Watching Doctor Who

finally saw River Song's actual introduction in the series...

…Moffat whyyyyyyyyyy

Couldn’t River have a part of her life that’s not about the Doctor

I like her attitude but her lifestory, jfc

On a more positive note, I really like that the businessman was willing to appear all greedy, prideful and selfish when he was just… protecting a family member he probably never even knew. And “Midnight” was a really fascinating episode for the Doctor actually NOT saving the day at all even though he acted like he was going to as usual, for that attitude actually turning people against him seeing it as arrogance/smugness.

Also Donna mmmaaaay beat out Amy for favorite companion. (of course once Rory’s included, Ponds trump Noble, but. I just love the attitude between Donna and the Doctor.)

It’s a good thing that the new episode of Doctor Who isn’t so far away. We’re so blessed for that, and for having Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. 

The Doctor’s Meditation is a funny little prequel. It gives a insight into who the Doctor is and how he works (or not), and is also very thought calling. What’s going on? What did that mean? Who’s what? etc. 

It’s also dark and kinda sad /perhaps somber, in a way. Just like what a prequel from Doctor Who should be. 

I can’t wait to see more. This series is gonna be the boom and the bang of the year. 

(Also, now I don’t have to watch Dark Water and Death in Heaven, tehe)