Project Just Hold On

This is a project to ensure the success of Steve Aoki feat. Louis Tomlinson’s single “Just Hold On”. The song is a tribute to Louis’ late mother, Johannah Deakin. Our goal is to get the song to #1 as well as supporting numerous charities in her honour. 

How to help with promoting the song:


In the past, when promoing a song, we had the members as the subject of each promo day. But in the spirit of Johannah we would like to use each day to promo a specific charity. Each of these have been chosen due to Johannah, Louis, or Steve’s involvement with them.

(Starting on Monday, December 12, 2016)

  • Day 1 (December 12): Eden Dora Trust #ProjectJustHoldOnEdenDora
  • Day 2 (December 13): Believe in Magic #ProjectJustHoldOnBMI
  • Day 3 (December 14): #BuyJustHoldOn (This day the Thunderclap campaign will roll out, so the ultimate goal is to get excitement for the song and the hashtag trending.)
  • Day 4 (December 15): Leukemia awareness #ProjectJustHoldOnLeukemiaAwareness 
  • Day 5 (December 16) : Aoki Foundation #ProjectJustHoldOnAokiFoundation

Charity information:

  • Eden Dora Trust (here)
  • Believe in Magic (here)
  • Leukemia Foundation-  There are so many incredible foundations and donor drives out there, and in the next few days we will have a list for you to go through and pick the one that touches you the most!
  • Aoki Foudation (here)
  • more links and information will be posted throughout the week! 

Fan artist/Instagram Challenge: 

What are we doing?: 
Each day we are asking the talented artists in our fandom to make artwork that highlights the most important aspects of that charity. 

When do we start?:
Monday, December 12, 2016, Day 1 of our challenge.

What were the days again?:

  • Day 1: Eden Dora Trust
  • Day 2: Believe in Magic
  • Day 4: Leukemia Foundations
  • Day 5: Aoki Foundation

Who should be featured in the art?:
Anyone involved in the charity. The beauty of this week is that there can either be a focus on the charity itself, or you can find a way to incorporate Johannah, Louis, and Steve’s involvement.

Why will this help the charity?:
What you DO need to include in your graphic is your favorite aspect of the charity of the day. We want people to get passionate about these charities. And we will also be requesting a link to the donation in each submission.

How is this a challenge?:
That’s where the fun comes in. This is going to be a challenge for the artists each day to come up with the best work. At 10PM (GMT) the admins will look at all of the art that has been submitted, and we will pick our 3-6 favourites from that day. (Feel free to send our admins some of your favourite work from the day as well so that we can take that into consideration!) Those favorites will be highlighted (with credit to the artist) on all forms of our social media, along with the promo for the song.

How will we see your work?:
All fanart, and fanart alone will be considered “submitted” by tagging the work with #ProjectJHoldOnCharityArt along with the hashtag of the charity we are promoting that day. We also request that if the art is posted to tumblr that you include the link to the charity, and all links posted bellow to promo Just Hold On.

Any art that is found to be plagiarized or stolen will cause the reposter to be disqualified from participating for the rest of the week. 

For immediate access to information follow us on our social media accounts:

Contact the team ( @lhrry, @idareyoutotakealook, @conscious–ramblings, @aaronbutterfield, @proudoflou, @buscandoelparaiso) if you’ve got any questions! Thank you so much for help!

The elf with a busted ass

So before we start we have two dwarves (cleric and fighter), a halfling rogue, a human monk, a captive goblin prisoner(swaddled and on the clerics back) and an elf duskblade.

As we try to sneak through a dungeon every person manages, even the dwarves in bulky armor. Except the elf. The elf rolled a 1. And our dm decided to make it interesting. Being level one characters our dm says that if the situation merits, we need to roll a fortitude save for overly gross things.

He makes the elf fart. It was so vile that our rogue and monk start vomiting. The cleric makes the save but the fart woke up the goblin on his back. The goblin started to vomit on the dwarf. Then the dwarf begins vomiting. It is so bad that when the encounter of 3 giant rats appeared, the first rat had to make a fortitude save. He made an enemy vomit.

He now has been banned from drinking dwarven ale.

leni-ba  asked:

Fic prompt: "I don't think we did it right. Can we do it again?"

Try, Try Again

AO3 link to be added later…

Notes: Welcome stupid fluff land, population: these idiots. How I wish this had been how it went on the show, but alas. This is why we have fanfic. ;)

Gold rolled to the side and onto his back, breathing heavily. Beside him, his wife was stretching languidly. “So, how was that?”

Belle smiled and turned on her side, curling up against her husband. “Hmm, I don’t know,” she said.

His lips curved slowly into a smirk. He knew exactly what she was thinking, and had been thinking since they’d decided to try to get pregnant. It had only been two weeks since she’d tossed out her birth control, not even enough time to warrant using the pregnancy test that was now sitting on the bottom shelf of the medicine cabinet.

They both knew it would probably take a few months, or maybe even longer. But there was a lot of fun to be had between now and when those two little pink lines showed up.

