Location: Burlington, Vermont

-me and my family skated to town [1 mile or so away]
-lake Champlain was so breathtakingly beautiful
-please try kombucha [vvvv healthy for you!]
-i dyed my hair blue???
-ben & jerry’s was a cute little place [did you know that the factory in Waterbury makes 80% of americas production?]

-might apply to their university for college because hey, a medical program!


Holy Land USA
Waterbury, Connecticut 

Holy Land USA was once an 18 acre Bible-themed park located in Waterbury, Connecticut. The park had about 40,000 visitors a year until it closed in 1984 for renovations. Holy Land USA never opened back up again due to the death of owner John Greco in 1986. It has been abandoned ever since. The abandoned acres of the theme park have been watched over by groups of nuns for decades, but the place keeps getting more and more creepy as the park continues to deteriorate. 

On top of the vandalism and eeriness the park gives off, a teenager was murdered on these abandoned grounds in 2010. Since then police records have shown that the amount of trespassers have been decreasing which just means abandoned Holy Land USA is as creepy and deserted as ever.


Holy Land USA (Waterbury, Connecticut) 

ADDRESS: 38 Bergen St, Waterbury, Connecticut 06706 

COORDINATES: 41.547204, -73.029859

John Baptist Greco, a staunch Roman Catholic, had a vision of a roadside theme park devoted to God. By the end of the 1950s, he had created a theme park built to replicate a miniature Bethlehem. Yes, you read that correctly. There was, in fact, a theme park made to be a miniature Bethlehem in devotion to God. By the 1960s, the park was visited by some 50,000 people a year. One could come and see a recreation of the Garden of Eden, biblical-themed dioramas and various tributes to the life and work of Jesus Christ. In 1984, the park was closed for renovation. Greco had hopes of expanding the site to attract more visitors; however, this was never achieved as he died in 1986. 

There are two things that give this place its creepy feel. The first thing is Holy Land USA’s Catacombs. The Catacombs snake through about 200 yards, leading somewhere under the parking lot. At the time of the park’s prime, the Catacombs served as representations of famous biblical characters’ tombs. Since the park’s abandonment, they’re described as “The whole experience was definitely pretty creepy and I wouldn’t recommend it to the weak of heart. It’s dirty, dank and extremely unearthly down there” [Chuck Taylor/Ron Bozman, 8/18/97]. The second factor into this park’s creepiness is not for the faint of heart; if you would not like to read about homicide and assault, please stop reading here. In 2010, Chloe Ottman (16) went to explore the abandoned theme park with her friend, Francisco Cruz (19). Cruz made unwanted advances towards Ottman, and when she declined he decided to rape, strangle, and stab Ottman to death. This all took place right under the park’s 50-foot cross (pictured above). 


Waterbury, CT Autism Walk of 2014!!!

Damn I love these events! Kids love us! Parents keep asking us back! New friends big and small! Good feels all around!

I said it before and I’ll say it again…
Kids are the best! Proud to be a part of this!


Caught off guard: who startled who  (Part 2 of 2)

“I was standing at the payphones when I was talking to my mom and my friend Brandi Helling..and my friend Brandi hung up the phone she was on and I saw kids running.  I turned and saw a tall man in a trenchcoat with a gun. My friend went running because a teacher grabbed her. I was still on the phone at this time it  was 11:20 am.  I then dropped the phone ran into the bathroom and hid in a stall and then came out later.  I was still hearing gunshots at this time but my mom was still on the phone screaming my name. I told my mom to come get me as I hung up the phone a bullet or shell hit the phone next to me. I took off running. The gunman came outside (the main entrance) and started shooting and went back into the school.

From what the gunman looked like..I saw him very briefly. He was wearing a trenchcoat with a black cap. The gunman was very tall and skinny. The suspect was laughing as he was shooting. He backed away from where I saw him and he saw me..he backed away and all I could see was his arm.”

Note that in Lauren’s state of fight or flight panic with her visual acuity and perception being distorted, her recall of events given on 4/20 describe Dylan to be ‘tall and skinny’ but then guesses him to be 5′8  (!)   This kind of stuff happens all the time with student accounts in the 11k where their recollection is off. She also claims he was shooting with his right hand with a handgun (his Tec 9).  Of course, we know Dylan to be left handed.  It’s quite possible, that Dylan was actually dicking around trying his hand at shooting his Tec rather sloppily using his non-dominant right hand while holding his double-barreled shot gun pointed at the floor in his left hand. Imagine the bullets just inaccurately zinging through the air randomly ricocheting and denting doors, lockers and the  payphone next to Lauren, fleeing students as well as shattering the main entrance front door’s window into an explosive spray of glass shards - all the while he’s laughing his ass off like it’s his death day party.  Dylan’s day of freedom and wild, reckless abandon. Then Lauren (and Brandi) startled him off to his peripheral left momentarily out of his forward focused shoot-out reverie for a brief moment.  In any event the first time Lauren noticed a part of him coming down the hall, she ran in the bathroom and he did not pursue her.

Part 1: Brandi Helling’s account

Home Town Radium Girl.

Waterbury is the home of the Timex factory. Back in world war II, when women entered the work force, a lot of local women got jobs with Timex. Painting the hands of the wrist watch with glow and the dark paint.

They licked their brushes to get a fine point. 

They wore it as lipstick, as a surprise in the bedroom.

Most of the women died horrible deaths due to cancer. That glow in the dark paint. Who would have thought.