On a serious note:

Hello everyone, this is Christine ( @justanotherzodiacblog ) or aka, Immy’s best friend. 

It’s about 2 AM my time, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I was going to say, or if I was going to say anything at all, but I can’t stand doing nothing when it’s something as terrible as this. 

My best friend, Immy, takes time out of her day and her life to write imagines for you. She has school. She has her own life to live, but instead of writing assignments for her actual writing classes, she chooses to update you guys with new stories, imagines, preferences, blurbs, answer any questions or even help with face claims! She is not at all entitled to do any of that. She does it because she enjoys to write, has passions for the topics that she’s writing about, and wants to make you guys happy. 

Immy and I both spent our teenage years with fan fiction and understand what an immense impact it can have on someone. Which is one of the reasons why she started the “Comfort Series.” She knows and even I know from first-hand experience that writing can be one of the most powerful things, and if a fluffy one-shot could help someone stand one more day, that’s something that is amazingly rewarding. 

However, everyone has to understand what an immense impact your words can have over a person. You may not think anything of it since it’s “just the internet” and “no one will take what I say seriously.” Well, think twice. 

Immy has opened up to you all about her own issues and she’s one of the strongest people I know. She’s been through so much and to see her making jokes and even writing anything shows just how strong she is, but everyone has their limits. 

Everyone talks about how #blacklivesmatter or how bullying Taylor Swift or Jeffree Star is wrong, and whatever the hell you think is happening, but please don’t think that you sending death threats to someone you don’t even know is going to solve the problem. You’re not only making it worse, but you are the problem. There are things in life we should never joke about, and self-harm and suicide are a few of them. 

I would like to remind you all that Immy is human. She is a regular human-being. She is not a celebrity who are, unfortunately, used to getting constant hate. She is not a robot with no feelings. She is a regular human who has a heart and has feelings, and isn’t just your writing slave. 

She does what she does because she loves to write and likes to see others happy, it’s one of the most selfless things someone on Tumblr could do. You all have taken her generosity for granted. 

Now, I know this doesn’t apply to a majority of you, but this is just a PSA for everyone. Think about what you say and how it will affect a person. What if she actually did kill herself? What if your low-blow, demeaning, rude, and inconsiderate comment pushed her over the edge? Over something as stupid as Taylor Swift. Is Taylor Swift’s and Kanye’s feud worth making another person feel horrible? Please, tell me, because if it is then I think you need to get checked. 

If something had actually happened to Immy, I would have lost my best friend. Her mother would have lost her daughter. Her friends would have lost someone so important to them. Her dog would have lost his owner.

THINK before you say something. What you say on the internet is just as real as what comes out of your mouth in real life.  

If Immy chooses to never come back on here, I wouldn’t blame her. Anytime she tries to speak out against bullying over celebrities, people are always getting worked up and sending her hate messages or death threats because she said something about their favorite celebrity. Chances are, you don’t know either Immy or that celebrity that you’re talking about, so don’t say things that you don’t know. If you’re against bullying of a celebrity (which, by the way, Ims never does. She is always advocating for us to stay out of celebrity business because what’s the fucking point? It’s not your life to care about) and take it out on her, what’s the difference between you and the person who bullied your favorite celebrity? 

To the people who sent my best friend death threats, I hope you read this and understand how stupid and juvenile you were with your actions and feel ashamed of yourself. I shouldn’t be getting texts from my best friend or reading her blog posts about wanting to delete her account and how she feels like shit because of some stupid people who are too afraid to come off anonymous. If you truly meant what you said, you would have at least had the guts to come off anonymous. If Immy chooses to delete her account, just know that the handful of you who were dumb and inconsiderate enough to send hate to a normal person who has done nothing but give - you’ve ruined it for the rest of her followers who truly love her and her writing and actually appreciate what she does, unlike you. And if the people who sent her death threats are still following her, unfollow her. She doesn’t need people like you to follow her when she has so many supporters who don’t send her death threats or hate messages over something so insignificant, and I don’t want you to even associate yourselves with my best friend anymore because you don’t deserve her talent or kindness. I hope you learned something from this post, and I hope you realize to never fuck with my best friend. 

To all of you have been sending Immy love and support, I thank you and am sorry if this message came out too aggressive. Thank you again for being there for my best friend and giving her the love and support she deserves for all the amazing things she does. 

And to Immy, I just want to say that I love you and you don’t deserve any of this and I know I didn’t tell you that I was going to post anything so don’t get mad, but I just couldn’t sit here and do nothing while you were sad. I’m sorry I live across the world and can’t go over with a bunch of snacks and hugs, but I hope this will suffice. I love you and don’t let anyone make you feel less about yourself, especially not low-life anons. 

- Christine