“I don’t think we did it right,” she sighed. She did her best to look forlorn, hiding her burgeoning smile by kissing his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow at her, and she bit her lip. “Can we do it again?”

Gold let out a heavy, exaggerated sigh. “If we must, sweetheart.”

She giggled and rolled onto her back as he moved over her again and started kissing his way down her stomach. It would take some time before he was ready again, but that didn’t mean there weren’t useful ways to pass the time.


The Dead Milkmen - Punk rock girl

We got into her car
Away we started rolling
I said “how much you pay for this?”
Said “nothing, man, it’s stolen!”

“Bad ideas are the best ideas and the best bad ideas know who Mojo Nixon is. Crush on a punk at least once before you die, and remember that scars are just nature’s way of giving you an all-natural fuck-you victory tattoo. For the obtuse, YES this song is about what you think it is.”

~ Taliesin Jaffe, Percy’s Playlist 2016


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Both him and August Maturo’s mom are getting more vocal on twitter!
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We are on a roll!
Keep it up guys!

Broadway “Live”?

Is the future here now…

This past week the amazing production of Hairspray Live aired.  It was beamed into millions of homes, bringing a much beloved work of theatre to television audiences all over the world.  It featured beloved stage vets: Harvey Fierstein, Kristin Chenoweth and others, as well as pop stars: Jennifer Hudson & Arianna Grande and many other very talented actors.

With Grease Live, The Wiz Live and The Sound Of Music Live, we can safely say this is a trend, right?   And we’ve also seen the debut of live streaming theatre from Daddy Long Legs and She Loves Me, then there are also the productions of Company and Merrily We Roll Along broadcast in movie theatres recently.  I’ve enjoy some of these productions very much, but it does caution me to ask, is this the future of Broadway? However you answer that question, I think we can safely say we’ve embarked on the digitization of the theatre.

With these broadcasts, the work of theatre artists can be brought to many, many more people than ever before. You can’t see a Broadway show unless you are in NYC and the National Tours of Broadway shows don’t go everywhere. The televised productions definitely reach people who don’t have other opportunities to see a live Broadway show. And even those who make it to NYC, the high prices of Broadway can make it nearly cost prohibitive for some. (This is a different subject that I’ll respond to later).  Therefore, broadcasts of Broadway shows can democratize the theatre in an incredibly powerful way.

But does it take away from the live experience?  Certainly. The theater is not directed, designed or performed to be on a screen.  And the live interaction between actors and audience can’t be felt watching a screen. And will these new broadcasts lessen the importance and desire for people to make the effort and experience theatre live?

Part of the success of these live televised shows, is that they are directed, designed and performed for television (not the theatre) greatly improving their impact.  Decades ago, I loved watching recorded versions of Pippin and Sweeney Todd.  And what thespian hasn’t dreamed of going to the Lincoln Center Library to watch their archival recordings.  I can say those recordings from the 70’s and 80’s certainly did not diminish mine desire, rather increased it.  And the quality of those recordings certainly pales compared to this new batch of produced for television productions.  

I suspect that if you look at grosses over the last few years since these “live” shows have taken off, you will not see a decrease, but rather an increase in ticket sales on Broadway. Therefore, the “live” shows serve to inspire and whet the appetite of audiences for more Broadway, not satiating them so they stay on the couch.

I congratulate the insightful producers of televised theatre and remain positive that these productions will shine a brilliant spotlight on our industry and raise more fans of the theatre from all over the globe.  

What do you think?  What does your experience show?

I was listening to Threepenny Opera this morning and thinking about how it’s such a nice compromise for someone who likes musical theatre but is also anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism, and anti-establishment

So I started thinking about the shows that are the most anti-capitalist and anti-establishment while still being commercially viable enough to be relatively successful and well-known

In order from Literal Marxism to a subtle anti-capitalist bent, I came up with:

  • Threepenny Opera
  • Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny
  • Probably other Brechtian shit I don’t know go ask Robert
  • Flora and the Red Menace
  • Urinetown
  • Rags
  • The Pajama Game
  • Bonnie & Clyde
  • Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris
  • Mack and Mabel
  • Half A Sixpence
  • Merrily We Roll Along
  • Hair
  • My Fair Lady
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Pacific Overtures
  • Dear World
  • Carousel
  • Blood Brothers
  • Romance/Romance
  • The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd
  • Anyone Can Whistle
  • The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
  • Irma La Douce
  • The Frogs
  • Promises, Promises
  • Damn Yankees
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Golden Boy
  • One Touch of Venus
  • Motown the Musical
  • Elaine Stritch At Liberty

Take place in the absence of capitalism, critique feudalism instead:

  • Into the Woods
  • The King And I
  • The Lion King

You think it’s gonna be anti-capitalist, but then everyone ends up rich and happy

  • Lady, Be Good
  • LoveMusik
  • No, No Nanette
  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
  • How Now, Dow Jones
  • The Producers

