Avatar/Prince Lance of the Southern Water Tribe and Prince Keith of the Fire Nation. 

These doodles are kind of like a sneak peak of an Avatar AU fic I’ll be writing. I have a pretty interesting story in mind and this will be only one of the 4 Klance fics I’ll be working on when my AO3 account decides it wants to be activated. Finals week is always the perfect motivation for my creativity because I’d literally rather be doing anything else. seriously I should really be studying.

au where sokka is trans because in the water tribe it’s not so much about your genitals say as it is about what your heart says.

traditionally, in the southern water tribe the women are the benders, healers, spiritual leaders, and homemakers. the men are the warriors and hunters. most children spend time with the men and the women to decide which part of village life they’d like to partake in. and sokka, well he’s always wanted to be a warrior just like his dad.

none of the gaang ever really talk about it. katara is used to the concept. aang doesn’t care because they had a similar concept in the air nomads. toph really doesn’t give a shit and actually really likes the idea that sokka chose to be masculine.



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