Wasted Youth

Youth - Troye Sivan.

Oh, the things we do.

Everybody is watching, and criticising us. What is this generation who spends most of its time glued to a screen, and the rest of it at parties? Youngsters who are afraid of everything and nothing at the same time? Who seek peace and hope in past years, in fairy lights, pastel colours, bomber jackets & skinny jeans, skater skirts & eyeliner, childhood songs & basses that make our chests vibrate. We seek wages but flirt with Peter Pan syndrome as long as we can. We want to run away and be followed at the same time. We seek unity as much as we seek to define our own personality. Fitting in as much as being unique. Truth be told, I am so proud of my Generation Y. The questions that torture us, the things we try to balance out… How can we work in a world where you need experience to have a first job, but you also need a first job to acquire experience? How are we going to live in a world ruled by terror, are we going to let them win? Are we going to stop singing, dancing, going to concerts & festivals, laughing, making up plans? No. We’ll make do. We’ll double all of that. We’ll scream our hearts out until we’re heard. Because for every terrible thing that has happened in History, a youth movement has answered, and we are no exception. We are life, we are tomorrow. And I think our response to all of this bullshit taking place is our sense of art and unity. The amount of content my generation is able to provide everyday baffles me; videos, pictures, simple acts of kindness we thought we had lost, but also all of the other actions that are not mediatized and thus ignored. And the things we try to implement to respect and include everybody… Because among all the people my age I have met, almost none of them had discriminating thoughts. We seek love until it hurts, we go beyond borders people never thought could be crossed. We are explorers. We travel the world, we report it as literary journalists – feelings included. We devour life, big time. We think ourselves invincible but are very conscious of our vulnerability. And we have to, for if we seem only to mind about today, it is because of what lies ahead of us; an ocean of uncertainty. So yes, we spend a lot of time enjoying our technology, and mostly for great causes, and we might party ‘too greatly’ – although you were once one of us. This sense of emergency we do not know how to handle, we fill it in this way. So go ahead and criticise, but you needn’t worry; we may seem careless today, but tomorrow…

Oh, the places we’ll go.