We Are Scientists

  • What Pansexual people are attracted to:
  • •People
  • •Personalities
  • •Really attractive anime/cartoon characters
  • •Fictional characters with really amazing personalities on any number of creative platforms
  • •Cuddles
  • What Pansexual people are NOT attracted to:
  • •Animals
  • •Cookware
  • •Objects
  • •Children
  • •Corpses
  • •Rudeass, fucktrumpet, asshat, doucherags.

rad tunes to listen to during summer and the music will at least make you want to dance ((the pic is transparent too))

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Halloween // Siouxsie and the Banshees

Beast // Ex Hex

Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) // David Bowie

I Don’t Bite // We Are Scientists

Hunting For Witches // Bloc Party

The Lovecats // The Cure

They Are Zombies!!…. // Sufjan Stevens

Pumpkin // Starlight Mints

Tokyo Witch // Beach House

Jack the Ripper // The Horrors

Devil Town // Bright Eyes

Ghosts // Neutral Milk Hotel

The Hexx // Pavement

Pumpkinhead // Misfits

Heads Will Roll // Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Satin In A Coffin // Modest Mouse

Witches’ Rave // Jeff Buckley

Horror Show // The Libertines

Psycho Killer // Talking Heads

Zombie Zoo // Tom Petty

Teenage Witch // Eels

Pretty Girls Make Graves // The Smiths

You’re So Dark // Arctic Monkeys

Halloween On the Barbary Coast // The Flaming Lips

The Kooks

Junk of The Heart (2011)

Konk (2008)

Inside In / Inside Out (2006)

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