It’s definitely saying something about capitalism and the establishment… but hell if I know what it is…

  • Finian’s Rainbow
  • Grand Hotel
  • Mame

100% pro-capitalism, the embodiment of establishment theater

  • Singin’ in the Rain
  • Cats
  • Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

she is my only PC character without a tag. i am establishing her tag. this is hecate (or androdine) lavellan her (twin?) sister is my younger brother’s lavellan whos name is athena (haha get it cause they r both named after greek goddesses) and their cousin is erlan lavellan who i have not posted about. i made hecate after athena and accidently made her look like her so we decided to roll with it. she’s gonna be my solas mancer but idk how that will work because just choosing one flirting option gave me hives and made me nauseous. i still have to tweak her a little bit and find some cool undercut hair mods and also a pyjama retexture. why did i write all of this

I’m gonna unpack that latest reblog of my anders post when I get home from work, because 1. I am in the kiosk tonight and the flow of traffic is weird and I can’t really keep track of my typing on mobile well, and 2. I am a little overemotional and need to calm down because once again the argument was bookended with “he’s not a cinnamon roll” like we don’t fucking know that after how many years.

anyways. that’s coming. and when I break down anders convos with fenris, i give them both a lot of leeway in the things they say to each other, not just anders. *grumble*

       ♫   ❝ Oh won’t you come with me, 

              where the moon is made of gold 

                    && in the morning sun we’ll be sailing, 

       oh won’t you come with me, 

                         where the ocean meets the sky —-

                    && as the clouds roll by 

                               we’ll sing the song of the sea. ❞ ♪


Returning to oversee the war against the alien Tau on D'Then, Typhus orders his troops to push forwards. Tau communication station 12 falls to the advance without time to alert command. When no word comes within 24 hours, the Tau dispatch a scouting force to determine the fate of their silent comms station. What they find is a powerful Death Guard force waiting for them.

Adam and I came together again to wage war for the world of D'Then. This was just a random pick up game and we decided to roll for it and we got the Contact Lost mission. We split the six objectives quite evenly down the table for fairness and I got to chose went first. Adam had chosen to field an Infiltration Cadre (I think it’s called) which meant that if I wiped anything out he got all his reserves come in straight away on his next turn. So with that in mind I decided to let him have the first turn, which I don’t think he was too happy about. Hehehe.

Annoyingly he started on of the objectives that he drew the card for so he was going to be on the leading foot anyway. He simply moved up his small ground troops forwards baiting me to kill them. On my first turn I got one of the objectives that I started with and one right in his deployment zone. Typical Typhus ordering his men to do the impossible. With that in mind I charged Typhus’ land raider down the table to try and get there as quickly as possible. The chaos knight moved down the middle of the board firing away but unfortunately for Adam leaving one man alive in the target squad. However, he pretty much got all his reserves come in turn 2 anyway which took the gloves off for me.

His scatter dice was on fire though. He deep striked two battle suit squads and a riptide into my deployment zone and each unit rolled spot on target with the scatter dice. Resolving shooting he popped a rhino and started gunning down the plague marines within. Three were soon left. At the end of his second turn he scored that same objective he started with a second time. Already he was three VP up and I had but one!

My turn two saw my raptors arrive from deep strike and they landed spot on in his lines behind a unit of pathfinders. Flamers and bolt pistol fire killed all but three of them as I recall. The Knight assault another unit and stomped them into bloody spots on the floor.

Third turn saw a massive combat in my deployment zone. Two battle suit squads and the riptide killed two plague marines and assaulted the remaining one. That one plague marine survived three whole game rounds of close combat before finally succumbing to his wounds. Man of the match! But he did his job and kept his guarded objective out of the hands of the alien enemy.

Unfortunately because we were playing lengthwise down the table, Typhus’ land raider was not making much head way although it shrugged off every fire that was thrown at it. Normally I find Tau pop it straight away but this game it survived intact which was a wonder. It’s only claim to fame this game was glancing the hammerhead to death over three turns. The knight then  then charged into the ruins and began cutting down the main body of troops. The raptors assaulted the remaining pathfinders and tore them into chunks of bloody flesh. I was doing a good job of killing his troops but throughout the game he had the luck with the objective cards and it was obvious he was going to win from it.

Turns four and five went really quickly as we didn’t have much left. Game ended turn 5 with Adam stealing victory 7vp to my 4. Good game but luck of the draw was definitely in Adam’s hands. Man of the match was my lone plague marine and the wooden spoon goes to Adam’s barracuda which failed to cause any wounds or damage all game.

My list:

* Four termiantors with mark of Nurgle, lightning claws and land raider.
* Two units of 10 plague marines. Champion with plasma pistol and power weapon. Two meltaguns. Each unit with rhino with extra combi-bolter.
* One unit of 10 raptors. Mark of Nurgle. Champion with twin lightning claws. Two flamers.
* Chaos Knight with daemon of Nurgle, thermal cannon, chainsword and heavy stubber.