Gosh, these 1950’s era Rolex movements are gorgeous. Here we’re looking at a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Reference 6564 with a self-winding, caliber 1030. Under the hood. (Store Inventory # 11556, listed at $3100, available now for purchase in store & online.)

v-conscience  asked:

I know you're a gun blog but being that you're swiss I figured I'd ask anyway. What's your opinion on luminox watches?

I’m not a huge watch-nerd, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. 

They are cheap Swiss watches, with a good Ronda mechanism, and if you like their look and need visible time in the dark, it’s far from a bad choice.

In that price bracket, you don’t have a lot of choice anyway, aside from a high-end G-Shock or the recent Victorinox I.R.O.N. which seems to be pretty good too (the Victorinox is built like a tank, but I’m not sure how readable the time is without illumination).

Maybe @pietrootton has some input ?