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Hello! Could you possibly write how would L, Light and Mello react if some stranger attacked them and their s/o stepped in front of the boys to protect them from stab/hit/bullet (not dead but injured)


- it doesn’t really process with him at first

- he’s just staring, his eyes wide at his now injured partner

- once he snaps out of it he’ll rush over to them and place their head on his lap while he calls Watari

- calls you stupid for doing something like that but his voice is quiet and broken

- keeps a calm exterior but he’s freaking out on the inside

- he strokes your hair while you both wait for Watari but his hands are shaking

- he refuses to leave your side while you’re recovering and takes his work wherever you are

- very quickly finds the person who hurt you and makes sure they get a very long sentence 

- becomes 10x more protective of you after that


- oh god panic

-he’s immediately on his knees, searching you all over for wounds, terrified at the amount of blood, why is there so much oh god

- screams after the attacker that they’re a coward

- screams at you for jumping in front of him

- he tearfully calls an ambulance, not letting you go for a split second

- refuses to leave your side even after the ambulance brings you to the hospital

- he cries when he finds out you’re going to be okay


- he starts chasing the attacker down the street but eventually lets them go to return to you

- he’s terrified that you’re dead and begs you to keep talking to him to reassure him

- starts screaming that you’re such an idiot for shielding him 

- cradles your head in his arms while he tries to calm down 

- once he feels like he isn’t panicking as much he carries you back to his place to tend to your wounds

- thanks god they aren’t too serious and mutters over and over again that he’s so sorry

- vows to track down your attacker and make them pay for hurting you

my piece for the @hqseijouzine!! the seijou kids are having a BLAST at disneyland, especially oikawa!! 

i’m really glad to have gotten the opportunity to work with such skillful artists!!! be sure to check out everyone else’s works :’)) 

Waking up in the mornings


  • Up by 4 AM every day to do his hair and go on a jog
  • “An athlete can only be good as his diet lets him be!”
  • No, seriously, he eats almost enough food for the entire Miyagi prefecture every single morning and it’s the most disgusting thing anyone’s ever seen
  • Fuck him, he’s a morning person


  • Grumbles as he forces himself out of bed at 5 to go jogging with Oikawa with sheer willpower
  • Likes to spend his breakfast sipping coffee and reading whatever catches his interest
  • His favorite breakfast meal includes a bowl of rice, two fried eggs, and fish
  • Not a morning person, but 8:30 to him is the regular person’s 10:30 so it’s chill


  • Is an absolute force of bitter death and destruction until he gets a cup of coffee into him
  • Once at the Seijoh Sleepover™, Oikawa hid Makki’s coffee grounds and was consequentially forced onto the ground in a strangle hold until they were given back to him
  • He can function as a human being and deal with people’s (Oikawa’s) shit much better after a cup of coffee as black as his soul
  • Favorite breakfast meal includes toast with sides of butter and jam, boiled eggs, and juice


  • Wakes up almost-late every day
  • Laziest motherfucker on this planet #2
  • Would eat a piece of paper for breakfast and not care in the least
  • His tongue is as dead as Squidward’s hopes and dreams
  • Coffee doesn’t really affect him so he has to suffer through the drowsiness on his own, rip


  • Is the most adorable thing ever waking up
  • Makes tiny yawning and grumbling noises for the first 15-20 minutes of consciousness and is extremely embarrassed that everyone says its the cutest thing in the world
  • Has and will fight you for all the meat on the table during breakfast
  • @ the Seijoh Sleepover™, he stared at Matsun with such intensity that he handed over the last octopus sausage over without argument


  • Will punch you if you try to talk to him when he wakes up
  • Glares at people like they murdered his entire family
  • Yahaba’s cutesy act leaves him speechless and red in the face
  • Really fucking loves rice
  • Usually eats convenience store crap for breakfast so he get’s really excited when there’s actual rice and shit


  • “He’s probably a monster when he wakes up”
  • “There’s no way someone can be so happy all the time, after all”
  • Rises with a smile so bright it’s like Jesus blessed his teeth
  • Wakes up and greets the day with a warm “Good morning! Wow, I slept so great last night!”
  • #ActualChildofGoodness2k16
  • Will eat anything and everything and comment on how delicious it is, and then offer to do the dishes
  • Hanamaki once threatened to slap him for being too happy


  • Goes to sleep at a responsible time
  • Wakes up blinking and lethargic for three minutes
  • Afterwards is completely normal
  • Loves greasy food in the morning


  • Laziest motherfucker on this planet #1
  • Didn’t go to sleep last night until 5 AM
  • Favorite breakfast items include poptarts, commercial cereal, extra sugary coffee, and a jar of melted salt caramel, i.e. enough sugar to kill a medium sized water buffalo
  • Is a literal zombie until he gets to school, falls asleep through his first three classes, and then starts functioning normally around lunch time
L Lawliet, Watari, and Sleep

Okay so it is pretty much canon that L stays awake for over a hundred hours at a time and then sleeps for around twenty, but what is Watari’s sleep schedule like?

