Wavering Radiant

Y’all let me tell you something adorable that happened today. We were on the bus heading downtown and this girl gets on, and she’s hella cute y’all, just adorable in her velvet top and her mini-skirt and her sneakers, and she’s a larger girl with a big tummy and killer thighs, but she also looks kinda shy and was holding her head down and her body language was very uncomfortable and I’ve been there, I’ve put on my “I want to wear this so I totally will wear this” outfit and spent the entire day pulling my skirt down or subtly trying to hide my belly by holding my bag in front of me because my self confidence wavers between “radiant as the sun” and “second level of hell just let me die”. 

So not wanting to be That Creepy Older Person Who Says Something, I just give her my biggest smile and make some gesture which I hope implies “I love your everything, it’s so purple!”

But the girl behind me? She has no such qualms, she sees this other girl coming and she says loudly so everyone can hear “Oh my gosh you’re so pretty! I love all of you!”

I dunno if you’ve ever seen what happens when girls compliment other girls in public, especially girls that don’t know each other. But Lord it is beautiful and you could power a city for a year from the brightness of her smile in that moment.

20 Minutes/40 Years
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METAL MONDAY: 20 Minutes / 40 Years by Isis - They were pioneers of the post-metal movement till they eventually broke up over two years ago.  Now admittedly I have been dismissive of this breed of “hipster metal” in the past, especially with the suspicious amount of praise such bands have received from non-metal music critics and bloggers.  However the genre has grown on me over time and it really is the logical evolution of many of my early influences in metal and grunge.

Isis is releasing a retrospective tomorrow (“Temporal”), so in anticipation I am posting my favorite track from their last studio album Wavering Radiant.  20 Minutes / 40 Years, like many Isis tracks, is not so much a destination, but a meandering journey of soundscapes where Pink Floyd meets Tool with a dash of doom thrown in.