Maybe it’s ALWAYS the end of the world. Maybe you’re alive for a while, and then you realize you’re going to die, and that’s such an insane thing to comprehend, you look around for answers and the only answer is that the world must die with you.

Sure, the world seems crazy now. But wouldn’t it seem just as crazy if you were alive when they sacrificed peasants, when people were born into slavery, when they killed first-born sons, crucified priests, fed people to lions, burned them on stakes, when they intentionally gave people smallpox or syphilis, when they gassed them, burned them, dropped atomic bombs on them, when entire races tried to wipe other races off the planet?

Yes, we’ve ruined the planet and melted the ice caps and depleted the ozone, and we’re always finding new ways to kill one another. Yeah, we’re getting cancer at an alarming rate and suicides are at an all-time high, and, sure, we’ve got people so depressed they take a drug that could turn them into pasty-skinned animals who go around all night dancing and having sex and eating stray cats and small dogs and squirrels and mice and very, very rarely- the statistics say you’re more likely to be killed by lightning- a person.

But this is the Apocalypse? Fuck you! It’s always the Apocalypse. The world hasn’t gone to shit. The world is shit.

All I’d asked was that it be better managed.

—  Jess Walter, We Live in Water: Stories

“I read one of those reviews, and it was a very nice review, and then I went to the grocery store. There was a young woman in front of me in line and she was attractive. She had on these really nice jeans and the cuffs were frayed like crazy, like she’d spent a lot of time walking on heels. She was wearing stiletto heels, and she was pretty, with all sorts of piercings and tattoos that came up all the way down to her fingers—glove tattoos. We kind of smile at each other. She sets on the grocery store counter two Red Bulls, a tube of sex lubricant, and a Caramello candy bar. And I remember looking and thinking, I really want to write that story.”

-Ann K. Ryles interviews Jess Walter about his new short story collection We Live in Water, fatherhood, poverty, and what he daydreams about while waiting in line at the grocery store at The Rumpus.

But if you really want my side of the story, here it is: Who isn’t crazy sometimes? Who hasn’t driven around a block hoping a certain person will come out; who hasn’t haunted a certain coffee shop, or stared obsessively at an old picture; who hasn’t toiled over every word in a letter, taken four hours to write a two-sentence e-mail, watched the phone praying that it will ring; who doesn’t lay awake at night sick with the image of her sleeping with someone else?

I mean, Christ, seriously, what love isn’t crazy?

Jess Walter, We Live in Water

Then a guy in a gold convertible Mercedes almost makes the light but has to slam on his brakes.
I think you could have made it, Bit says.
The guy looks him over. Says, You look healthy enough to work.
Thanks. So do you.
Let me guess–veteran?
Yep. War of 1812.
The guy laughs. Then what, you lost your house?
Misplaced it.
You’re a funny fucker. Hey, tell you what. I’ll give you twenty bucks if you tell me what you’re gonna buy with it.
The light changes but the guy just sits there. A car goes around. Bit shields his eyes from the sun.
You give me twenty bucks?
Yeah, but you can’t bullshit me. If I give you a twenty, honestly, what are you gonna get?
The new Harry Potter book.
You are one funny fucker.
Thanks. You too.
—  Jess Walter, “Anything Helps”
I reviewed Jess Walter's WE LIVE IN WATER for the Rumpus.

The difference between writing a novel and writing a short story is often compared to the difference between running a marathon and a sprint. And if there’s any writer today likely to pull a Gehrmann and lap the competition after eating hamburgers and hot dogs, it’s Jess Walter.

Literarily speaking, he’s done it regularly in the last decade. In 2005, his Citizen Vince won the coveted Edgar prize for mystery fiction. The next year, Walter’s post-9/11 novel The Zero was a finalist for the National Book Award. Last year, his silver-screen saga Beautiful Ruins bowled over both critics and book clubs. Walter seems able to reinvent himself with each book he writes, effortlessly.

Then there’s more.

