miss aradia you are an antiquated sort of pretty

like an empty perfume bottle, or plastic flowers at a grave


Among the tall rustling reeds, we were headed for a dead end. The milky moon watched. Beneath your dark coat, the lace hem of your dress went on ahead of me, never wavering, as if you knew exactly how to avoid the nests and the shrill water birds waiting to defend them. Nothing lashed out, and you floated further in among the waving stalks as if you knew exactly where to step. Flouncing like the ghost you claimed to be when you were low.

It was a game of chase me until you’re too cowardly to follow. If I fell back too far I would earn your scorn and spend the night worrying where you were. You would come in towards dawn with early spring flowers woven in your hair and unfamiliar drink on your breath. They would have welcomed you at the barn, Salter and those like him, living on nothing and painting in half-gloves even when the air was misty with their breath and their nails turned blue.

They built a fire to paint you by. You would stand half-naked, your nipples on stilts, letting them do in brushstrokes what you never let fingers do, trace all of you. Your patience was endless, a glow on your features, your eyes half-shut as if you were dreaming. Alone with me, you would hurry things along, pushing, pulling, never undressing, saying, ‘just here, quick. Now, now. Come on.’ I did everything you asked, and I committed everything you liked to memory.

You parted the reeds and stood still. I was right behind you, looking over your shoulder. On a flattened patch of tall grass, a small fire hissing at their feet, there they were: Salter and that red-haired friend of his they called Owl. There was a third, with narrow wrists, face shadowed by a hat, playing with a pocket watch. You sank down to complete the circle. I stood looming like the shadow I was afraid of becoming. I didn’t know if this was the next part of the dare, or if my role was over.

They passed the bottle to you and you swallowed deep and passed the bottle to me. I drank and spluttered. The contents were bitter and sweet at once. Herbs and sugar and rye, distilled in one of the copper vats they kept at the barn. It burned but I daren’t cough for long. Salter took your hand in his, and pulled, and you eased onto him as if he was a hammock strung among tall blades. ‘Will you sit down,’ you said to me, and I handed the bottle down and sat on prickly stalks.

The one without a name, next to me, checked the pocket watch. Nothing could be seen on the watch face in the gloom but reflections of fire. Then, as if the hour was right, the hat was lifted, and long hair tumbled down. I just gazed, first at the dangling pocket watch, then at the masses of hair, and then at you. You winked and kissed Salter, fitting your mouth to his with practiced ease. With a bitter taste at the back of my tongue, I watched red-haired Owl kick dirt into the flames.

There was frost in the air as we made our way to the barn, along the thin path their footsteps had carved out in the grass. I had half expected to find myself in the thawing stream by morning, but I was invited into a large bed of straw and stolen blankets, and I stayed. At first, I ignored the others as much as I ignored your cries. But come morning, I woke with my bare arm over a warm hip, a fire roared, the shutters were closed to the sleet, and no one was in a hurry.

- Quaint Ink


Went out today with my sister and got something very, very special. Music means everything to us, it’s the one thing that’s never wavered in our relationship and I’m very thankful for that. She means everything to me and music saved me. So we got matching tattoos, and I couldn’t be more over the moon.

I haven’t been this happy in a long time so I thought I would share that all with you. You can ignore this if you want.

- Amelia xo


Journal Entry

Best. Date. EVER! He didn’t even know! I hadn’t told him my dreams yet! He just guessed I would like it and he was right! Azure took me to the moon. The. Moon. I’d never been before now! It was incredible! The weightlessness and the helmet were a bit disorienting, but otherwise..

Nexus really is a beautiful planet. From afar it reminds me of what I imagine Arboria must have looked like from that kind of view.. 

 I bet it was a glorious sight to behold…

We talked forever. It was wonderful. Best place he could have taken me, honestly. The moon is just so gorgeous even with the Eldan technology running through it. It’s so bright and shining and huge. It looked as if it went on forever and ever, and we were just as one crater! I asked him to take me again, I want to see more of the moon. Maybe next time we can go exploring. And hopefully next time I won’t feel so awkward in the lower gravity on the moon. Heh. But at least we got a lot of getting to know each other done, and it was great! It’s been a really long time since I was on a date with someone simply because I liked them and wanted to be there with them, but just because they were paying me for my company…it was really, really nice. I mean, the helmets made cuddling kind of awkward, but otherwise I enjoyed it. He really likes Eldan technology, the way his eyes light up when he looks at it and when he told me about what he does for a living is the cutest thing! It does relieve me that he only fights for fun and that he isn’t a soldier or heavily into combat, I don’t have to worry about him one day..you know…let’s say putting an abrupt end to our relationship due to unforeseen circumstance. The guy who works with the computers is usually far from the main fighting at a safe distance, right? I really like him. I’d like to see him as long as he’ll have me without having to worry he’ll get shot in the face by some cruel Dominion soldier.

Yes, I’m very relieved.

Hm. I should get him a gift. He’s doing all these nice things for me; helping me turn my house into a proper shop, taking me nice places. He even made dinner. That pizza was pretty great, even the side that had some sausage to it. What can I get for him…something Eldan? Oh, but that’s..kind of difficult. Is it safe? I don’t know how to dismantle those things. I doubt he’d want me to give him something broken unless he can have fun fixing it.

..Maybe? Let’s see what I can find. I don’t think stressing about it will help me figure anything out. I think I’ll plan our next date and take the lead on that one.

