mayzygreen said: (re: why Haruka had the mask and cape)

I always just figured that it was because in the manga at this point there weren’t clear images of Uranus and Haruka was still presenting as fully male so the cape hid that she was actually female.

This was such a fascinating observation (and not one I’d really considered, probably because I went into Sailor Moon already knowing that Haruka was a woman, so I never really gave much thought to how it would affect things to not know that) and went back to look over the two times we see Uranus before the reveal!

So I went through the manga and here’s what I’ve seen:

Act 27 - Perfect Edition (which means the retouched version)

You can pretty clearly see that she’s wearing a Sailor Soldier outfit, this is the first time we really see Uranus and you can see she’s definitely wearing the fuku.  But then–

Act 28 - Perfect Edition: 

These are the subsequent times we see Uranus and you definitely have a much harder time seeing the outfit, you really only see from a distance, what could be an outfit much more like Tuxedo Mask’s.

Well, that’s weird, I thought.  Why be so revealing in the first panel in Act 27 if you’re going to obscure it in Act 28?  And that seems very deliberate that they’re framing this as “a Tuxedo Mask-like figure and a Sailor Moon-like figure”, they’re deliberately paralleling them to Mamoru and Usagi.  I guess you can see her bow pretty clearly in that shot where she’s leaping away, though…. Hmm.

So I went to find the earlier version of the manga and I think this was the original from Act 27 before it was touched up:

And from Act 28:

Where it’s MUCH less clear that Uranus is wearing a Sailor Soldier fuku and could actually be in an outfit much more like Tuxedo Mask.

So I think the point of this was that it was more of “we don’t know that she’s a Sailor Soldier, we’re supposed to think she’s another Tuxedo Mask to Neptune’s Sailor Moon” like you said!  But I assume the later touch ups are because the cat was well out of the bag and we’re all looking forward to Sailor Uranus, rather than Hey Is That Another Tuxedo Mask!

This is not a story about love

it is not about a happy ever after

Happy never after - always during,

This is a story of anger and frustration

euphoria and ecstasy

its about us

owning the night

sharing our presence with the moon and all its light

becoming familiar with its many phases

as we went back and forth

Sometimes full sometimes empty

sometimes all sometimes none

We gave each other what little we had

of ourselves

and hoped it was enough to last us through the night.

like knots we became tangled

struggling to become undone

yet the stubborn dents we left in each other

marked what we could not erase

we could not stop

continued without ever knowing what we wanted -

other than each other in that very second.

We transcended borders,

boundaries, lines.

unraveled concepts of love,

revealing the inevitable cycle between chaos and creation

through every encounter

like a mountain,

We formed through the opening of the earth

accompanied by the destruction of all we knew as stable

like a volcano, we erupted

burning everything down in our path

embracing the newly formed rocks our lava created

but never calling them home

like the wind we are free but

unstable, unreliable, ungrounded

we a hurricane. we a tornado.

we a soft breeze,

caressing each other as we pass on by

as nothing more than acquaintances sometimes.

This is a narrative of friends and lovers

in between and all around

exploring each other and ourselves at the same time.

behind closed doors,

four walls witness in silence

the ways in which we become an ocean to dive in.

cleansing our minds. celebrating our bodies.

tasting the waters that retained the remnants of past lovers

exchanging stories. experiences of gain and loss,

life and death.

we knew of love without having known

tended each others wounds without intending

we came and became

without ever speaking ourselves into existence

i had the most vivid dream the other night that i reconnected with this gemini girl that i used to be best friends with and when i say we were best friends i literally mean we were #2bodies1soul i have never been so in sync with a person before it was crazy but i dropped her bc im a crazy emotional cancer moon and she was like rly emotionally stunted and mean and it felt unfulfilling anyways in the dream we reconnected and it was like time hadnt passed and we went back to being who we used to be but even in the dream i knew i was with her not bc i rly wanted to be but bc it was easy to be with her and i had no one else who would deal with me lmfao its like…i have grown beyond her and since then have wanted to grow better relationships and friendships but im not a good person and cant maintain them so i revert to whats easy even if its what eventually hurts me

although when we first met i was very small, i will never forget your face. in a world full of silver you were made of gold, and for that i know you felt out of place. every moment you shined like the sun, more than any words could say, but every day there was a battle to be won, to keep you from turning grey. moons and suns passed one by one, and you kept your secret safe, but the silver started to overcome, and your once gold mind went to waste. you were overtaken by corruption, a smile steadily turned, and when i did my best to save you, you called this a lesson learned. the light in your eyes had started to fade, the most beautiful setting of all, because although we all start golden, eventually it’s our turn to fall.
—  to the boy with the sunset eyes
we went to the moon once
it made
     grown men fall to their knees and
     children reach for the stars and the
     soviet union throw down their arms and
and the world looked up at them and said,
     ‘that’s us,’
and the astronauts looked up at us and said,
     ‘that’s us,’
and when they came home the sixth time we welcomed them
with cups of coffee and a handshake and a parade
and then we wiped the tears off our faces
and we never went again
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04-30-16 Trip Through A Time Portal