He is an old man, he probably can’t handle L’s schedule, so I’d be inclined to say that he sleeps 6-8 hours a night. This means Watari would go to bed and L would have to fend for himself for a few hours.

In that same little manga excerpt we find out that Watari dresses L

Like… If L doesn’t even dress himself, can he function without Watari for the hours his handler is asleep? I mean, Watari finds L on the ground and L asks Watari to help him up again.

Like… Can this huge child do anything for himself? Like at all?

Can you imagine how many times Watari has woke up to worse things than L lying on the floor? Maybe to a mess in the kitchen due to him trying to make his own food? Or maybe L would go hungry for Watari’s sleep and complain about it when he wakes? I’m imagining Watari walking in to the kitchen after a good night’s sleep and there’s cream all over the walls and the milk has been sitting out all night and there are 17 dirty teacups in the sink and 12 more around L’s work station and there is what was supposed to be a crêpe stuck to a frying pan with a spatula melted in to it and the smell of burning takes six days to disappear fully and egg shells and raw egg litters the work stations.

And Watari has to clean this, then goes and find L amongst his fortress of used cups and plates and he is sitting there half naked because he spilled something on himself and Watari wasn’t around to change him.

L Lawliet is a man child, and Watari deserves far more credit.

You Know What I Love About Haikyuu?
  • How grounded it is. There are no freak moves, no flashy abilities … there’s nothing that a normal player in real life can’t do
  • Even their hair colors are normal.
  • And the scenes we get outside the court are brilliant, showcasing each character as a person, not just a player, and that’s so, so important in any anime–to get to know the characters, establish their personalities. 
  • And how it’s important to fail at the beginning–and keep failing, as you train–to become stronger, as was the case in the Training Camp arc. How many dives did they have to do at the beginning? How many? They lost every single time, all the time, in those first few days.
  • You get to care for each and every single character, opposing team or not.
  • Characters have to deal with real, personal issues that we can relate to, and that makes us connect with and care for them that much more.
  • Females don’t take the back seat.
  • Coaches don’t take the back seat.
  • Meaningful, complex relationships between setters and captains that are built upon mutual trust, respect, and loyalty.
  • Relationships between players are free of fan-service. No blushing, no intimate close-ups … everything is conveyed through either a single, meaningful look or gesture. And that makes it that much more powerful.
  • Each team is a family. Each and every team. It’s conveyed and felt so deeply that it’s impossible not to cheer them on.
  • Superb, gradual, slow-burning character development.
  • Characters are not confined to tropes. The stoic will beat himself up for missing a point; the king practices till his fingers are blistered; the anti-social gamer is the backbone of the team.
  • Gorgeous soundtrack.
  • Gorgeous, fluid animation.
  • Find me boys more willing to toss aside everything to win.
  • Seriously, this show.
  • Seriously, Furudate.
  • Thank you for this gem.

hello, im back :) here’s a sketchdump! i drew these to cheer myself up, and also, I kinda miss aoba johsai a lot haha.

thank you all for the follows and the notes and the very kind words while I was away! they were so nice. i’m trying my best not to feel stressed, so I made this neat-o art requests page because drawing makes me happy. pls drop by! im taking art/comic requests during this weekend! :)

Death Note MBTI

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Light Yagami - ENTJ

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Misa Amane - ESFJ

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Near- INTJ

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Mello - ENFP

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Ryuk - Entp

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Teru Mikami - ISTJ

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Rem - INFP

Kiyomi Takada- ESTJ

Soichiro Yagami - ISTJ

Watari - ENFJ

Naomi Misora- INFJ

Raye Penber - ISFP

Matsuda- ESFP

Aizawa- ISTP

Mogi - ISTP

Sayu Yagami - ENFP

Matt- ESFP

Damegawa- ESTP