I’m not sure the Matria would approve of some of our conversation. But..she doesn’t have to know, right? We talked about the traditional Aurin way of life versus life on Nexus, and he made some pretty good points. Even I’ve noticed it myself. Tradition is great, I love it. I miss my village on Arboria. I miss my friends, I regret not really getting to know my Matria..but I was so young, I didn’t really get the chance for it, did I? I’m not going to make that same mistake again. But at the same time we shouldn’t narrow our minds to not be accepting of including other cultures into our own, should we? We should welcome what we like, and also adapt to survive in a planet much harsher than our own. I don’t..see anything wrong with getting to know the humans, and the Granok. Some of them are really, really friendly! Even some of the Mordesh aren’t so bad. Who was that one that the Matria met..Silon? Silion? Hm.

He really is handsome. I can’t stop playing with his ears! They’re just…so..there! And soft! And tall! I let him pet my tail, he better let me play with his ears. And those stripes are so cute! And his eyes are so blue! It’s like looking into deep, deep water! I even managed to catch a glimpse of him without his coat on.

…That was nice, too~. <3

I really, really like him. I hope this works out. I mean, I know this was only our second date but I really like him. I think I’ll go take a soak in the springs. Maybe I’ll do that with him sometime. Our next date? Or is the third date too soon for that kind of thing? Maybe we should slow down…but I don’t want to slow down! I like how things are going right now! But maybe I shouldn’t overwhelm him..though I’m not sure if I can overwhelm him after he openly said how he feels about me. And um. Wow. Those were quite the um. Feelings.

I mean. It’s not like. They won’t ever happen. Like. If he keeps this up it’ll definitely happen. But right now it’s um.

Well, like.

It’s not like I’ve never done it 

It would just be the first that

Yeah, I think it’s time I take that bath now.


http://dreamt4lightyears.vsco.co (I never post my photographs on here but I’m going to give it a try.)

And we went all the way up to the small town where I’m from
With foggy air and the wind and the mountain top
And we clung to rocks and we looked off and you held my hand
You almost got to start feeling me
I finally felt like I was breathing free
And under swaying trees we fell asleep and we had the same dream

-The Moon by The Microphones

LISTENThe Heart Wants What It Wants- Selena Gomez Loved You First- One Direction All We’d Ever Need- Lady Antebellum  Stay- Miley Cyrus Like We Used To (Piano Version)- A Rocket to the Moon Stay- Mayday Parade Skinny Love- Birdy The Mess I Made- Parachute Take Me Along- Miley Cyrus Look Where We Are Now- Teddy Geiger

Week 7 - Benji by Sun Kil Moon

Guest Listener - Amy Lawrence

Who’s Amy Lawrence when she’s at home?

Amy is a football writer for The Guardian, Observer and BBC. She is also the author of Invincible, a book about how Arsenal Football Club went through the entire 2003-2004 league season without being beaten, by anyone, ever.

What great album has she never heard before?

Benji by Sun Kil Moon

Released on 11th February 2014 

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The Signs

I see myself as a lotus flower. A lotus settles on the dirties soils but blossoms to be one of the most beautiful flower. Symbolizing, anyone can raise above all the toxic,ugly, and suffering world we live in and blossom to be a very bright and open-minded being.  In my perspective, I’ve went through a lot of tough battles to shape me into the person I am today.

I see the moon phase as life. It looks as if it is constantly changing, and can reminds us of the inconsistency of life. It is also symbolizes the continuous circular nature of time and even karma. Karma moves in a big circle what comes around goes around. The moon reminds us of the never ending process of recycling and regeneration. Be good to others and they’ll be good to you

anonymous asked:

3,5,13,44 ¿?

3 - Do you smoke? occasionally, weird thing is i never smoke when I’m in a relationship always when I’m single ahha so yeah from time to time ahha

5 - Do you take drugs? no i really don’t like the only thing i have done is weed and stuff, and its fun but meh idk ahah its good but with moderation and shit haha

13 - Biggest turn ons idk rn off the top of my head ahha idk just being playful

44 - A random fact about anything ‘in the span of 66 years we went from taking flight to landing on the moon’ and (bc I’m weird and know a few facts don’t ask why aahha) ‘every two minutes, we take more photos as all of the humanity took during the 1800s’ aha

thanks a lot :))

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oh man we've never talked or anything but this is such a cool thing to do so my face tag is /tagged/my-face if you have time :*

OKAY I KNEW THIS ONE FROM THE MINUTE I WENT TO YOUR FACE TAG!!! you are the child of hecate the greek goddess of witchcraft, the night, and the moon!!! you just rock those dark colors and the color of your hair and your whole aesthetic, i can just feel it!! ((also i’m in love with ur halloween costume in LOVE))

send me ur face tag and/or tell me a bit about yourself and i’ll tell you ur greek god parents or cast u in a play or book

After work we went to the Roof and talked about our lives, I bought us booze just in case, but our words flowed easily with the wind that chilled our bones. The moon smiled down at us as we spoke about our pasts, we laughed and made, mainly, Scott Pilgrim references whenever it got too serious. I never expected we’d be laughing at ourselves finding constellations in the night sky with the ciders completely untouched.
There’s something really comforting about being able to talk to someone without having to use alcohol as a crutch. There’s something even more comforting about it when you know your relationship is purely plutonic.
I like to think we’ll be friends for life.