In case anyone is wondering what running a marathon is like between miles 16 and the finish, here’s some insight.  Most likely atypical, because I’m a bit of a freak.

This video contains:

  • two boroughs
  • 10.2 miles
  • a lot of smiles and WOO!s
  • a list of things I love
  • karaoke at mile 21ish
  • a marathoner

I think I brought WE SO EXCITED to new levels.

I tried to get my hair cut last week,

but no one was answering the phone at the salon during business hours, so I gave up.

The office is hot today, and I forgot a hair tie. Too lazy to go find a rubber band, I looked over at my mason jar of writing implements.

My hair is finally long enough to twist into a knot and MacGyver it into place with a pencil.

Bless those incompetent salon receptionists.

Tomorrow I leave for Ragnar Tennessee with @pattidoestris and @robbsrunning!

Things that are bad:

  • I have not finished my laundry
  • I have not started packing
  • I have not finished my work
  • I have not figured out what the humans I’m leaving behind will eat
  • I still have two lingering injuries (foot and leg)

Things that are good:

  • Ragnar!
  • tumblrs!
  • Running!