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Alright - Josh Washington x Reader (exor!Josh)

Here is my first Josh imagine, written based on a request by a friend of mine, who wanted something with exor!Josh.
Basically, the reader goes to see Josh in the medical institution he’s in and fluffy angst ensues.

I really like writing about exor!Josh, even if it gives me sad, angsty feelings. (Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad?~)

As always, any kind of criticism and/or input is extremely appreciated. I really want to know how are my English skills progressing! Thanks for reading!

Word count: 1189

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Vampire (Hunter) AU no one asked for.

  • So Josh, Hannah, and Beth were originally human till a rouge vamp turned them all.
  • They didn’t know what to do and asked the villagers for help. NOT A GOOD IDEA. Although the Washingon family was well liked in their town, out of fear, the town all turned on the Washington family killing both Hannah and Beth.
  • Out of grief and anger, Josh was driven to madness and sought revenge. He terrorized the town that betrayed his trust.
  • The town then called the for help which brings us to monster exterminator Chris.
  • Chris tries to kill Josh, lot of fighting and emotional stuff.
  • In the end Josh and Chris team up to find the rouge vamp who caused all this in the first place.
  • Josh does need human blood to survive but just a little, and since Chris, being a good friend offers his own or finds alternatives for Josh.

Yeah, really wish I could write fics but my writing sucks ass. I’ll just write and never show it to anyone ahahaha ;w;

Who to Fight: Hamilton Version
  • Aaron Burr: Please fight this gigantic nerd. He probably won't fight back though, and you'll be subjected to a bunch of judgmental glares. It'll end with you tiring yourself out and him asking, "Are you quite done?" with a stupid little smirk on his dumb face.
  • Hercules Mulligan: I mean, you could try. Your funeral.
  • Lafayette: Omg why would you do this like why on earth would you want to fight Lafayette? The dude's a FRENCH REVOLUTIONIST. A FRENCH REVOLUTIONIST WHO CAN RAP LIKE HELL.
  • John Laurens: First, he'll kick your ass. Second, Hamilton will kick your ass for trying to kick his ass.
  • Angelica: HAHAHAHAHA are you serious?! Do you have a fucking death wish? SHE WILL BEAT YOUR ASS INTO THE GROUND AND YOU WILL FUCKING ENJOY IT. I KNOW I WILL.
  • Peggy: Um, no. She's cute, you're not, go fuck yourself.
  • Eliza: You monster. She has been through so much. Why on earth would you try to fight her? Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you. Fuck the fuck off.
  • King George: Please. I'm begging you. Hamilton's begging you. The world's begging you. Fight King George. He will try to slap you and then he will cry.
  • George Washingon: HA HA HA, no.
  • Thomas Jefferson: Oh my God, yes. Fight him. Fight the fuck out of him. It will be difficult. He's very bouncy.
  • James Madison: If you fight Jefferson you KNOW Madison is coming after your ass. Good luck.
  • Maria: She'll fight back. And fucking shred notes while she does it.
  • Phillip: Look, this kid is going to try to pick a fight with you. You're going to have to decline. You don't want to have the pissed off Eliza and Hamilton Power Team after you. Also, why? Why would you fight this precious baby?
  • Hamilton: Not only will he pick a fight with you, but he will kick your ass and then write smack about you for the whole world to see. I mean, yeah, fight him, but be prepared.
things in hamilton that you don’t get from the soundtrack, act i

ok so since i got to see hamilton and and had like, a MILLION revelations in actually being able to see the show instead of hearing it i want to share a couple of things i saw. read under the cut if you want to see! it’s not spoiler free, so be warned. here is act i.

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