Ummmm so this movie takes place at the one and only WATER WIZZ!!! Like seriously, who decided to film a movie at the country’s worst water park?

Ahhh the memories.

A fun day at the water park ~

Today was a good day except for being sunburned & tanning A LOT. I got this wicked nasty tan line also.. LOL. But it’s all good! We went on basically almost all the rides except I didn’t go on this HUGE black tunnel kind of slide >__< It was too scary looking. LOL And I didn’t go on this blue slide that looked okay, but I just don’t like going down open slides. There were storms in other towns, and then it hit where Water Wizz was & OMG, Lightning >__<. So much of it! And we had to evacuate to go to our cars. We decided to go to McDonald’s and when we finished eating the place was back up, so we went back. SO MUCH MORE PEOPLE CAME >_< But anyways the rides were cool. & The wave pool was SLIPPERY. Overall, it was fun~
Everyone was knocked out in the car ride home. AND WE GOT ICE CREAM!
Here’s a picture to show how tired we were;

This guy. Oh my. He twitches, spazzes, and snores. But it’s okay. I probably do too =/