Holy Land USA
Waterbury, Connecticut 

Holy Land USA was once an 18 acre Bible-themed park located in Waterbury, Connecticut. The park had about 40,000 visitors a year until it closed in 1984 for renovations. Holy Land USA never opened back up again due to the death of owner John Greco in 1986. It has been abandoned ever since. The abandoned acres of the theme park have been watched over by groups of nuns for decades, but the place keeps getting more and more creepy as the park continues to deteriorate. 

On top of the vandalism and eeriness the park gives off, a teenager was murdered on these abandoned grounds in 2010. Since then police records have shown that the amount of trespassers have been decreasing which just means abandoned Holy Land USA is as creepy and deserted as ever.


Waterbury, CT Autism Walk of 2014!!!

Damn I love these events! Kids love us! Parents keep asking us back! New friends big and small! Good feels all around!

I said it before and I’ll say it again…
Kids are the best! Proud to be a part of this!


Promotional commercial for Waterbury, CT from the 80s.


Rune ( @runetangclan) took us to Prohibition Pig in Waterbury, VT for dinner. There was Frenet on draught so of course we did shots with Schlitz 60s Formula chasers. Rune also expertly ordered some delicious starters for us including these heavenly pork rinds, fried pimento cheese balls with a sweet chili dipping sauce and hush puppies with maple butter. Girl Interrupted got the house mac and cheese which was decadent and enormous and I got the house burger with pimento cheese, applewood smoked bacon and fried green tomato. Last but not least Rune ordered the Take A Knee: Tom Cat gin (my favorite) Amaro, honey and lemon and I got the Hill Farmstead Edward (American Pale Ale). I wish we had more time to taste all their beer and cocktail offerings but we’ll have to save it for another trip.

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Hi! I was wondering, if maybe you could give the Footloose audio that you have? Regardless, thanks A LOT for all the things you've posted so far and have a nice day! ;)


Footloose ||1999/06/06 {St. Paul, MO}

Richard H. Blake (u/s Ren McCormack), Nikki Scalera, Daren Kelly, Mary Gordon Murray, Christian Borle, Stephanie St. James, Katie Harvey, Andrea McCormack, Narsga Waterbury


i love doing things okay yes!

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Nickname: Raven Jay, Roof, Roofle, Ruth Ruth, Ruth Ruth Ruth (there is a distinction between having my name being repeated twice and having it repeated thrice, i swear)

Zodiac: Aquarius

Height: 5′2″

Last thing you googled: “St Annes Waterbury Ct”

Favorite musical artist: uuuUUHH- Michael Jackson? Nick Cave? Gorillaz? Chopin? Rene Aubry?

Song stuck in my head: this is gonna be so dumb but I have this app called Magic Piano and you can play a bunch of piano version of songs but you can also switch instruments and 21p’s “Heathens” is one of the songs I can play and I always switch the instrument to this kinda of gentle keyboard sound when I play it and it’s that version of the song I have stuck in my head

Last movie you watched: Moana?? I think???

What are you wearing right now: these navy blue joggers that say “Nittany Lions” down one leg and has the Penn State logo/mascot on it (my parents went there) and this this thermal shirt but the pattern is that red flannel design? i swear this makes sense

What do you post: i have no clue. star wars, snakes, deer, dogs, fallout 4, sebastian stan and the winter soldier, some other Marvel stuff, some Shadowhunters sometimes, possibly Lucifer, as well as Satan and Me, the occasional Michael Jackson, Gorillaz, and Nick Cave will pop up, but mostly a lot of shit-posting

Why did you choose your URL: it’s a line from a Gorillaz song

Do you have any other blogs: I used to. this blog used to be a secondary blog but i made it into a primary one several years ago

What did your last relationship teach you: nothing because it never happened (classic)

Religious or spiritual: both

Favorite color: orange, but also A LOT OF BLACK

Average hours of sleep: my fitbit tells me it averages between five and six hours usually

Lucky number: 13. but Seven is also a special number in a different way

Favorite character: tf you expect me to answer this?? Bucky Barnes?? Henry Sturges??? all my OC’s?

How many blankets do you sleep with: one, but i guess if it’s really cold i’ll grab another

Dream job: performer, most likely in dance- then writing stories when i get home at night

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