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Warning: It’s pretty long. 

Missing the Cold

You haven’t been the same since Leonard sacrificed himself to save the team. The waverider felt empty without his sarcastic comments. You knew Mick was taking the death of his partner not so well, even Sara was taking it hard due to them being friends over this whole journey so you found solace in her.

“I don’t know how Mick is still functioning after losing Snart,” you say sitting next to Sara on her bed, “they have been together since juvie as partners and yet I think we are taking this the hardest.”

Sara looks at you and puts her arm over your shoulder, “That may be y/n, but one thing I’ve learned that death isn’t the end. I should know. I’ve seen more death in my life than anyone ever should and yet I find that it’s never truly the end of one’s life.” Sara says while taking the navy blue parka, you thought was lost when he died, out from the corner and places it on your lap. “I find that they live in memories y/n and that as much as we feel like they have gone,” she says while cressing the fur of the hood* “they never truly disappear.”
As you look at her she smiles and pats your back while holding back tears.

“Thank you Sara. You have no idea how much this means to me.” Sara looks at you and puts a hand on your shoulder, “you never told him did you, y/n?”

* * Flashback * * *

“Oh come on Snart let me wear it one time. Please??” You say walking behind him.

“Why do you wanna wear my parka so badly y/n?” He says as he stops walking and turns to you making to smile.

“Because​ I just want to. That’s all.” Y/n says while crossing their arms looking at him with a serious face.

Leonard looks into your eyes trying to see what you're​ not telling him then sighs. “Fine but on one condition.” He says opening the door to his quarters as he walks in and grabs the parka off of the coat rack and walks back out.

“Name it Snart.” You say smiling knowing that you won.

“Start calling me Leo, Len, or Lenny. My friends call me that.” He says handing you the parka while smirking.

“You got it Sna- I mean Len.” You say smiling as you hug the parka and go off to your room and put it on looking at yourself in the mirror.

“Looks good on you kitten.” He says while stopping at your door while Sara, Ray, and Mick walk past your room as they head to the kitchen for dinner.

“You think so???” You say turning around smiling as the fur of the hood is covering your eyes.

He smirks and walks over to you lifting the hood up at see your e/c eyes. “Yes it does, but it’s missing something.” He says while taking a snowflake necklace out of his pocket.

You blush a bit and move your h/c hair away from your neck as he nods for you to turn around, “I thought Captain Cold didn’t give people gifts.”

“Well, I guess you thought wrong kitten.”, He says while putting the necklace on you.

* * * End of Flashback * * *

“Y/n? Hello?” Sara ways her hand in front of your face, “White Canary to h/n.” “Sorry Sara. I zoned out again.” This has been happening for a couple weeks. The zoning out: on missions, during meetings, dinner and even while sparring.

After you left Sara’s room Mick saw you and walked over to you after exiting the kitchen. “He there n/n”

“Hey Mick.” You say as you hold the parka close to you. “I see you got Leonard’s parka. He always said you would look good in it.” As he said this you looked at him with a bit of shock.

“Len said that, really?” Mick nods and walks with you down the hall to your door. “Yeah he did. I may be thick but I knew my partner was in love with you even if he didn’t see it himself.”

You look at him holding back tears, “After working with someone as long as we did.” He sighs “You see things that they don’t.”

“Mick, are you saying what​I think you’re saying???” You say trying your hardest not to cry as one tear escapes and runs down your cheek.

“Yes, y/n. I am.” He says patting your back and walks down the hall. As he leaves you go into your room and close the door as you slide down the door crying. “He loved me. I should of told him how I felt.” You say as you run your hands through your hair.

* * * Flashback * * *

“Len it’s beautiful. Where did you get it?” You say turning to face him while smiling.

“Before we left I had Cisco make me a necklace pendant for my sister that had a tracking device in it so I know she is safe.” He says leaning against the wall near the mirror. “I told him to make a second one just in case. The one you are wearing now is that second one with a few minor adjustments.”

You blush a bit while smiling. “What kind of minor adjustments???” You say as you hold the pendant. “Well, I had Palmer add a vial reader so you know when you are hurt or pushing yourself too hard.” Leonard says while playing with his ring.

“That’s sweet of you Len.” You say smiling as he looks away saying something under his breath that you can’t hear but you ignore it. “Hey Len?”

“Hm?” He says looking at you. “We should probably go get some dinner before Stein and Jax argue over food again.” You say as you take the parka off and place on your bed carefully wanting to tell him.

“Good idea kitten.” He says walking to the door waiting for you. “Ladies first.”

