So sore I cant...

What’s the sores you’ve been? And what couldn’t you do (or what did you struggle to do)?

From Tuesdays workout (squats and lunges killed) I’m still struggling to pee. Gotta plop on the seat and pray I can find the strength to get up lol. The struggle is real.

3 eggo blueberry waffles for breakfast. I chose blueberry or cinnamon so no syrup needed and easy to eat on the go. 7 sp.

Nicole Haught as a character is just SO GOOD. Usually with lesbian characters they’re either broken or confident, feminine or masculine, this or that. But Nicole is both sweet and sexy, unsure and confident, vulnerable and flirtatious, authoritative and clueless when it come to Waverly all at the same time. She is multifaceted and complex and an actual person and not just a sexuality or the taboo love interest. She is her own person with her own motives and responsibilities. It is so refreshing to see a lesbian character so well written and so well portrayed. Props to Katherine Barrell and the writers for providing us such an exquisite and refreshing character.