‘At the conclusion of the scene, Rathbone deviated from the script. “Goodbye Wattie, old boy,” he said tenderly. Before this sacrilege could register on the astonished cast, crew and observer, Bruce replied, “Goodbye, Holmesy old bean.” And he bent over to bestow a gentle kiss on the great detective.’

After reading this post by @welovethebeekeeper I couldn’t resist an had to do a quick doodle, I love t h e m

Erased de Kooning Drawing

What do you need to transform a de Kooning into a Rauschenberg? 1 month and 40 erasers.

In 1953, Rauschenberg asked artist Willem de Kooning, an Abstract Expressionist painter whom he admired, for a drawing to erase. De Kooning agreed, selecting a drawing that he thought would be particularly difficult to rub out. Rauschenberg claimed that it took him a month, and about 40 erasers, to complete the job. He kept the erased drawing in his studio for two years. In 1955, when he was invited to submit a drawing to show at the Elinor Poindexter Gallery, Jasper Johns persuaded him to exhibit it. Johns placed the drawing in a gold frame and produced the work’s inscription.

See more Rauschenberg: Among Friends collaborations at mo.ma/2s54Npr.

[Robert Rauschenberg with Willem de Kooning and Jasper Johns. Erased de Kooning Drawing. 1953. A de Kooning drawing, graphite, and other media on paper, erased by Rauschenberg and mounted in a gilded wood frame with label inscribed using a metal template in blue ink on paper by Jasper Johns. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Purchase through a gift of Phyllis C. Wattis. Photo: Ben Blackwell. © 2017 Robert Rauschenberg Foundation]

Announcement from Rotty!

“So I was actually gonna wait to announce this, but I feel like it’s pretty obvious given how the current book is going that I can feel confident announcing it now.

There will be a spin-off series for the Underworld Chronicles. The spin-off will be called “Underworld Chronicles: Duat”.

That’s right, everyone; you asked, and you shall receive. The Egyptian pantheon is about to get their very own series. I only have a couple books planned for it so far, but you know how that goes when I try to plan something for like two books and somehow it turns into fucking twenty-eight. Remember when I thought Inferi was gonna be a stand alone? *awkward half-laugh, half-scream* O v O;;

Anyway, I have no set date for when this series will come out. I am hoping to do it after the current series is over, so I’m not darting in between projects like I already am, but we’ll see how things go.

Like the original series, Duat will be told from 1st POV (except for the prologues). It will have an entirely different plot, but you will be seeing some characters from the original series. Like Set, Sept, Mictlan, Anubis, etc.

This is all the information I have now, and I feel confident in telling everyone that this IS going to happen for certain now. So I hope this is some good news for y'all! Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Updates for “Empty Pleasures” comin’ to you this weekend!”

Jun 21, 2017 


A HUGE happy birthday to our General of the Rotty Army, Supreme Ruler of the Gay Writer-dom, and Lord of Feels. Without them, none of us wouldn’t be on the floor crying, screaming in public, or in absolute awe at the wonder they present to us. 



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