* * * End of Flashback * * *

You sit there against the door playing with the necklace Leonard gave you as you accidentally press a button which progects a hologram of leonard.

 “Hello y/n. If you are seeing this then I might be dead or in a coma. Which ever comes first. I know that you are most likely wearing my parka, I know how much you love that so I had Sara give it to you.” 

You wipe away a few tears and put on the parka the as the hologram continues, “I also know that you miss me kitten.” As you heard this you cry a bit more, “Ever since we meet back in Central City when Barry introduced you to me when he needed my help with sending some metas to the Arrow’s island prison. Cisco was so protective of you that day along with Doctor Snow and I couldn’t wrap me head around it until I saw your powers in action. I had heard of the meta who could control light, wind, and ice but I didn’t know it was you. You intrigued me from the start with your powers but once I met you everything changed.”

You smile a bit as you create a light ball in your hands and wipe away your tears as the hologram continues. “You were nothing how I imagined you would be. You were something that warmed my frozen heart and I knew that if you felt the same we would be happy. That day I met you I never excepted you to be so beautiful let alone smart and powerful. And I fell for you. And I wish I could tell you this in person kitten, I love you y/n.”

As the hologram disappears Ray knocks on your door, “Hey Y/n, are you alright? I heard you crying and thought I would check up on you.”

You stand up and open the door with red eyes from crying. “Do you have cupcakes? I’ll tell you what’s wrong if you have cupcakes.” You say making Ray smile a bit.

“Good thing I came prepared then.” He says holding up a plate of your favorite cupcakes and a box a tissues. “May I?” You nod and step aside as he walks in. You close your door sit on your bed, “Sit down Ray.” As Ray sits down next to you he holds a cupcake for you to take. “As you know I met Leonard back in Central City while working with Barry.”

* * * Flashback * * *

You were working with Cisco on the meta human prison gadget as Joe talks with Barry as you sit next to Caitlyn. As Barry was talking to Joe, Leonard Snart walks in. “ Then lucky for you I figured out what it is you can get me. Hello, Detective. Nice to see you again. Caitlin, Cisco.” He looks at you a little taken back by you being new to the team but then composes himself and starts talking again. “I thought about your proposal. You want my help, this is what I want. My fingerprints, dental records, DNA, criminal records, family tree, everything there is in this world concerning Leonard Snart. I want it destroyed. All of it. At CCPD, online, everywhere.”

You zone out of the conversation as Joe talks to Barry with Snart present. As soon as Joe and Barry leave to talk Leonard walks over to you. “I don’t believe we have met, I’m Leonard Snart.” he says as he leans against the table.

“I know who you are Mr. Snart.” you say not looking up from what you are doing as Caitly speaks up. “Snart, have you hear about the meta human that can control and make ice, wind, and light?” 

“Yes I have, Caitlyn. Why?” He says looking at her as Cisco chuckles a bit while you try your hardest not to giggle. “You’re leaning on the desk next to her.” as she says this Leonard’s eyes widen.

“So, how’s it going in here?”, says Barry as Leonard turns to him. “So this is the meta that has been helping you that I see so much on the news?” You stand up as Barry smiles and walks over to you. “Leonard, I would you to met Y/n or how the world knows her Aureole.”

* * * End of Flashback * * * 

“That was when I first met Len. He might of not known that I had a crush the moment I saw him, but I loved him even when he betrayed Barry that night. I forgave him because Central City wasn’t the same place it was before the particle accelerater explosion even being a criminal it was dangerous.”  You say as you grab another cupcake.

“Wow, to be honest I thought love like that only exsisted with Oliver and Felicity.”, smiles a bit and takes a bite of his cupcake.

“That may be but we never told each other that we liked each other until it was too late when we kissed right before he scarficed himself.”, You say putting your hands in the parka pockets. “Its too bad we can’t get him back.”

Unknown to Ray and you Sara had taken the jump ship​ to see what see could do to save Leonard. “Are you sure that if we get there are the right time that we will save him Professor?” Sara says as she glances at Stein. 

“If we show up a couple seconds before he blows up the Vanishing Point we may indeed save Mr. Snart.” he says while writing down calculations.

They arrive at the Vanishing Point as the waverider leaves and fly in the roof and see Leonard talking to a time master.

“There are no strings on me.” he says as Sara grabs his arm. “You ain’t dying today Leonard.” She says as she then freezes his hand with his cold gun and chops it off before they get on the drop ship and leave.

