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anonymous asked:

Hi! What are the best schools for Neuroscience?

You should look into:

Harvard University
Boston University
Cornell University
University of California - San Francisco
Stanford University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Johns Hopkins University
University of California - Los Angeles
University of California - San Diego
Columbia University
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania
Washington University in St. Louis
New York University
California Institute of Technology
Duke University
University of Washington
University of Pittsburgh
University of California - Berkeley
Northwestern University
Rockefeller University
University of Michigan
Emory University

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What are some schools with good forensics programs?

According to Forensic Outreach, here are the top 5 schools for this major:

  • University of California - Davis
  • Boston State University
  • Syracuse University
  • George Washington University
  • Ohio University

Be sure and click on the link to find out what makes each university “the best.”

Hope this helps!


Student Works: “Saltworks” from Washington University in St. Louis | via

Instructors Joe MacDonald and Arash Adel set out to investigate the agency behind digital design, by challenging students to integrate computation, a flexible material system and performance in a public space. Students designed, fabricated and assembled Saltworks for the Fall 2011 Digital Fabrication Studio, working with the instructors to decide on the installation site. Their final product neatly embodies the genetic analogy to the practice of parametric design; aligning biological reticulations with programmable, repeating systems.

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Today at the Washington University School of Business in St. Louis.

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Thursday, December 4th

Florida High School Teen Chad Thomas Offered 150 College Scholarships

Florida High School Teen Chad Thomas Offered 150 College Scholarships

Chad Thomas (FACEBOOK)

It’s good to have options.  And if you’re Chad Thomas, a senior at Booker T. Washington Senior High in Miami, you have a ton of options.  Thomas, 18, has received 150 scholarship offers for his football skills and his abilities as a nine-instrument musician, 10 News Tampa Bay reports.

Thomas, who helped the Booker T. Tornadoes win back-to-back state championships and…

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