I have been itching to share this for so long!! I wrote @emmkid a letter from Solas (post Trespasser) as a Christmas gift and I couldn’t show anyone until she opened it because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Eeei I am so glad she liked it. <3 

Notes: I typed the letter, transferred it to the nice paper using a lightbox, stamped it with a wax stamp wolf seal and made the leather portfolio out of 8-9 oz veg tanned leather. I hand painted the mask of Fen`Harel on the front in silver acrylic. 

Hey, can we talk about 5STARDOLL for a moment? I hadn’t heard of them until they released their cute Mantis (which is on my list, trust me) and I fell in love with Yami! They are amazing when it comes to packaging! The box is sealed with thin plastic. Their blanket zips up and is really thick and soft. They actually use a WAX stamp to seal up their CoAs and send you a cute laminated picture of the doll you picked! They even send cute little underwear and I got gift shoes! Go check them out!

Image by BJDConfessions


Craft day! I carved a wanna-be wax seal stamp out of polymer clay and baked it, then cut squares of wax paper, made a small pool of hot glue on the squares one at a time, and pressed my stamp into each of them. I cooled the hot glue puddles quickly by placing the wax paper onto an ice pack. Once the hot glue started to cloud over, I peeled the glue off/out of my wax seal stamp, and voila! Then I painted each hot glue “wax” seal with 3 coats of a metallic red acrylic paint, and this was the result! Now I just need to make my Hogwarts letters!