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Kath the past 24 hours have been so draining do you think we can get a 5 prompt on "the times my love for you almost slipped out"

So this quickly became something different while I was writing - and by that I mean I dropped the almost.

The five times Harry said the L word when he wasn’t supposed to.



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Pokémon Battle (Navi ver.)

it was time to draw that damn jumper, 


Oh, if only they’d held this angle for what we actually saw on screen; my kingdom for Combeferre’s little long-suffering warning Marius … when the penguin grabs Enjolras’ arm, and all the kingdoms for this moment when Combeferre just gives up and goes back to his papers and Grantaire determines that this conversation between Marius and Enjolras is the funniest thing he has ever heard in his life.