Can we talk about the fact that Wangso drank three cups of poisoned tea and endured the pain just to make sure Haesoo wouldn’t be accused of trying to kill the Crown Prince while Wook didn’t think twice before turning his back to her?

In both situations their lives were at risk, the difference is that Wangso was willing to gave up his life for her.

*burns my crescent rolls* things we lost to the flames things we’ll never see again all that we’ve amassed sits before us shattered into ash these are the things the things we lost the things we lost in the fire fire fire these are the things the things we lost the things we lost in the fire fire fire

I Think There's A Flaw in my Code

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by Kymiex

“Are we- We’re rolling? Okay, I- Take 1!
Does your alarm clock wake you up by screeching like th-the actual spawn of Satan? Are you literally at war with your own vacuum? Android acting like it’s possessed by every single demon, ever? Bring them to Markiplier’s Repair Shop! I’ll fix- If I can’t fix, you might- Maybe you should just buy a new one! But I might be able to fix it!
God, that was horrible. Wait, what do you mean I can’t do more than one take? That was a joke!”

When one of Mark’s friends finds a broken-down android and brings it to him to fix, Mark isn’t expecting the change in his life that the strange android is about to make.

This odd, green-haired android flips his entire life upside down, and there’s nothing Mark can do to stop it. Thing is, he doesn’t want to stop it.

Words: 3292, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Hello! Looking for some advice! I've been doing BJJ for about a month now, and I know I can't expect to be any good at this point, but every time I roll with other white belts who only have a month or so on me I always just get trapped under them. I'm 5 feet tall and about 105lbs and I always just get muscled down that I can't seem to bridge them off or shrimp to guard or anything. I know I can't expect to be good at this point, but I'm discouraged being flattened out the entire time we roll.

Hey anon! I know it seems discouraging at times (trust me I’ve been doing BJJ for almost 6 months now and I still lose.) and it’s probably only because your so little (no offense I know I hate being called little lol) If you’re rolling with boys, they are no doubt going to out muscle you, but be speedy and lure them into something instead of trying to force them into something. If you keep getting stuck in mount, think of ways that you can lure them out of your mount, dangle an Aruba ring right in front of them and then use that to go; if your side guard isn’t the best find a way to distract them so you can get into mount; it’s going to take time though. Keep your chin up and never stop trying, there will be a day where the people that are using their weight to an advantage and mowing you down will seem slow and clunky. ❤️

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  • Sitting on his shoulders and cuddling his head is one of the most recommended things to do. Just perched up as his hand keeps you steady.
  • He always stays near his partner to make sure they’re alright. No one touches his partner, unless they want to be flung into the ocean.
  • Kuma would be terrified if he hurt his partner, but he often rubs his hand over their back, or cups their head whenever he greets them.
The Invitation

When I wake up I can’t help but feel the presence of another person in my bed. I gasp, moving towards the end of the bed quickly. I tumble off the edge and into the floor and groan tiredly as my knee begins to ache. I peek my head over the bed and watch as Harry sits up slowly, looking around the room quietly, still half asleep.

“What are you doing?” he asks, his eyes fixating on me as I pull the duvet down on the floor with me, covering my naked body.
“You scared me,” I say, looking around awkwardly.
“Oh, here we go,” he rolls his eyes.
“What?” I ask in confusion.
“The morning after regret,” he says as he pulls himself out of bed and grabs his shirt off of the chair beside him. I’ll never get used to the way he looks without a shirt on. He’s… muscular, and tanned, and has more tattoos than skin.
“Something like that,” I say quietly, pressing my back against the foot of the bed as he walks around me.

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Thursday’s date night at Red Wagon Pizza Co. in Minneapolis

What we got:

  • Pepperoni Roll appetizer ($2 off for happy hour!)
  • Red Wagon Pizza (house cheese, red sauce, crispy sopressata ribbons, banana peppers, house made sausage, chili flakes, and fig balsamic)
  • Tortellini Alla Panna (filled with spinach, house ricotta, lemon and tossed in creamy white wine sauce with peas and ham)

Judging by the taste & quality of these 3 dishes, I now want to try every single thing on their menu. Guess we’ll be going back!


One thing that keeps striking me as the series continues is the way Steven and Rose serve as foils for one another. It’s easy to see how similar they are and yet the most beautiful part of Steven– the way he is capable of intuitively picking up on emotions, his consideration for others and how gently he treats others’ feelings– is what is sorely lacking in his ethereal mother.

What a contrast. Rose attempts to understand Greg’s emotions, Steven picks up on others’ feelings right away, be they gem or human. In his short life, Steven has already reached a depth of emotional maturity that was closed off to Rose for the millenniums she existed. 

As willing as she was to try, even Rose knew she’d never experience true love the way a human being could– and that’s why she gave up her physical form. This precious cinnamon roll bridges the gems to the human condition and helps them find the humanity in themselves. Steven is the embodiment of humanity’s beauty– vulnerable, gentle, complex in simplicity, and more capable of love than any other species.

like, is it good to have a female lead in rogue one as opposed to a male one? of course! but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the fact that she’s white, and that women of color get almost no lead roles, and every time a white female lead comes on the scene, women of color have to sit and listen to this whole “baby steps (: (: (: sweetie” bullshit rhetoric that people spout and are told to “wait their turn” and whatnot and that’s so gross shut up


Adorable little cinnamon rolls too pure for this world.#webarebears

[Brown Bear: (plays harmonica) 
Thank you! 
Panda Bear: (sad voice) I’m vegetarian!]