usnavi needed a lil time to buffer after seeing vanessa in her red dress

I find it disgusting how anyone can blame LILY for standing up to Snape after he called her a mudblood. Lily wasn’t wrong for it, SNAPE was. Let’s real world scenario this. Instead of mudblood replace it with the N word. Instead of “Death Eaters,” they are the KKK. Lily is friends with Snape still, despite him joining a group that’s against everything she is, because he’s her childhood friend. Yet, he calls her a slur in front of everyone. Is Lily wrong for retaliating and walking away from him?


Ok, guys, this will be the last post about the poll, promise. Take what little energy you have left and completely power vote this last hour. Make sure that we win this for Bob with a good margin. I know we’re all tired, but it’s over soon! A couple of things to keep in mind:

- The poll might not close at 8PM EST on the dot, so make sure to keep voting until you see for yourself that the poll is closed.
- It might be open even longer on mobile (idk if that’s factual, but check to make sure)
- Remember, if we win this, we will not only have beaten out dozens of other guys, we’ll have beaten a dude who has won this two years in a row. And who was even in the lead this whole poll, only to be blindsided by Bob in the end. 
- Finally, do it for this man, who was surprised that he was even putting up a fight in the poll: