But, when I think of [the song] “F.U.B.U.,” and the album [A Seat At The Table] as a whole, I think of punk music and how white kids were allowed to be completely disruptive, allowed to be anti-establishment, and express rage and anger. They were allowed to have the space to do all of that, even if it meant being violent or destroying property and that wasn’t exactly inclusive to us even if we created the groundwork for rock and roll. If we were inclusive and we were violent and destroying property and able to express that kind of rage, then it would not be allowed in the same way.
—  Solange Knowles via Saint Heron 

wisdompants  asked:

Do you have any fun stories from you tabletop role plays?

Hmm, there are loads of bizarre and crazy things that go on in the games, but one particularly fun story was when a ninja infiltrated the ship one of our characters was captaining.  But it rolled absurd on stealth and we rolled abysmally on perception, even after managing to trick and lock the ninja in a cabin on the ship, so the player who owned the boat sealed every door, got the crew to leave , and set the boat on fire and sunk it to the bottom of the sea.  I remember they said “That’s how we deal with Shinobi in the Mantis Navy.  It’s expensive, but it works.” which became sort of silly in-canon lore for our future games.

Another time was in Shadowrun where we had to deal with a particular gang, and one of the players decided he’d infiltrate and get more information on them, so he went up to their headquarters, knocked on the door, and then asked for an application.


The Pretty Reckless - Take Me Down

Ok, here we have the first taste of the new album from The Pretty Reckless, “Take Me Down” taken from the album “Who You Selling For”. The current members are Taylor Momsen (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ben Phillips (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mark Damon (bass) and Jamie Perkins (drums).

Been waitin at these crossroads
Forever and a day
On a guy to buy my soul

I spend all night and day
How much harder can I play
You know I gave my life to Rock n’ Roll

Here we go

Momma begged me please
Yes she got down on her knees
Said ‘You’ll burn in that Mississippi sun’
But I’m the only one that’s standing here
So Mama don’t you have no fear
I’m either last or I’ve already won..

Here I go

Take me down
(won’t you)

Standing at the crossroads
A dried up pen in hand
The conversation went like this
'Tell me your desire…why you pulled me from the fire
and we’ll seal the deal with a kiss’
said 'I wanna raise the dead
Find a note that I can shred
On my walls I scrawl my gods
Don’t care what happens when I die
As long as I’m alive
All I wanna do is Rock’

Take me down
(won’t you)

Sign with the devil

Take me down
(won’t you)

The only thing I really didn’t like about hope arc:

1. I really wish they never did the fake out with Asahinas death. It made Kirigiri cheating death have way less impact. We all knew it was coming because we saw the antidote roll from her hand, but there were a total of 3 death fakeouts in DR3. That’s 2 fakeouts too many. 

You get one fakeout per anime Kodaka, use it well or else it becomes predictable.

2. I still didn’t like…. the explanation for the Nanami AI….. Especially because the AI and the real person were really different. It still doesn’t make sense.

okAY so its kinda late here i rly wanna apologize for my bad editing skills but im kinda tired so :))we’ll just roll w it ok 

I WANNA WISH TH HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL FREN @leosmxssi !!!!!!! i love u ruwani sm nd i hope u hv th bestest bday ever:)) im glad we became pals cos ur so nice nd lovely to talk to:) i love uu so so much have fun on ur party i booked my flight to canada im omw there ♥♥♥


One thing that keeps striking me as the series continues is the way Steven and Rose serve as foils for one another. It’s easy to see how similar they are and yet the most beautiful part of Steven– the way he is capable of intuitively picking up on emotions, his consideration for others and how gently he treats others’ feelings– is what is sorely lacking in his ethereal mother.

What a contrast. Rose attempts to understand Greg’s emotions, Steven picks up on others’ feelings right away, be they gem or human. In his short life, Steven has already reached a depth of emotional maturity that was closed off to Rose for the millenniums she existed. 

As willing as she was to try, even Rose knew she’d never experience true love the way a human being could– and that’s why she gave up her physical form. This precious cinnamon roll bridges the gems to the human condition and helps them find the humanity in themselves. Steven is the embodiment of humanity’s beauty– vulnerable, gentle, complex in simplicity, and more capable of love than any other species.

like, is it good to have a female lead in rogue one as opposed to a male one? of course! but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the fact that she’s white, and that women of color get almost no lead roles, and every time a white female lead comes on the scene, women of color have to sit and listen to this whole “baby steps (: (: (: sweetie” bullshit rhetoric that people spout and are told to “wait their turn” and whatnot and that’s so gross shut up


Adorable little cinnamon rolls too pure for this world.#webarebears

[Brown Bear: (plays harmonica) 
Thank you! 
Panda Bear: (sad voice) I’m vegetarian!] 

capheus is so chill about being sensate and i love it? like did any of them visit him and explain everything at some point because every time you see him visit a new person or place he’s always just so in the moment and he doesn’t question it, you just see the fascination and wonder in his eyes and it’s so cute??

and when he has to help the others you can see he looks so happy and proud to be of assistance because the values at the very core of his existence are optimism and family and the cluster brings him both, so he just enjoys it and does his best to help out and play his part and i just have a lot of capheus emotions help


In my restless dreams I see that town. Silent Hill. You promised me you’d take me there again someday. But you never did.

- Mary Shepherd-Sunderland in Mary’s Letter, Silent Hill 2