Layers of literature
Sitting here
Listening to her

Writing adventurous
Words of wisdom
For breakfast today

Love for lunch
Hot coffee simmers
Fresh country summers

In an orgy of sinners
The saints remain
To leave with angels

Don’t wait for life
Run out and find it
Chase it if you have to

Sleep all day
Miss the best part
Sweet sunshine

City in the night
Diamond sparkle
Parking ticket

Licking lollipops
Charming when it counts
Like a cartoon warrior

They live up in the sky
Your mother should know
Never to go back there

Too cool to swim
After school this afternoon
Diving off the high board

Crunchy or silent charms
Moon boots in the house
Master advanced painting

We went back to see
Hendrix at the Fillmore
On New Years Eve

Someone stole
My purple ticket stub
So I had to sneak in

I’ve never been so fucked up by a facebook comment as the time I took a picture of my boyfriend

(and I’m not a professional photographer or anything but I do like making things look more beautiful than they are and I like remembering them that way)

and we had just gotten pie, and I took a picture of the pie, and coffee, and I took a picture of the two coffe’s his dark, mine creamy, like always
like, this dream of an ideal date
where we went walking under the moon and stars and neon streetlights, and I made him stand still
so I could take his picture in every color

I posted the one in deep blue
the wall, the sky, the overhead light all holding up this figure in monochrome
this man that I love every shade of

this was the one he liked best
he made it his profile picture
his friends commented how much he looked like David Tennant
how purple
how Jessica Jones it all was

David Tennant played Kilgrave on the TV show Jessica Jones, based on the comic series Alias and became the thing of nightmares for millions of American women

In the comic books Kilgrave is his real name, but he goes by The Purple Man
In the TV show he goes by Kilgrave, but I don’t remember his real name,
I don’t remember anything that happened in the years 2010 or 2011
Because I didn’t take pictures of it all

Jessica Jones gets abducted by Kilgrave, who has mind control powers
something she is unable to fight until he has turned her into a person she does not recognize

Even when he’s gone, she sees his influence everywhere
Wonders if she was really the person who lost so much control

I’m looking at the photograph I took of my boyfriend and wondering if he is the man I am with
or the one I ran from
If I will look back on the years with him and not be able to see myself there
If I am doing it again
Making my life look more beautiful than it is, and trying to remember it that way

If one day I won’t wake up with bruises again

I ask him to hold me that night, naked
I am trying to remember that I can say no, and that will not be punished

I am trying to remember
I am trying not to forget

Like all my photographs, I can’t hold this one in my hand
I see it on my phone
The phone that has both boy’s numbers in it

I want something to hold that didn’t have the first boy’s name in it
I want the years back I lived in fear

Jessica Jones kills the Purple Man
I can’t delete the photographs I never took

He holds me at night, and does not expect anything
He stands still
Reminds me he is not the Purple Man
Let’s me remember him in every light

The Blu Side of the Moon- THE TOP TEN BEST MOVIES OF 2015

Aaaaand here we finally are! After a long break, I think it’s finally… and I do mean FINALLY about time we give 2015 its well-deserved “good-bye”. I mean, we’re already one-third of the way through 2016, and I’m just NOW finishing 2015. Well, better late than never, I always say, and I didn’t want to repeat another 2012, where the “Best of” list went missing for good. No, we are finishing this year once and for all… and I don’t want to waste much time, as we have ten movies (actually much more than that) to talk about, so here’s the prologue:

2015 was a… very interesting year for sure. We definitely had a LOT of high quality stuff come out, though this year sure was NOT safe from its fair share of turds- a few of which I lambasted in the previous episode, but I DID also say that this year was like a better 2011, which I don’t think really gives it much justice. 2015 was a very odd year full of remakes, sequels, major, major, and I mean MAJOR blockbusters, but a lot of the best movies that came out this year were also some of the biggest surprises. I mean, whoever would have thought that a movie like Kingsman: The Secret Service would have turned out to be one of the coolest action/spy movies we’ve had in a long time, and that Jurassic World… kinda sucked? Or, for that matter, how about all of the comebacks that we’ve had- from actors, to franchises, to studios, to the complete and utter humiliation of others? This year was a BLOODBATH.