“Welcome back Mr. Snart.” Stien says as Sara pilots the jump ship as the Vanish Point explodes with them escaping the recage.

“You better have a good explaination for this.”, he says as he holds his arm. “Y/N is the main reason. And the second reason is that Mick is going crazy, literally. He has been seeing your “ghost”.” Sara says as she docks in the Waverider.

“Wait just a minute. How long has it been since I “Died”, Sara?” He says blocking Sara from leaving the jump ship.

“Len, you’ve been dead for two months.” Sara says as she helps Snart stand after hearing the news.

“We need to get him to the med bay to regenerate his hand.” says Professer Stein as he opens the door as Jax walks over. “You really brought him back. Aw yeah.” “Jefferson would you please tell Mr. Rory to get Ms. L/N and tell them to wait on the bridge.”

* * * Five Minutes Later * * *

“Why are we here?”, says Mick as he is sitting in one of the chairs on the bridge. “Yeah Jax, why are we here?” you say as you take off Leonard’s parka and put it on his chair as a tear falls from your eye.

“I thought you two would be happy to see me. Guess I must have been wrong.” As you hear this both Mick and you turn to where the very familiar voice to be greeted by the person you both have missed so much.

“You see him too, right?”, Mick says standing up as you wipes away more tears as Leonard walks over the two of you while Jax leaves the room joining Sara, Ray, Stein and Rip.

“You do know that this could have gotten both of you killed.” Rip says to Stein and Sara. “That is true Rip, but it didn’t and now are team is whole again

“Len, how are you?” you say as he hugs you. “Sara, she took the jump ship, froze my hand, and took me back to here.”, he says as Mick puts his hand on Leonard’s shoulder. “I’ll leave you two alone.” Mick says right before he joins the others that are watching Leonard and you.

“So Sara did give you the parka I see.” Len says as he picks up the parka as he looks at you smiling a bit.

“Yeah she did. And I found the hologram message you made in the necklace you gave me. Why didn’t you tell me Len?” you say as you walk closer to him.

“The same reason you didn’t. The uncertainty that you wouldn’t feel the same.” he says as he puts the parka over your shoulders while smiling a bit. “It always did look good on you.” 

You smile while looking up at him, “That may be true but it always looks good on you.” You say as you lean up and kiss his cheek.

“I think you missed y/n”, he says as he kisses you while you wrap your arms around his neck letting the parka fall to the floor.

While this is happening everyone gives Sara 20 dollars each. “Told you he would kiss her first.”, says Sara.

Why are you like this? (Rip Hunter x Reader)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


Warnings: A bit of blood (not that much :p)

Requested by the lovely @the-mormon-girl-in-the-books

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The team returns from a mission and Rip tangles himself further into a missunderstanding; all while injured.

The door of the Waverider swooshed open, the chilly wind filtering into the ship as the crew walked inside, a few sighs of relief escaping from their lips as the control temperature of the Waverider replaced the cold breeze that had been blowing harshly outside.

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[LEGENDS OF TOMORROW VERSE] Mick Rory is NOT dumb, he is NOT quiet, and he is NOT an animal.
Firstly, quiet. Mick Rory is NOT quiet. He normally left the talking to Leonard, granted. However, he always responded when talked to directly and he even talked to the flash on occasion. He has a sense of humour (although a little dark) still amusing. Mick also talked aloud, whilst the Ramon siblings were kidnapped. Mick does talk, even to himself! The reason he doesn’t talk much on the ship, probably has something to do with everyone calling him, rude, mean and frankly disrespectful things, whilst he is and isn’t present. Doesn’t matter how thick your skin is, that still hurts, and has an effect on you. Especially if they are the only people around you, on a day to day basis.

((Spoilers for 02x13 LoT))

As well as that, the Waverider crew is also unbelievably insensitive around Mick. Yes, he’s not exactly the most open character, and yes he’s a little violent (okay, really violent), sometimes. But can you really blame him? His life has been one shit storm after another.
Rip chose to mess it up, even more for him.
He was betrayed by his best, and ONLY, friend. The single person who actually saw him for how he really was, not just some savage animal. To add to that, following the betrayal he was Tortured, Brainwashed and programmed to kill the crew (involving a method that transfers another person into your subconscious, which in 2X13 Gideon informs us that Rip Hunter considers it inhuman)
During this episode, Mick Rory is trying to help, hELP! MARTIN FUCKING STEIN, Calm the fuck down! (In turn helping Jax)
Do you know what that self-centred scientist responded with? Do you know what he basically said, to a man he knows, fULL WELL, IS STILL HALLUCINATING HIS DEAD PARTNER?!
He basically said, I’m not listening to you ‘cause your partners dead. He put it bluntly, and with complete indifference, as if the loss of Leonard meant nothing to him. As if Leonard was somebody he had never met.
We never saw anyone else jump in to ‘stop fates plan’, as it were. Nobody else stepped up to save Ray ‘actual puppy’ Palmer from certain death. Nah, they were all content to let him die.

