Pacific Northwest tribes plan action against B.C. oil pipeline
"Fighting for our way of life is nothing new, and I think our elders and community leaders hold us accountable to that," said Lummi Charmain Tim Ballew.

While Standing Rock protests continue in North Dakota, Pacific Northwest tribes are meeting Thursday to plan action against a newly approved oil pipeline in Canada.

“We’re ready to defend our rights,” said Lummi Nation member Jewell James.

The First Nations are worried about Kinder Morgan’s newly approved Canadian oil pipeline, and increased tanker and barge traffic. They believe it will inevitably end in crashes and spills.

“It definitely will happen, and it will destroy the San Juan Islands,” James said.

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Seattle Democrats Embroiled in Controversy
Noel Frame and Majid Al-Bahadli in Feud Over Alleged Assault From Six Months Ago
By Andre Roberge and Raven Payne

On December 4th, King County Democrats (Greater Seattle Metro) held a reorganizational meeting to elect new officers. The event sparked controversy after 36th District State Rep. Noel Frame publicly accused chair candidate Majid Al-Bahadli of assaulting her, just before the election for chair was conducted. These allegations arguably cost Al-Bahadli his chance for election. It appears that Frame was referring to a conflict that occurred between the two at the Democratic National Committee Convention six months earlier.

So what happened?

At some time during the Democratic National Convention, there was a public altercation between Majid Al-Bahadli and Noel Frame. The alleged assault occurred in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) area, where some convention attendees were voicing their discontent with the Democratic party. Frame was insisting that Al-Bahadli should tell everyone in the section to calm down, but he didn’t comply. According to some sources, Frame started to “shove” her phone into people’s faces, including Al-Bahadli; a claim that Frame denies. Frame alleges that Al-Bahadli was “aggressive and physically threatening” and came into “physical contact” to remove the phone from her hand. Frame characterizes this event as an assault.

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Just returned home from an incredible week long hiking trip hunting down autumn colors in the pacific northwest. Here’s one from North Cascades National Park in Washington. Many many many more to come.