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How did Zero and Taffy manage to get home Caddy?

“Well, we shared a couple of pizzas, and they left the same way they arrived - through a wormhole! But, uh, this one just looked like a straight-up hole in the ground, which was weird.”

“But what was even weirder was that Taffy knows another Caddy who can make them at will, apparently? Me and G didn’t catch sight of him, but he must have crazy powerful magic… ”

“Heh - we just couldn’t help it, I guess! Seeing them so happy, finally opening up to each other, talking over those unspoken feelings… it really does a monster’s Soul good.”

“But, eh, if me and G are really that cute maybe we ought to tone it down… don’t want any of you guys getting cavities… “

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We can order pizza and cuddle for vernon from seventeen please. Thank you x

Slamming the door shut and throwing your keys into the pot on the radiator cover in the hallway near the door. “Vernon?” you yelled through the small apartment, you saw his shoes slung into the corner of the small entrance and his bag just near the door.

“Vernon?” you dropped your bag next to his and trodded through to the living room where you saw the coffee table covered in papers and glasses. he had been writing lyrics again while he waited for you to get home from work, you saw the endless scribbles and scrunched up papers laid all of the floor.

“Hansol??” you dropped his stage name and called him, still he wouldnt reply. You saw the dirty dishes in the sink that seemed to of been left there all day. you sighed deeply and rested your forehead on your hand before moving onto the bedroom. It was there where you saw a sleeping vernon sprawled out across it.

You smiled sweetly at his tired face and left him there. quitely putting things away and changing into your pyjamas, slowly closing the door. you had just walked into the kitchen when you felt a pair of arms close around your waist.

“Baby? Why didn’t you wake me?” his voice was thick with sleep and you could hear that he hadn’t slept long enough. he hugged you tighter against his chest and his head rested on the top of yours. You heard him inhale deeply like he was deep in thought.

“Hansol baby? Why don’t you go back to bed?” You suggested while entwining your hands with his. His hand followed  suit but he spun you round and hugged tighter than before. except now you were facing him.

“I don’t want to sleep, and you need to relax” he muttered softly. he pulled you over to the couch in the living room and pushed you down. He sat down next to you and laid you down so that your head was resting on his lap. He pulled the blanket that was on the back of the couch to rest over you and he kissed your forehead gently.

“We can order pizza and cuddle” he tapped the end of your nose and smiled.

Zach: Ready to go home now?

Aubrey: Hmm…I think I’m ready for something to eat and a nap.

Zach: Me too, but not necessarily in that order. 

Aubrey: Yes, the nap should definitely come first.

Zach: Once we’re rested, how about ordering something in for dinner so you don’t have to cook?  We could have pizza and movie night.

Aubrey: Do I get to choose the film?

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You get homework,right? If so what kind of homework do you get?

“Mostly just reading assignments, so we’re not going into our next class completely blind. I usually do those during my lunch breaks - except Wednesdays, which is when we stop at Cool Egg Pizza or grab a Lunch Special in Yokaitown.”

“There’s also lab write-ups for SPAT and Applied Green Magic… and for Essential Manifestation, they expect us to keep practicing our technique. But since this is college, a lot of learning is self-guided, so it’s up to us to focus on areas we feel we have trouble with.”

“I’m not above swallowing my pride and asking for help, especially when a passing grade is on the line, but it can be a lot to handle sometimes… ”

🚨ATTENTION!🚨 We have revolutionized pizza delivery. We are proud to announce that Vinnie’s Pizzeria is the very first restaurant to offer delivery via TINY JEFF GOLDBLUMS! That’s right, TINY JEFF GOLDBLUMS will deliver pizza right to your mouth! Everything tastes better when it’s delivered by 100% Goldblum. It is the future of eating and it’s only available at Vinnie’s.

The Surgery - Part Three - Sebastian Stan x Reader

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30. ”This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.”


“No Seb, we’re getting pizza.” You huffed, pulling out the domino’s takeaway menu and placing it on top of the menu he’d offered, which was chinese food.

He rolled his eyes and replied by pushing your leaflet onto the floor, acting a lot like a very annoying child. Though, you suppose in a way it is thanks to this behaviour that your friendship became so great.

When the two of you were together, it was like all those persistent problems provided by reality became less of a worry; the stresses and pains were pushed behind the happiness created by the two of you being together. And when it wasn’t enough to stop the troubles from getting to one of you, the other would bravely step up like some sort of white knight and fight off whatever demons came to attack you.

This was not one of those times, instead you and Seb were having a disagreement over what takeaway to get. After a week of already having takeaway every night.

“No, Y/N.” He pretended to mimic your voice, “we are going to get chinese. We got pizza yesterday.” Sebastian sent you a very serious look which told you there was no way for you to change his mind.

You thought about using the sick card to get some sympathy pizza but you knew how that conversation would actually end up. He’d bring up the fact that he’d been stuck in doors taking care of you, making that into a reason why he deserves the chinese. Which, you guess, would be right. But the world is a cruel cruel place and sometimes people just don’t get the takeaway that they deserve.

This train of thought reminded you of the moments where you pretended something was going wrong in order to see Seb’s adorably panicked side. You’d only done it twice so far, but he was so concerned for you after the surgery that he believed you every time.

With this in mind, you released a long sigh. “Whatever,” you huffed, turning away from him and then quickly bending over in pain. Actually causing yourself a little pain as you moved too harshly.

