I just finished my new abstract doodle with Commander Kick-Ass :)

As I mentioned it before I’m not very good with detialis when I’m using acrylics. That’s why I always try to mix many different “mediums” into one. The main one is of course acrylic paint, but here I also used watercolors & watercolor pencils with charcoal and soft pencil (8B) for Her face. This painting is in A2 format size (42x60 cm / 16.5x23.4 in) :)

First three pics in this post is a final result of my work and the last two is simply the whole “making off” :)

I hope You’ll like it! Enjoy!

~✨Watercolor Paint on Paper✨~
Hand painted by: Tori Bird Pope
((( @jah-feel )))
✨*Local* *Vegan* *Organic*✨
CBD medicine treats created by my sister Cassadee in Eugene, Oregon*✨🙌🏼✨
✨🌈✨HEAVENS YEAH!!!!!!✨🌈✨

A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years

I love this vocaloid song so much, so I had to draw Yuuma and all of his heartsick love letters.<(>//.//<)>