Life is Strange Fun Facts

• Dayeanne Hutton, the voice actor of Kate, also does the voices of Alyssa and Juliet.
• Derek Phillips, the voice actor of Mr. Jefferson, also does the voices of Samuel and Zachary.
• Dani Knights, the voice actor of Victoria, also does the voices of Dana and Brooke.
• Nik Shriner, the voice actor of Nathan, also does the voices of Trevor, Luke, and Daniel.
• Hannah Telle, the voice actor of Max, also does the voice of Courtney.
• Carlos Luna, the voice actor of Warren, also does the voices of Justin and Evan.
• Don McManus, the voice actor of David, also does the voices of Logan and Hayden.
• Ashly Burch, the voice actor of Chloe, also does the voices of Taylor and Stella.
• Dontnod initially showed Square Enix a different game, but they rejected it. Dontnod then showed Life is Strange, and they loved it.
• The American flag in Chloe’s room originally had graffiti on it. However, it was removed before the first episode was released.
• The lip syncing in the game is not the highest priority for the developers. They decided to spend most of the budget money on more important things other than getting perfect lip sync.
• Ashly Burch originally auditioned for both Chloe and Max, but ended up getting the Chloe role since the devs thought she was perfect for it.
• Life is Strange has been in development since April 2013. For a year and a half, it was originally titled “What If?”.
• Jonathan Morali, from the music group “Syd Matters” (With a few of their songs are played in-game), composed the music for the game.
• Arcadia Bay was most likely based on or inspired by Tillamook Bay.
• The unfinished version of episode 2 was leaked shortly after episode 1, way before the official release. Files were leaked aswell.

HELLSTATE TASK 020. made you a playlist

               O P H E L I A .   ( @fckoffhamlet​ )

               ❝ ophelia // the lumineers ┆ oceans // seafret ┆ hold back the river // james bay ┆ lover of the light // mumford & sons ┆ nothing // lewis watson ┆ incomplete // james bay ┆ this is the thing // fink ┆ the blower’s daughter // damien rice ┆ fear of fear // passenger ┆ lost stars // adam levine ┆ atlas: touch // sleeping at last ┆ delicate // damien rice ❞


So I decided to make a playlist of some of my favorite songs for the winter :)
1. Hold back the River - James Bay
2. Gasoline - Halsey
3. Georgia - Vance Joy
4. Is there Somewhere - Halsey
5. Doubt - Twenty One Pilots
6. Send my Love (To your new Lover) - Adele
7. Mess is Mine - Vance Joy
8. All I Want - Kodaline
9. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift
10. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
11. Love Me - The 1975
12. Wonderland - Taylor Swift
13. Youth - Troye Sivan
14. Olivia - One Direction
15. Speakers - Sam Hunt
16. American - Lana Del Rey
17. Scars - James Bay
18. Touch and Go - Ed Sheeran
19. Don’t Panic - Ellie Goulding
20. I Miss You - Adele
21. Hands to Myself - Selena Gomez
22. Cold in Ohio - Jamie Lawson
23. Sometimes it’s Hard - Jamie Lawson
24. Halo - Lewis Watson