Not the the criminals from central city though, no nO NO! THE ONLY CROOKS ON THE SHIP, were not about to let that happen.
Mick Rory did not even hesitate to to save him, and Leonard Snart was NOT leaving his best friend to die, again.

So yes, Leonard Snart is dead.

But he would not be dead, if he didn’t care about his partner, or trust him to carry on with his life.

Martin ‘head rammed so far up his arse’ Stein, if anyone, anYONE ON THE WAVERIDER CAN GIVE YOU PARTNERSHIP ADVICE it is Mick Rory!
If their 20+ year friendship isn’t proof enough.
How about their fight when Mick was imprisoned in the ships cells? Leonard knew Mick wouldn’t kill him, in fact Leonard knew the moment he stepped foot in that cell he was out-matched. Have you seen the size of Rory? there is no way, Leonard Snart walked in there thinking he would win, in hand to hand combat.

Is that not enough? Okay, how about when we first meet Mick Rory in the flash.
Leonard and Mick had obviously not talked in a while…but the moment, THE MOMENT SNART GETS THE ICE GUN, AND FINISHES HIS FIRST ROUND WITH THE FLASH, THE FIRST GUY HE PHONES UP IS MICK!
Len: ‘Hey, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but do you wanna become supervillans?’

If that is not proof ENOUGH for you that Mick and Lens partnership is hard to challenge,
Mick is not dumb, and Mick is not a wild beast. How about his relationships with the Snarts?

Both Leonard and Lisa Snart came from an abusive background. Leonard basically raised his sister, do you understand how close a relationship he would have with Lisa? He would treat her as his own daughter as opposed to a sibling.
Do you seriously think, with a relationship like that and their past, the lack of trust toward people or men in general, brought on by physical abuse, Leonard would just allow an unstably violent man, larger and stronger than himself, near Lisa? Because I sure as hell don’t.

Leonard and Lisa have definitely built a sort of sibling bond with Mick. Both Snarts are capable of calming and helping Mick if his anger tips over the edge. As shown in the Flash, when Cisco was Kidnaped to re-build their Temperature Guns.
Mick reacts violently when the Ramon brothers attack him. Instantly, both Snarts rush in. Leonard pushing him away, and Lisa grabbing him by the shoulders, trying to occupy his mind with something else as she directs him away.


(even consider suggesting Leonard Snarts death was Mick’s fault! and I will jump through my laptop and stab you!)

Do not call Mick Dumb! because although he does not remember everything, he still remembered the name of the contraption used to torture and manipulate his mind, now I don’t know about you but that’s the type of thing I would pray my mind would make me forget, due to the trauma.
He knows battle strategies.
He persuaded the president of America to flee, to fight another day. He has a statue, in his honour.
He is more than capable of looking after himself, and fucking you up, as well!
He didn’t go to university, or collage. So what? Neither did Sara (?), Jax or Leonard but they’re not called dumb.
Thats because they have other skills.
What I’m trying to say, in a really drawn out way, is yes, Mick is morally questionable at most times, but heroes especially shouldn’t bully a guy, or kick him when he’s already down.

[- Rage fuelled Rant over-]

During one particular mission that involved all four teams, everyone was aboard the Waverider.  While Sara and Ollie were screaming and arguing in the fabrication room about the mission plans, the others were in the galley watching J’onn and M’gann impersonate Sara and Ollie and fake argue about something ridiculous. Everyone was dying laughing until the real pair walked into the room behind the Martians. To this day no one has ever seen such a look of fear in J’onn’s eyes than when the real Sara starting slow clapping behind him.


Waverider 99: Season Two Edition

It all started when we blew up the time pigs, the Time Masters, now history’s all screwed up, and it’s up to us to unscrew it up. Half the time, we screw things up even worse. So don’t call us heroes, we’re something else. We’re legends. 

Monopoly is banned onboard the Waverider. This ban happened after a disastrous first game that resulted in two concussions, one and a half broken noses, Stein getting hit in the stomach with the board, and Gideon almost mutinying in an attempt to get everyone to stop fighting. No one will explain what happened beyond blaming Snart for the inciting incident.