No no no Earpers. Earpers. Listen.

Emily Andras isn’t afraid of SHIT.

She literally gave us an angel allie tasked with guarding the garden of fucking eden.

Sex noises that one of the participants mother and sister can hear.

Family disownment because of an occupation NOT because of sexuality.


That’s is, that’s all I wanted to say.


wayhaught | their story {1x02-3x12}

All That’s Lost Stretched Between Us (Wayhaught Ficlet)

The Homestead is quiet as Nicole moves through the space. She wonders if she always found it this dusty and grey, or if it’s merely a consequence of the current situation. It doesn’t take more than half a second to realize she already knows the answer to that. Her eyes track up the staircase as her senses flood with reminders of the way this place filled her with light and happiness, and something else she can’t bear to settle on, just a short while ago. The dizzying speed at which everything changed is something Nicole attempts to push from her mind as she moves on to the kitchen to see if Wynonna is around, willing herself to ignore the thought of who it is she used to come here looking for.

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Join Bonnie Ferrar as she talks with Katherine Barrell and Dominique Provost-Chalkley about their character’s journey through the show and season 3!

*Wynonna tends the bar for Doc while he’s in the cellar getting more liquor*

Nicole, stumbles up to the bar drunk as shit and reaches into her pocket, pulling out a fist full of pocket change throwing it at her*

Nicole: *slurring* come on Aphrodite, take ‘em off!

Wynonna: *rages internally* I’ve got a better idea, how about you take off all your clothes for all my tips?

Nicole: Okay, *starts pulling her clothes off*

Waverly: Don’t you dare! Wynonna!

Wynonna: Do you know what she did?! *they start arguing*

Nicole: *successfully pulls off her clothes*

Waverly: Oh my god no! Nobody look!

Kate: That is the whitest ass I’ve ever seen on a white person. Imma pinch it.

Waverly: No you won’t! *they fight*

*Meanwhile, a midst the chaos, Doc returns from the cellar*

Doc: Wynonna?

Wynonna: Yep?

Doc: You’re fired.

Wynonna: 'Kay.

Nicole: …can I have money now?

Calamity Jane • Requested

Nicole saved Calamity on a call one day. She found the small orange kitten behind a dumpster. She was going through a rough time herself, she need Calamity just as much as Calamity needed her. She never loved anything as much until she found Waverly.

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