Who isn’t crazy sometimes? Who hasn’t driven around the block hoping a certain person will come out; who hasn’t haunted a certain coffee shop, or stared obsessively at an old picture; who hasn’t toiled over every word in a message, taken two hours to write a two sentence email, watched the phone praying it will ring; who doesn’t sometimes lay awake at night sick with the image of her sleeping with someone else?
—  Jess Walter - We live in water
Does Steven Universe take place in the same universe as Bioshock? (Minor Spoilers!)

       In the Bioshock universe, there’s many alternate timelines all splitting apart at differing points depending on the choices made by the people within the timelines.There are only three rules that are always in the timeline, as Elizabeth states…”There’s always a lighthouse, always a man, and always a city.”  

“…a lighthouse…”

“…a man…”

“…a city…”

    Additionally, in Bioshock there’s a substance known as “Adam” which is in every living thing, but is found in highest quantities in Sea Slugs at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.Because it’s apart of every living thing, we can assume it’s tied to Carbon/water. We know that the gems are made of Carbon as it’s an intrinsic property of what makes gems as it’s one of the thing necessary for life, and the gems aren’t representative of their real world counterparts, and thus must have a different chemical composition. (E.g. Pearls are only made by Clams and thus couldn’t be made on Homeworld, Lapis Lazuli are intolerant to water, etc) Additionally, we know gems on Homeworld have access to water because of Lapis’s powers. Either way, the gems would have access to Adam. Why is this important? Because most of the Gem-specific powers matches Bioshock plasmids/vigors. (Which have similar qualities in each universe, but are not exactly the same in operation, such as Peridot’s Equivalence to Telekinesis/Bucking Bronco only affecting metallic substances, we know it isn’t magnetism as it doesn’t affect the workings of her tablet and it appears to work with all kinds of metallic substances, or Lapis’s Hydrokinesis being able to do more than what Undertow does)

Additionally, most characters in the different Bioshock timelines have parallel characters that have similar, yet different characteristic to one another. The same applies to Steven Universe.

   Additionally, the two share similar themes of parenthood, power in the extraordinary, the power of forgiveness and empathy, the importance of choice, etc

  TL;DR:  So either A) I’m a nutcase making conspiracy theories, or B) Steven Universe takes place in the universe of Bioshock as an alternate timeline using the rules of constants and variables. (Both probably have merit)

Emergency Commissions!

My general situation hasn’t been the best for a few month now.
My family (or more like my parents) have a lot of bills to pay. We had to sell our house a while ago and we are TECHNICALLY not allowed to live there anymore, we didn’t have any hot water for two month now and it gets harder to pay for food (We had only about 100€ this month, which is simply not enough for four people)
My mom is only working as a cashier and my father is currently not able to work, because of his mental health and I am still going to school and have to attend an unpaid internship, because of that, which leaves no time to get a proper job. My younger brother is only 14 and isn’t even allowed to work yet.
We also have to pay my dads psychologist somehow and if we find a new place to live at soon we will barely have enough money to pay for it.
Plus I haven’t been feeling mentally well either, since the whole situation leaves me incredible anxious and worried.

So I decided to FINALLY open commissions to help my family out at least a bit.
I might take a while to finish requests depending on how complicted the characters are or how expierienced I am in drawing certain things, but this is the general pricing:

Face: 5€
Face-Sketches: 2-4€
Waist: 10€
Waist-Sketches: 5-7€
Fullbody: 20€
Fullbody-Sketches: 10-15€

(No Lineart only, sorry. Only full colored stuff or sketches)

Kinda Realistic-Face-Sketches: 20€
(I’m not too good at those yet, but they take a lot of work and time. Also they are not colored and just black/white)

You can also tell me if there’s any of my art-styles you prefer, but I can’T promise anything

I only add simple backgrounds and adding a second character depends on how complicated it’s going to be (of course that also affects the price)

Things I will draw:
- OCs (References needed.)
- Characters from every show/movie/games/etc
- AUs with Characters from every show/movies/games/etc

Things I won’t draw:

For more examples of how I draw you can go into my art-tag

If you are interested you can contact me here on tumblr via message or you write me an e-mail to angri97@freenet.de

And even if you are not interested, I’d appreciate if you’d reblog this post anyway!


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