“Y/N!” He cried out, hanging up the phone and rushing over to you. He was quick to place your body in a laid down position on the sofa. Seb lifted up your shirt to get a good look at your stitches.

A week ago the two of you would have felt far too awkward. Sure, secretly the two of you would have liked to see the other topless, but there was a reason for it being a secret. Now Sebastian was so used to the sight of your belly that it didn’t really phase him. That doesn’t mean he no longer got at excited at the sight of your stomach anymore.

He loved how soft your belly looked, despite any rolls or stretch marks you may have possessed. Sometimes when changing your dressing he would treat himself and sneakily stroke his hand across your belly, or grab your waist, simply because he adored the way you felt in his hands.

At first you did have some anxieties about the ugly stitches, but he was adamant that it just made your body more appealing. Sebastian didn’t lie to you. He didn’t tell you that the stitches were barely noticeable, or that the scar it was going to leave would be invisible. And really, he didn’t need to; all Seb had to do was tell you that he liked it and you would too.

On Sebastian’s face was obvious panic. His lips were parted and his eyes wide. The expression settled into confusion once he saw that there was nothing wrong with your stitches, his  lips came together into a pout and his eyebrows scrunched together.

You couldn’t hold it in anymore as a laugh tore through your feigned pain.

“Not funny,” he mumbled, standing back up and looking very moody. “What if I’d had eggs in my hand like last time?”

The memory of the last time you’d tricked him only made your laughter worsen. Two days ago he was making an omelette for breakfast, using the only remaining food you had in your apartment - hence the overwhelming amount of take away - and you’d decided this was the perfect time to scream out in pain. The food was flung into the air, landing with a loud ‘splat’. He had been very amused when he found out you were only pretending.

“I’m guessing you’re still unable to see the funny side of that?” You giggled.

He was about to yell at you but then his phone began to ring. For some reason he left into the kitchen after seeing who was on the caller ID. This had you curious which was never really a good thing. Slyly you moved closer to the door and began to listen into the conversation.

“Tonight? I don’t know, the reason I came here was to take care of her and she’s not better yet.” What you heard had your body freezing. Obviously Sebastian needed to return back to the set of his latest film. “Yea, I could get someone else but…” Though you couldn’t decipher what the person on the other side of the phone call was saying, you could hear a sound of them interrupting him and ranting. “I know I’m sorry… yes, fine, tonight.”

Of course you didn’t expect him to never leave you, it had just been such a perfect week with him, and you’d forgotten that eventually he’d have to leave you, just like every other time you were with him.

After two more minutes (one minute being spent finishing up the phone call, and another spent preparing himself to break the news to you) he left the kitchen, surprised to see you stood by the doorway. “You’re leaving?” You stopped him from making some snarky remark about you eavesdropping, gettings straight to the point.

“Uh,” he held up his phone awkwardly, “yeah, they need me back immediately… so…”

“Okay.” There wasn’t much for you to say. You couldn’t exactly tell him not to go, this was his life’s work and you were just someone that would hold him back.

Seen as Sebastian agreed with you on the ‘not talking about it’ part, he made his way over to the sofa and picked up the chinese takeaway menu. “So, what do you want?” He put on a fake smile, one which you couldn’t copy. Not this time.

In reply, you shook your head. “I’m not hungry anymore, I think I’m actually just going to go to bed.”

Though you tried to escape the room as fast as possible, Seb was quicker. He rushed to stand in front of you, grabbing your hands and stopping you from walking any further. You didn’t look into his eyes. “Wait a minute Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m just tired.” You shrugged your shoulders pathetically, knowing that Sebastian probably didn’t believe you, as not even you were partly convinced by your words.

He shook his head, “don’t lie to me, is it because I’m leaving? It never bothered you before.”

“You never asked.”

Sebastian seemed rather surprised by this. And to be fair it was mostly your fault for never making a comment about it before. YOu didn’t want to be a burden, and you still don’t. But in this situation you felt rather trapped and…. Hopeful. “It just kind of sucks that we get to spend all this time together and then you leave me, and you’re gone for so long.”

“Well… I don’t really have a reason to do anything else but work.”

And there it was, the truth you knew but never really wanted to hear. Yes, sure, Sebastian cared about you but you were only part of his life. His work was much more important than you. You knew this, but it still hurt.

“Exactly,” you said, your tone coming out a little more bitter than you’d intended it to as you pushed past him, entering your bedroom and stopping him from following behind you.

As expected, you cried. You cried because Seb was leaving you again and cried because you’d had such a good week. You cried over the memories of it. You cried over the Barbie marathon. You cried over the nights you shared together, and the nights you barely slept because you and Sebastian talked all the way through it. You cried over Sebastian’s incessant need to carry you everywhere, and his terrible jokes which were borderline dad jokes, and his awful cooking and his weird yet interesting stories. You cried because you were going to miss him so damn much.

You’re not sure how long you’d spent crying but by the time you’d raised your head from your tear soaked pillow, the sun had gone down and Seb was repeatedly knocking on the door, saying your name over and over again.

Sluggishly you made your way to the door, opening it and finding Sebastian stood there holding domino’s pizza boxes. “This is an apology pizza. Please take it or I will start crying right here.”

The statement had a small smile appearing on your lips. “Well we wouldn’t want that,” you replied, doing a dramatic eye roll as you opened the door wider for him to enter.

Of course you were still hurting, but it felt okay when Sebastian was with you. It always did.

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