credit: ihappygirl


When I was young, I would write letters to my Great Aunt Carol, asking for animal drawings because she was such an amazing artist. She in turn, would write me letters from all my favorite animals and include some fun facts about the creatures. I decided I wanted to carry on the tradition with my beautiful niece, Lena Bean. Made me smile so big to get a text from her mom saying she got the letter and loved it. 💕


260217 • 4th Week of Feb • 🎧 : Should Have Held Onto You - Astro 》
I actually like how colorful this page turned out. (Okay it’s not that colorful but it’s the brightest spread in my entire bullet journal so…) and this entire spread is dedicated to Red Velvet ^.^ They’re doing such a good jobs promoting rookie!! ♡ School has been drowning me with so much homework. Welp! And here are some trials I’ve painted for my concept innocence. Hope y’all have a fantastic day!