Does anyone else also noticed this?

I think this is why you must to chosse to wear or not the Fazbear head when an animatronic is near. At first I wasn’t sure why not just wear it the entire night so then they didn’t attack you…

But it’s because of THIS, the new animatronics can actually see you, and maybe don’t attack you if they see you are not a criminal or a bad person.

The real thing is that if they have access to the local criminal database they KNOW the one who killed the kids in the first place was wearing a Fazbear suit, and it was in the restorant AFTER HOURS. 


So the Fazbear head has a good thing and a bad thing:

  1. GOOD: The old ones might not attack you. 
  2. BAD:The new ones will think you’re the killer and you’re gonna suffer the kid’s revenge. 

That’s why there are No doors, this time is not about stop them for come after you, it’s about know if the one who is going to strike it’s a new or an old animatronic, so then you don’t chosse wrong and doomed. 

This is my theory so far~….

Fun fact: The men who opposed the new Ghostbusters weren’t against it because they’re whiny fuckboys who can’t handle it when they see other children given toys. 

In truth, they knew from prophesy that Kate Mckinnon’s portrayal of Jillian Holtzman would turn every woman in the world gay, ultimately leading to the death of our species when all women worldwide opt to marry each other and adopt ragged yet loving shelter animals instead of having children.

I have no idea what the text is saying, but these pics are usually taken way out of context by non-Japanese readers.

Watch it just turn out to be Seb guilt-tripping Edward into joining the f5 plan to save Lizzie….

We wait for translations in our preferred languages.

(Meanwhile we stew in our own dirty juices…. Heh heh.)

We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  • We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
  • Los Campesinos!
  • We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

Song of the Week

Los Campesinos! - We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

For the last few months I’ve building up a huge folder of music that I wanted to add to my ipod, and was trying to stagger, 30 or 40 albums at a time. Then this week I finally said ‘fuck it’ and added all 15Gb to iTunes at once.

And while meticulously labelling and sorting all this new stuff, I kept rediscovering older albums that I hadn’t listened to in a while. Los Campesinos! for example, I’d pretty much skipped over at first after a few precursory spins. Now though, most of this week has been spent with We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed on repeat.

In many ways, Los Campesinos! make me think more of early emo or punk rock bands than their actual influences (Modest Mouse, Broken Social Scene et al); In particular groups like Future of the Left or Say Anything, with their sharp tongues and messy playstyles. Despite most of the songs on We Are Beautiful being about youth, relationships and other twee-pop staples, the lyrics are ofter quite dark and nihilistic.

I taught myself the only way to vaguely get along in love is to like the other slightly less than you get in return.

I keep feeling like I’m being undercut.

There are a lot of clever lines on this album, and this song is a particular standout. The backing’s great too - a cheery synth line that quickly gets buried under a cluster of guitars, strings and drums, all of which seem less cheery and more demented.

And I couldn’t talk about this song without mentioning one of the all-time great shout-out-loud lines:

Oh we kid ourselves there’s future in the fucking!

But there is no fucking future!

when Michelin had tyre failures they didn’t fucking race, but Pirelli has been making shit tyres for years, which people don’t understand, don’t know how to warm up, don’t know how long they’ll last and some have been even cheating with the tyre pressures and they didn’t even know how to fucking stop people cheating with their own tyres and… this is Ferrari and Sebastian’s fault for staying out to long??????????? I want Pirelli gone but hey they just signed a new contract!!!!!!!!!!!