key part: watch Zelo peg it as he realises he needed to be in place for the breakdown

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sweet--sweet--muffin  asked:

Have you watched Glitchtale Love part 2? Or not cuz you've been busy at school :/

I have watched it, and recorded my reaction, but i forgot to edit it.

Also my mic make this annoying static noise so pretty much triggers me. i will upload my reaction after I finished my finals

So you wanna skip Parts 1-2 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Here’s an idea, don’t do that.

Still wanna skip? Well, I can’t stop you, but I do have a solution that can make us both happy.

I call it the Villainous Viewing Method, named so because you start watching when Dio does the thing that makes him important in Part 3:

Step 1: Watch the final episode of Part 1

Step 2: Skip to Part 3, watching all the way up to the fight with Dio.

Step 3: Stop watching Part 3 when Joseph is taken out of the fight by Dio. Watch all of Part 2, then return to where you left off in Part 3.

Step 4: Stop watching Part 3 in the middle of Dio’s defeat. Watch all of Part 1, then return to where you left off in Part 3.

Step 5: Finish watching Part 3.

dinogaby  asked:

Hi there! So i saw your post where you said that Garmadon says Lloyd’s name right on the movie on 2 ocassions but i was wondering on which parts? I watched it a second time but i couldn’t quite catch it... (also sorry if this got sent more than once, i tried messaging you but i think it didn’t go through). Thanks!

Hahahaha thanks for reaching out! He says it really quickly, so it probably just slipped through Justin Theroux’s mind.

He says it two times in a row, when the ninja are walking with him in the jungle, and it was when Kai asked him about having four arms. He looks over at Lloyd and says “Lloyd has never asked me about my arms, haven’t you Lloyd?”

Questions for the Blogger!

I got tagged by @lankybrunettepartdeux​, thank you!

Rules: Answer 30  questions and tag 20 blogs you are contractually obligated to know better.

1. Nicknames: Anna Banana. Angel. 
2. Gender: ?
3. Star sign: Aquarius (Capricorn cusp if that matters?)
4. Height: 5’3 or 4
5. Time: 13:37 (EST)
6. Birthday: January 23rd, 1997. 
7. Favorite Bands: Fall Out Boy, Bastille, Panic! At the Disco, The Beatles, Twenty One Pilots, many more. I never remember all my favourite bands :(
8. Favorite solo artists: Halsey, Florence and the Machine, Zedd (do collabs count? i don’t care)
9. Song stuck in my head: “Purple Rain” wow Katie you had to remind me
10. Last movie I watched: Uhhh part of ‘Eye in the Sky’. 
11. Last show I watched: The Gifted.
12. When did I create my blog: First one was probably July of 2012, this one was this time last year. .
13. What do I Post/Reblog: Riddler/Gotham/Nygmobblepot stuff.
14. Last Thing I Googled: “Snuff” (it was about the drug not the other thing okay? okay. my Oma literally demanded i google it at the dinner table yesterday.)
15. Other Blogs: I’m also @grundygma​, which I run with @pourmyselfoverhim​. My first blog is unused now, but it’s @becausefeelings. I also am sitting on some other urls. 
16. Do I get asks: Yep. At least once a week. 
17. Why I Chose My URL: I’m freckled and spectacled, and was sitting on this url when i began to have an interest in nygmobblepot. Since it was ship-appropriate, I decided to use the URL as a new blog dedicated to the ship. 
18. Following: 136. I thought it was around 100… I accidentally follow people far to often :/
19. Followers: I JUST HIT 1,600 WHAAAAAT
20. Average Hours of Sleep: 7-8. 
21. Lucky number: 23. 3. 27. 7.
22. Instruments: I can bang on drums, and I am good on the flute and proficient on baritone. 
23. What am I wearing: Black sketcher sandals, olive green cargo shorts, and a colorful tie-dye shirt with a spiral of colorful cats steadily decreasing in size on it. Black glasses. 
24. Dream job: Forensic Psychologist or Behavior Analyst. 
25. Dream Trip: Costa Rica. 
26. Favorite Food: 

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27. Nationality: Dutch American
28. Favorite Song RIGHT NOW: uhhh uhhh ‘Weak’ by AJR
29. Last Book Read: ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Victor Frankl. Only the first half though. 
30. Top Three Fictional Universes You’d Want to Join: 

Star Trek
Star Trek
Star Trek

Listen it’s the universe I’m least likely to die in. I gotta hedge my bets. 

Tagging no one ‘cause I’m lame af! But if you want do this tag me in it, I’ll be your alibi. 


iconic harry looks™

n.1: Harry Styles: Behind the Album (Abbey Road Studios) aka the most iconic pants ever



Let me just make you an exhaustive list of why I love this video:

-it was spontaneous
-it’s one of my favorite classic rock songs
-robbie and his boys
-starts out with jensen teasing jared’s tendency to drop microphones
-speight being helpful with the microphone
-rob setting everything up carefully
-just rob and speight being awesome kings of con in general
-the audience’s support from the very beginning to the end
-jensen’s voice (better than most real versions of songs)
-rob’s voice (loved him since “eskimo”)
-robbie and jensen knowing how to sing together
-huddle of dude friends supporting jared’s first time playing
-jared’s legendary bravery
-just jared, in general
-jensen altering the “america” lyric for the audience of australians
-jensen’s rockstar-quality passion
-speight’s “everybody!” to get the audience involved
-the clapping, which jensen always encourages
-the audience singing and making it sound even better
-jared’s smile when jensen jumps up
-jensen adding “that’s where we killed ‘em” to the lyric about vampires (he might be confusing himself with his character…again)
-the a capella part
-jensen watching jared play
-someone yelling “yeah jared!” and making him smile
-jared’s “you know the words” to the audience
-all the guys hugging jared at the end
-jared kissing rob
-the fist bump
-jensen being an actual big brother and grinning proudly for jared
-the standing ovation, which big bro ackles also encouraged
-jared’s modest “i am surrounded by some talented people”
-jared’s forever blowing kisses at everyone who catches his eye in the audience
-jensen’s gracious farewell
-“wayward son” blasting at the end
-how it was basically just an enormous family singing a pretty song together
-bonus: jared’s jeans are really cool

it was pretty fucking good like… pennywise was undeniably terrifying and there was a surprising amount of humor but it really worked as a break from the unrelenting scares! the child actors were all solid across the board, especially sophia lillis who played bev – definitely an actress to watch! but the best part about it, for me anyway, was the bond between the losers like… my sappy ass really started tearing up whenever they would huddle together for a group hug