But seeing as we already plowed through the casualties, how about we talk about the big winners? With as much shit as we had to go through, 2015 is one of my favorite years of this decade in regards to movies. I’d put it only behind 2014 as my favorite year in movies, and that is a BIG statement to make, because 2014 had some of the best movies we’ve seen in YEARS, though 2014 was also full of a LOT of very dark, twisted, or just flat-out cynical movies (Gone Girl, Nightcrawler, Whiplash, Birdman), this year was full of cynical movies too, but in a much different, and unwatchable way; though the best movies of the year were much more uplifting, happier movies- funny how that worked out. But, I’m starting to ramble, and this list has been due by now, so guys, get ready to count down…!


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drspencerwilliams asked:

15, 16, & 19~

(Yay~ More asks~ Y'all don’t understand how much I love getting asks. Please don’t be shy!!!)

15. When did you find your way to Hellenic polytheism?

It was… summer of ‘14 I think. I had graduated college and finally, with all that behind me and having had 4 years of emotional healing from an emotionally traumatic event, I realized I had no spiritual guidance. I grew up in a Christian household, but due to being part of a not as practiced branch we almost never went to Church. Christianity was interesting to me on a purely academic level but never touched my soul. However, the Greek myths I first learned in 3rd grade always had a hold on me, especially Artemis and Selene. So I decided to Google some witchcraft and Wicca forums.

I found a really nice one (It’s Everything Under the Moon. Really nice people!) and started poking around. I realized after a while that there was a branch specifically to the Greek Gods. At one point I Googled lustral water and came across @baringtheaegis ’s blog and the rest is history! I finally felt content in my soul that it would be okay. I felt like I was coming home. I truly believe Artemis specifically was waiting for me to finally wise up and come around, which is why out of all the Theoi She is most revered and precious to me.

16. Do you worship any deities outside of Hellenic polytheism?

I don’t. I do enjoy learning about other Gods though! :)

19. Write something nice for one of the theoi!


Your glory, I cannot sing enough of. Your gifts to us mortals, who learn and thrive under Your care. You rule justly, handing us out lots and we take Your gifts with smiles and tears. You Gods, gentle Theoi who’ve watched stone become concrete and letters become numbers, know this. Though I sometimes forget to pour wine for a festival, though I am unable to bring You fresh flowers every day, know that I sing of You in my heart as all my brothers and sisters do around the world.

My Gods. Ours Gods. We thank You from the bottom of our souls and pray You continue to grace us with Your divine guidance and lessons.

One night I went to an island
A land I had never seen
But you know the moon was full
And so I was fully keen

To adventure to a foreign place
To partake as the locals fill their space

And there I found myself in a state of flow
Where the pull of the tides come and go
A space where my mind gets lost you know

And then a cuddle puddle
You know it’s fun
To pile on others until we become as one

And as the sun shed its first rays
Putting on its unique fiery display
I emerged from the puddle to lay my eyes
The first glimpse of the island tells no lies

You see the sea sang her sweet song to me
Of tales deep and wide you see
And here, a little slice of clarity

As I set sail across sweet synchronicity
mysteriously messy misty moon

I looked up at the moon that night 

thinking are you staring too

up at that big blue circle

mysteriously misty moon

I frantically dashed through 

the dark cold pavements

and rushing highways

as the day faded to blue

only thinking of your face

your smile, smell 

so smooth and milky 

like lavender fields on a spring afternoon

our time spent went fast

faster than too soon

and now it feels different

like a mysteriously messy misty moon

oh what did I say 

what did I do

too fall so hard is lethal

hurts denying that its true

admitting that I love  

is something Ive never been able to do

but with you I could, I would 

love you to the moon

I came home half empty 

after we went abound

now its been 7 days

and youre nowhere to be found

admitting that its just another one of those ‘things’

is something I had never hoped to do

you took my self control

while tragically stomping on my fragile heart too


So while I totally buy that Rei and Ami Haven’t kissed a boy yet (although we all know who Ami’s actually been kissing), Usagi I love that you are so innocent that you think Minako and Mako haven’t kissed anyone yet. 

My entire headcanon that surrounds Minako when she was Sailor V was that she went through the whole rebellious teenager phase at like 13, with poor Artemis being the one who had to deal with it because she was just like, “Well f*ck you. If I’m gonna fight youma and potentially get killed for a princess I knew a thousand years ago and have no idea who she is now, then I’m gonna enjoy myself before I go.” And then Mako having her senpai means that she’s definitely been kissed by at least one boy.

But I love the sentiment behind this, Usagi is once again being all about her people rather than herself. If her friends don’t get to have a happy ending, then she won’t allow herself one either.