncomfortable.

But it’s right on contrary, Harry seems genuinely happy when Xander is around and fuck, Harry deserves to be happy more than anything.

So when you see people who ship Xarry please don’t make fun of them or accuse them that they think Harry is a manwhore. Because nobody thinks so. The people I’ve met who ship Xarry don’t think Harry sleeps around.

We ship Harry and Xander for fun, we’re not being serious, most people do no think they’re dating or anything (Even if they were I’m sure they would both get a lot of support). 

But so far nothing indicates a relationship, I see a really good friendship, and I’m so happy Harry has friends with whom he enjoys spending time together.

after years of being alone in the kpop fandom i have finally found a little niche to call my own with seventeen and friends who enjoy what i enjoy and im so happy

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I love how almost adults is not even out yet but we all already ship Mackassie af


Can we all just clarify these two ships


and SwanQueen:

Are like if they Switched Sex (and a little Race) because both of them are in magical/supernatural long going series that both are in the main characters and both have a unusual amounts of Romantic and Sexual Tension on screen and are comprised of One being a bubbly adorable and sometimes sexy one and the devastatingly sexy one who looks perfect 100% of the time but are kept “close friends” because the writers say so.


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I'm kind of scared that we'll get a last minute endgame but Marlene does know that that's not what we want I hope. Because in an interview she said Emison Always has these moments and not necesserily a sexual relationship or whatever but that's not even what we want, we just want conversations, confessions and just the little things couples do, we don't even need sex scenes honestly

Exactly like, we don’t want Emison for the sex scenes, we have fanfiction for that. We want it for the emotion of it all, we want it for the character and ship development, we want it so the story we’ve been told since season one reaches a nice and congruous outcome, we want it because it’s a situation many of us are able to relate with. I hope Marlene understands that we’re in it for the ride, the road between, and not just the ending.


(near) OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: We shared 10 year old Titus not long ago, but all of inquiries were requests for him to be “shipped” across the country. And Titus says, “I don’t want to be shipped anywhere! Please come meet me and bring me home? Please?”

So let’s try this again…PLEASE SHARE to help Titus find his home!

As we are nearing the end of summer vacation, social media/adoptions have slowed down a bit while many humans are getting out their last summer-hurrahs. This is normal, of course, but Titus isn’t “hurrah-ing” at the shelter and he needs an extra push right now. Please, we ask again, SHARE!

Edy of Pets and People Humane Society wrote, “We have had several inquiries but they all want us to ship/transport him. We are uncomfortable with this. We like to meet our families and have them meet the pets to be sure is a good fit. Also because of his age, we hate to send him cross country.

How can anyone resist that face? Titus is one of our senior boys but he still likes to play and be silly.

He is about 10 years old, we think. He was abandoned in a rural Oklahoma shelter. We rescued him on the day they were going to put him to sleep. These are pics when he was still in that shelter, begging to get out.

He is great on a leash and very calm while getting his photo taken. He is good with most other dogs but really likes the girls much better. He passed the cat test! He is housebroken and loves his kuranda cot. Anyone coming into the office is cheerfully greeted by Titus. He loves visitors!

His birthday was June 1 of 2005. His adoption fee is $120.00. He is a complete sweetheart!”

To adopt Titus, please contact Edy or Mogan by emailing info@petsandpeople.com or calling 405.350.7387.

Pets and People Humane Society is located at 701 Inla Ave, Yukon, OK. Adoption hours are every day from 12 noon to 5:30PM.



So here we have it! Every ship for hpshipweeks  All the ship names are listed in the picture’s description when you full view, but you can also see the masterpost for ships here :)

I had a lot of fun practicing characters interacting with this, as well as testing out character designs with genetics in mind (bc pureblood lines and generation skips say everyone is related apparently lmao)

you know what i want to see more of. TALLER FEMALE CHARACTERS. female characters who are above 5′5″. as much as i love height differences in ships & seeing little babs, i’m irritated that it’s EXTREMELY rare for me to see a female character over 5′5″.


i hate the idea that we are shrinking females to fit into this idea of femininity we have. because females are of all shapes & sizes, neither one is more feminine than the other. & it would be really awesome to see some females that are taller. okay? ok.

Bellamy before going to Mount Weather Probably
  • Bellamy:Clarke there's something i have to do before i leave. If I don't I will be worrying over it the whole time.
  • Clarke:*leans closer and closes eyes* Yes Bellamy...
  • Bellamy:*hands her his rifle* Take it. Take it before i regret it. Keep it safe. I must not cry.
  • Bellamy:I will come back for you one day
  • Clarke:.........